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    E82 BMW 135i Calipers.

    Anyone got some sanely priced 135i calipers, front and rear. Dont mind if they are dirty/paint damaged. Will rebuild/paint and retrofit to the 130, just need the calipers (will rebuild as the BMW performance units with BMW P rotors)
  2. Jacko

    E82 BMW 135i Calipers.

    Would even look at F20 M135/140 front calipers and E8x 135 rears if someone has an odd set. F20 front calipers are apparently quite a bit better than the e8x versions. Changing out the rear hubs to open up rotor options will probably cause wheels to rub unfortunately, so back end is somewhat limited in choice. Can still get the e8x BMW Performance upgrade kit (calipers/rotors/pads/backing plates) new for ~700gbp+shipping etc. Do you have some in stock @BM WORLD ?
  3. Jacko

    E82 BMW 135i Calipers.

  4. Jacko

    E8X E9X Suspension Arms

    Try Ebay.com.au , there is a superpro retailer on there that's significantly cheaper than everyone else (was sunshine coast from memory)
  5. Jacko

    E8X E9X Suspension Arms

    The trw M units are like $300nzd on amazon for all 4.
  6. Jacko

    UUC CDV Delete - UNLOCK1

  7. Jacko

    UUC CDV Delete - UNLOCK1

    New in bag, never opened - $40 shipped in NZ. http://store.uucmotorwerks.com/unlock-valvecdvclutch-delay-valve-delete-kit-p1381.aspx
  8. SuperPro E8x/E9x PU bush kits SPF3940K and SPF3941K. Offset adjustable bushes for front control/radius arms. As new, with grease etc, $130 each couriered in NZ https://www.superpro.com.au/find/superpro-bushing-kit/orphan-SPF3940K https://www.superproeurope.com/part.number.cfm?partnumber=SPF3941K&vehicleid=1270&productreferenceid=125749
  9. Anyone played with one? They have decent reviews. Nothing specifically for an E87 (what I would be after) but... Being able to integrate with canbus and control the works, as well as OBD2 and turn it into a swag of gauges using torque pro etc would be cool. http://xtrons.com/pe9890bpl-android-8-octa-core-4gb-ram-32gb-rom-multimedia-player-with-9-display-custom-fit-for-bmw-3-series.html
  10. Jacko

    Xtrons Android Headunits

    Belsee android 8 unit turned up, looks and feels good, plastics a bit "shiney". Buttons etc feel like original units, not cheap sh*t. Got called to USA for 3 weeks for work, but will make a vid review of all its tricks when get back.
  11. Jacko

    Should I buy an e90 m3?

    1M is 2 door limited edition track toy, a 420 is a low end coupe Vs M3 which is top of the range? All over the place 420 is going to depreciate faster than the others get to 100kmh... Personally I think you would be mad to daily an M3, maintenance costs are not cheap. Id be looking at other models ending in 35i/d 40i/d etc
  12. I had my fun with the CGA and the dodgiest slipperiest used car dealer in the land a few years ago - Stick to your guns, stay calm, and dont back down. They will cave in the end. Glenn here put in touch with the automotive equivalent of Liam Neesons character from Taken, who gave me a lot of good advice (and... information) .
  13. I wish BMW would sort their naming conventions out Z4 M40i First Edition!??
  14. Heya, can someone recommend me a suitably qualified vehicle valuer in the Auckland region, for insurance purposes on the 130i. Ami are being dicks and dont want to insure it for agreed value anymore, and "market value" is a load of nonsense that will leave me out of pocket/lsd
  15. Jacko

    2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

    Sump gasket/rocker cover? A month ago I wouldve offered you a deal with my corolla :(
  16. Jacko

    E81 130i

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1607174464.htm?rsqid=fd873a663feb4000b0982a2603a75dc6 Uk import? I dont think japan got the 2 door hatch either (or if they did, rocking horse)
  17. Jacko

    E81 130i

    Fairly normal, I watched it do it in mine Heater on full noise and max fan seems to cook the coating on the plastic. Lid fell off water bottle on the way to job interview... Meguairs trim stuff and a brush fixed it.
  18. Jacko


    60% of the time, 100% of the time I would rate cars 9.8%/10
  19. Jacko

    E81 130i

    Yeh Its dropped like 5k? I wonder if the dealers realised hes imported a problem...
  20. Jacko

    E92 335i with M3 bits.

    E92 M3 is what I use on the E87, which is the same as E9x geometry (bar the track width). Camber is somewhat adjustable at the front, with the slotted strut towers, not that many seem to bother though. I have -1.5 camber at the front with M3 LCAs and strut tops pushed in as far as they go.
  21. Jacko

    E81 130i

    Its back again. The bonnet/gaurd gap and odd looking paint matching (could be the pics) look much worse than the old listing. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1739378019.htm?rsqid=e121ed51c52e47f48794af24a5da2624
  22. Decided to blow some money at the old girl - Birds B1 Dynamics full kit - Bilsteins/springs/swaybars/quaife LSD (about time on the LSD front!) SuperPro Bushes on everything, including rear subframe, new spring pads/tophats/bumpstops/shock mounts/Meyle HD links etc etc and everything inbetween E92 M3 LCAs etc New SMF and Clutch, deleting the SAC and CDV, new centre bearing and guibos New Waterpump and thermostat (232k on the clock of the original, and got a canbus com error with it last week) Upgrade/Rebuild shifter And decided to say F work for a few weeks and do it all in the carport Might be a lil bit interesting pulling the gearbox with the car on jack stands. The only thing left to order is the tool for the subframe bushes, still screwing around with either just buying it (and probably selling it) or just making something. Pics to come!
  23. Jacko

    BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    I need to sort out insurance for this thing next week, the agreed value keeps dropping each year and Id never be able to replace it for what its currently insured at. Any input on whats a realistic figure? I roughly know what Ive spent on it in total, way over 20, but I figure I could semi-replace it for 17ish ? 2006 (Dec 05) 130i, NZ new (1 of 15) Full service history, until the start of this thread .. 246k on the clock (but looks better, even on the inside, than most sub 100k cars) Birds B1 kit, Quaife diff and the other stuff in this thread 19x8.5" ACS Type IV (genuine)
  24. Jacko

    X5 4.8is - Valley Pan Leak

    Ratcheting 1/4" spanner