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  1. Car has done this for awhile, mechanics couldnt find fault, its a little disconcerting sometimes as it can do it when acclerating from lights/crossing a road/going around a round about. Under no/low load, WOT only, from idle only, the engine hesitates and splutters around before accelerating. Sometimes it lasts seconds, sometimes its just a cough. Only does it from idle, and otherwise works perfectly. No fault codes. Nadda. Ive reset the DME by pulling the battery. No change, No change in fault code logging. Ive pulled the vanos solenoids and cleaned them. No change, didnt look dirty either. Done the throttle calibration thing. No change. According to service history plugs are less than 20k old, everything else has many thousand k left on it. Doesnt feel likes it misfiring anyway (and surely the DME would pick a misfire up) Any ideas? My next step was to just change the vanos solenoids and cross fingers. Anyone come across this before? Im trying to avoid unleashing the parts cannon at it to solve!
  2. New plugs and coils - No change. Reset adaptations - No change. Have been watching the oil level, im conviced something odd is happening as it fluctuates by 700ish ml. Wondering if there is a block in the oil seperator and its filling and dumping (into the sump and or intake). The 130s oil level is solid as a rock in comparison. Ordered new CCV system kit...
  3. Can anyone recommend me a car painter in south auckland area. Want a decent job, poor colour matching makes me sad. 130 needs bonnet and both bumpers resprayed. Stone chips and a crows foot in clear etc. Paint is diamond black metallic. My plan is to strip the bonnet and bumpers while car is getting sump leak done, so panels will just be dropped off.
  4. Greenlane Auto Panel Repairs or Greenpark Panel and Paint?
  5. Jacko

    Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Anyone got an engine support bar I can borrow? The kind that spans the engine bay from the guards. Gearing up to do the 130 sump gasket
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    I beg to differ
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    250,000km on the 130, not a single fault with the valvetronic system.. so yeh id say its reliable. BMW ditched it with the N53 etc as the similar end results can be had (in terms of fuel efficiency/power/driveablity) with direct injection... which is cheaper and easier to make!
  8. Jacko

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Great, the little bissell is good for small jobs like cars etc, have had it for a few years and it always just works. Its amazing how much coffee comes out of things, the corolla for instance didnt look that dirty previously.. its just the interior has changed shade a few colours! Have a hoover standup carpet cleaner as well, and its rubbish...
  9. Thinking about this a bit more... Car uses roughly twice the oil of the other one, and drinks gas more than I would have expected (more than the extra weight and auto should really). I wonder if theres is something goofy happening with the CCV system?
  10. Parts cannon unleashed... Coils and plugs ordered....
  11. Shared with a bunch of drone mates... lots of people currently saving $400USD in shipping per pelican case
  12. Edit - Try that again with the right data.... Throttle (Manifold) is open for way longer on the bad one before RPM increase.. which makes sense. Fuel trim 2 cranks up on the bad one, good one it leans out. AFRs look similar. Timing looks Similar. Vacuum looks similar. Anyone spot anything else? I wonder if its fuel now :/ The fact that vacuum is inline with the throttle (valvetronic) makes me think the valvetronic motor is fine N52 Good Vs Naughty.xlsx
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    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    So S991A Is a press car or test car? - WBSBL92000JR00014 For those who cbf playing carjam
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    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    I do not need an E46 project. I do not need an E46 project. I do not need an E46 project. Deep breaths...Im good.
  15. Jacko

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    Looks a little bit flogged, who knows though it may have had some $ thrown at it in parts over the years. Lots of high ks cars out there newer innards than low/mid ks ones Edit looking at carjam - Imported from japan in 2000 with nil ks on the clock, and its been steadily driven from then.. "1" owner? Vin doesnt show it as a japanese market car though.
  16. Jacko

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Moved the 330, so I could brew up four jugs of Corolla Carpet Coffee... MMmmm
  17. Decided to try science the sh*t out of it... Compare the happy N52 with the sad one. Hopefully something obvious pops up, for some reason I cant graph the accelerator pots output, but will compare the two. Sad one tomorrow...
  18. https://drivetribe.com/p/on-board-footage-of-the-919-hybrid-dn4RhzGSQLKXsRqR46MDZg?iid=WVms_2-rTh-aaD5y8pRbTQ
  19. Jacko

    ISTA/D - School me

    The internet is so full of words Im struggling with what to believe... Im keen to get ISTA/D on my latptop (i7 on windows 10 fwiw) for diagnosing and reseting adaptations. From what ive read every version that is available outside of being a BMW dealer workshop is hacked/cracked/pirated. Id happily pay for a legit version, particularly if it doesnt involve dodgy websites and goofy reg edits... Is this legit ? http://rheingoldusa.com/conc/index.php/store#!/Software-Download-version/c/16152032/offset=0&sort=priceAsc Is there a non dodgy source if its not?
  20. Congrats, looks awesome. I keep looking at AW11s on tardme... keep telling myself "no you do not need this"
  21. Jacko

    Induction charging

    And people complain about cell phones giving them cancer 3.2kW of pixies jumping through the air... I bet you can do some cool teslacoil party tricks with it.
  22. Replaced Vanos solenoids. No change. #fingthing
  23. Jacko

    My New Trolley

    Saw a Stinger on the road for the first time today, they look much better proportioned in reality than they do in pictures. I initially thought it was a quattroporte until got closer! Whereas the new commodore looks like an old hyundai accent crossed with mazda 6
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    It looks like a chinese rip off 😕