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  1. No LSD on anything but M cars in the "Modern" BMWs. It'll be one tyre fire e diff. Its crazy, but one of the things BMW use to differentiate regular cars to the M cars. Birds quaife diffs seem like the best option.
  2. Went for a drive. Car did the christmas tree warning lights of doom. Shat self, then removed swimming pool that the PDC was sitting in... Crazy rain from weird direction last few days apparently made both house and car leak.
  3. Depending on year, they are all forged, and those that are not use cast hypereutectic pistons. Just be done with it and go vtec.
  4. 600hp daily? Have you ever driven a 600hp car? Maybe daily means it needs to last for a day? Before pistons come out of the sump plug, or the car comes out of a ditch?
  5. On the hunt for a tidy/straight/looked after E91 wagon with an N52, so 323/25/30s Post 07 and low k's ideally Automatic, M trim would be nice but not a requirement, NZ new with a service history would be ideal but again, not a requirement if its a good one. Wife needs a new car to replace her work vehicle which is being returned. Anyone got anything?
  6. Cant compete with NZs small market, shipping costs, and the tax/duty smashed onto everything, its going to get worse for the consumer when sub $400 start getting duty stuck one em as well (which will be good for the local distributors...) Question - Anyone running a Valeo SMF conversion kit? Thoughts?
  7. Public service announcement : Dear flatpeaker fuxktards in the poverty pack 3 series's. Despite how hard you are trying, not even your mother thinks you are cool. P.S. GTFO of the right hand lane.
  8. Turns out the UUC kits are for 8 bolt fly wheels only, so Si and 130 wont fit. Not many, if any, options.
  9. Anyone tried, or come across, the UUC ali flywheel and organic clutch kit on a 130? Appears to share the same OEM part numbers as a Z4 3.0si clutch, which is listed on UUC site as a kit.
  10. + Duty/GST/Levy/Handling fees add another $150+NZD
  11. FWIW - Reset it by disconnecting battery for another job, and its fixed
  12. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-x-SuperPro-Control-Arm-Bush-Kit-SPF1253K/282461498588?epid=2278100736&hash=item41c4046cdc:g:JAsAAOSwqbxaEDOH
  13. The Aus tool company above will rent to NZ $121AUD+return freight per week
  14. Different p/n to E46, same as an e9x, might be the same diameter though :/
  15. Thats the thing, I wonder if the E46 bush dimensions are the same/similar? Ill flick him a PM Good thread here http://www.1addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1158856 Im putting pu bushes back in so the install is easy(er).
  16. Is there any one out there with one of these kits in NZ? https://mthire.com.au/products/dm11-a1458-bmwc for hire? Can probably butcher up something similar, but anyone have the real deal and rents it out?
  17. Hahaha, I saw this thing in the wild a few months ago... the stage 4 ebay tune is amaze!
  18. As per title - preferably in Auckland. Got a road trip to do and my rear view mirror has a big ass bubble in it. Pretty sure pn is 51169134393
  19. Thanks Brent appreciate you coming in to find one! Plug and play.
  20. Made the car and the dog shiny again (and now with new ACS centre caps, after much hunting and facepalming at the price of em!)
  21. Toyota BZ touring Pros - Quad throttle bodies howling at 7800 rpm (also happens to be peak oil consumption) Cons - Peak oil consumption. Sounds like trying to beat the nurburg laptime when just trying to have enough torque to back down driveway.
  22. Pretty badass robots.
  23. 1M with 2002 Turbo style graphics on the southern this evening. Bad. Ass.
  24. Anyone had their average fuel consumption widget not work? it just reports 0.1l/100km. Reset the trip odo, have done a few hundred k's, still 0.1. Everything else works, no error messages... It know how much its using as the instantaneous widget works, and it obviously knows how many k's its done, but wont populate this doofa?
  25. Multi coloured E34 sedan in Taupiri on Friday, kinda BMW art car ish, members? Keep seeing an E39 around the north waikato with racing stripes and "scorpion" branding, was wondering if its some sort of tuner but google aint revealing that.