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    Grand Tour Season 2

    Agreed, his youtube channel was better than post clarkson "Top gear"
  2. SuperPro E8x/E9x PU bush kits SPF3940K and SPF3941K. Offset adjustable bushes for front control/radius arms. As new, with grease etc, $130 each couriered in NZ https://www.superpro.com.au/find/superpro-bushing-kit/orphan-SPF3940K https://www.superproeurope.com/part.number.cfm?partnumber=SPF3941K&vehicleid=1270&productreferenceid=125749
  3. Bump. Getting dusty. Need to clean house before sale.
  4. Jacko


    https://www.kommentools.com/products/bmw-rear-suspension-subframe-bushing-tool-set-for-e87-and-e90 This tool set used to remove and Install front and rear bushings in the rear subframe. Applicable: BMW E87 and E90/91/92/93 Used once, very high quality (would suit a workshop). Makes doing the subframe bushes very easy. the adjustable section is awesome for doing bushes that nothing else fits as well. Note the pictures not quite right (old?) adjustable section is far more trick (like the e53 one on kommen site) Cost $600+ landed in NZ, $400
  5. Jacko


    Offfffffeerrrss, surely half the E8/9xs out there have flogged out rear end bushes
  6. Jacko


    Really nice tool, makes doing all the bushes in the hub (with their weird clearance angles) easy. Pro level quality, would suit a workshop. For replacing the trailing arm bushings and trailing arm in wheel carrier bushing suitable for BMW Models 1 and 3 (2004 - 2012) series: E81 / E82 / E83 / E85 / E86 / E87 E88 / F20 / E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 includes the following tools: split bush compressor to be used as OEM 334450 camber arm mounting extraction / insertion tool to be used as OEM 334460 trailing arm mounting extraction / insertion tool to be used as OEM 334480 Used once, retails from around $450 kiwi + duty etc etc etc $300
  7. Jacko


    Make me an offer... Going to sell house soon so need to clean up
  8. Jacko

    crazy voice guy

  9. Decided to blow some money at the old girl - Birds B1 Dynamics full kit - Bilsteins/springs/swaybars/quaife LSD (about time on the LSD front!) SuperPro Bushes on everything, including rear subframe, new spring pads/tophats/bumpstops/shock mounts/Meyle HD links etc etc and everything inbetween E92 M3 LCAs etc New SMF and Clutch, deleting the SAC and CDV, new centre bearing and guibos New Waterpump and thermostat (232k on the clock of the original, and got a canbus com error with it last week) Upgrade/Rebuild shifter And decided to say F work for a few weeks and do it all in the carport Might be a lil bit interesting pulling the gearbox with the car on jack stands. The only thing left to order is the tool for the subframe bushes, still screwing around with either just buying it (and probably selling it) or just making something. Pics to come!
  10. Jacko

    BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    NVH - No not really, the SMF caused way more (my guess anyway, I did it all at once ,but changing box fluid flavour stopped any gearlash chatter when the fluid got warm) Shift effort is the same, but its very very direct, nearly feels gated. I drove another manual car last month, and realised how much better the 130 shift is now. Definitely a good upgrade and its easy to do.
  11. Jacko

    Bmw E91 overheating fun

    Unbolt pump and thermostat, bolt new one on. Use new bolts and torque to spec. Use BMW Coolant and bleed the system, bobs your uncle. Took me 4 easy hours. The BMW Service manual that covers it is online. FWIW, you normally get a few error codes prior to total pump failure. Its nowhere near as bad as the internet makes out.
  12. Jacko

    Illegal to fit normal tyres after run-flat??

    Same, 100,000km+ of non run flats, and never had to use it. Have had a puncture a couple of times, but tpm picked it up with plenty of pressure to spare to get it repaired.
  13. Jacko

    Vanos solenoid

    Yeah I do, have two working ones that I removed for troubleshooting and replaced.
  14. Jacko

    BMW Running cost

    The problem is depreciation, it was a 6 figure car when it was new, unfortunately parts to fix to not depreciate at the same rate. We have a market that supports importing more cars and scrapping the ones we have, things like aging high end euros do not have much value in that market. Sounds like you bought a lemon to be honest, and werent prepared for the fact that it wasnt going to be cheap to look after. How did you spend so much money on servicing and not get told of, or notice, the oil leaks and smoke??
  15. Jacko

    BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    Bit of an update, the PU bushes that came with the eibach sway bars started creaking, coupla thousand ks post install, they have some sorta cloth embedded into the internal surface and used some flavour of white grease. Dropped the bars, cleaned all the white goo out and replaced with the clear goo that came with the Superpro PU bushes (that are on everything else, and dont squeek/creek). All working good.
  16. Probably be fantastic as scrap metal, might get $40 at metalman.
  17. Car has done this for awhile, mechanics couldnt find fault, its a little disconcerting sometimes as it can do it when acclerating from lights/crossing a road/going around a round about. Under no/low load, WOT only, from idle only, the engine hesitates and splutters around before accelerating. Sometimes it lasts seconds, sometimes its just a cough. Only does it from idle, and otherwise works perfectly. No fault codes. Nadda. Ive reset the DME by pulling the battery. No change, No change in fault code logging. Ive pulled the vanos solenoids and cleaned them. No change, didnt look dirty either. Done the throttle calibration thing. No change. According to service history plugs are less than 20k old, everything else has many thousand k left on it. Doesnt feel likes it misfiring anyway (and surely the DME would pick a misfire up) Any ideas? My next step was to just change the vanos solenoids and cross fingers. Anyone come across this before? Im trying to avoid unleashing the parts cannon at it to solve!
  18. Update on this, few thousand ks on car since CCV system replacement, all fixed, no longer chugs back oil and is running nice
  19. RWD.. 4WD models are badged iX and rocking horse teeth in NZ. Whatever you do take it to a specialist BMW shop to get a PPI done
  20. http://www.zeperfs.com/en/duel3001-7256.htm nuff said...
  21. I dont think that an e90 is going to be much better, even one with a smaller engine. Its going to depend massively on how are where your driving. Buy a leaf FYI My 330 e91 auto averages around 10.5/l 100km
  22. Jacko

    Alpina mouth and no trousers

    It looks nice, but not that nice. Maybe half that nice.
  23. Jacko

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    All you need is a ListerBell STR Stratos and you have my dream garage. You bastard