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  1. paulabaraa

    Rampant Phase III

    Sup bud, Just read through the whole thread, if anything was gonna get me back up to Paihia for the hols seeing her in action would be it. Dam fine job, no wonder John was able to pull his ute job off with your copious amounts of help haha Can't wait to see it when i'm next up, Happy Motoring, Paul
  2. paulabaraa

    Manual Conversion

    swap for what? and by set up do you mean the whole kit? as in drive shaft and all?
  3. paulabaraa

    Manual Conversion

    sorry, wasn't entirely sure what was the right section, as there isn't one for engine/drivetrain
  4. paulabaraa

    Manual Conversion

    Looking to do a manual conversion on a 1994 325i. I have sorted out a 328i manual box and was curious if this will still suit the car in question? any help would be appreciated. thanks Paul
  5. paulabaraa

    BMW 325I 1994

    Kilometres: 220,000km Body: Samoableu, 4 door, Sedan Fuel type: Petrol Engine: 6 cylinder, 2500cc, Automatic Import history: Imported Registration expires: May 2008 WOF expires: May 2008 Stereo description: Pioneer headdeck & cd stacker or JVC. Features: ABS brakes Air conditioning Alarm Alloy wheels Central locking Driver airbag Power steering Sunroof Towbar Awesome little car, in a striking color. I have owned for just over three months now, and as i am heading to university next year, i feel it is time to part with this extravagance. Has been a great car and is a dream to drive. While in my possession i have replaced both rear tires, and the exhaust rear muffler in order to get a warrant, the old one had holes. Have all manuals for the car, including a service history book. Will be sad to see this car go, but am forced to say goodbye. Any inquires welcome, I'll try to answer any questions you may have about the car. Views also welcome, contact me if interested. Best contact time is after 3pm for calls. Features: - Full white leather interior. - Four electric windows. - South African assembled so has bullet proof glass. - Trip computer. - Cruise Control. - Spotlights. - Color Coded bumpers. - 17" Replica BMW mag wheels - Sunroof, doesn't leak or have rust. - HKS performance exhaust. - Spoiler. - Podfilter, but also comes with standard air box, can fit either. - Can have either a pioneer headdeck with attached 12CD stacker (in my other auction) or alternatively, a brand new JVC KD-G731, depending on price, likewise also has a fusion sub+amp that may come with the sale. - 2.5L engine, powerful but very efficent, can get over 600km on a trip, around 550km in town. - m3 twin pipe exhaust from engine. - tow bar, though i have never towed anything.