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  1. Speed- we are not getting the message

    If you are a sh*t driver you will crash regardless of the speed limits, fatigue or inebriation. If you are a skilled driver you will also crash regardless of speed limits, fatigue or inebriation. Skilled drivers will be able to minimise/avoid accidents, sh*t drivers will not. Use the money gained from fining every m***erf**ker who is doing 54kph towards driver training. Make the consequences of dangerous/careless driving more severe, ie remove license for 12 months, pass driver training courses to regain. Make it compulsory to PASS defensive driving courses and advanced driving courses to obtain a full license. Include this with international/tourist licensing. If you remove the sh*t drivers from the road or train the sh*t drivers to be better we will have less accidents, end of story.
  2. WTB: E30 drivers seat

    I'm looking for an standard (comfort) e30 drivers seat for a sedan. Preferably to suit facelift grey with black vinyl sides like image below: Not fussed if rips or tears in fabric, but needs to have solid/intact shape, foam and springs. Pm me if you have one lying around. Still wrecking a white 320 sedan FL if people want to pilfer some bits of in exchange or can provide folding... Let me know! Cheers
  3. Usually on the strut tower. Stick your reg into carjam.com if you cant be assed fishing around.
  4. PM me the last 7 of your vin number and I'll get you a price on discs and pads locally, have sources with brembo, roadhouse etc. Could probably price you a whole set of discs cheaper than you can get one disc into NZ from the US....
  5. There's a company called Auto Gravity on Dominion Rd that does this as far as I'm aware. Unsure of services or prices offered or quality of service but it would be worth looking into? I will be doing something similar with a cic e91 in a couple months so let me know how you go.
  6. Castrol Edge Professional Oil help needed

    Next time you have a service with them ask them to give you an extra litre for topups?
  7. E36 M3 tyre suggestions ?

    As far as I can tell they only exist in Infinity from my stockers which you do not want.... I've hit this issue repeatedly in the past, classic bmw size that is no longer being stocked in NZ due to poor demand. I have a mate who had a 328 coupe with Evo2 rims staggered 215/45/17 and 225/45/17 which worked well. I have 17x8 on my e36 with 225/45/17s and they fit perfectly. To give you a ball park figure you'd be looking at $220ea incl gst in Michelin Pilot Sport 3 the 225/45/17s, $210 for the 215's.
  8. FS: E36 Touring

    Bump, no reserve finishing 11/8
  9. admin help please

    Tried clicking display name under password?
  10. admin help please

    Top right drop box from your name to account settings then select Display name to change your display name. Took me a little while to find it too..
  11. FS: E36 Touring

    Back on trademe $5g no reserve.
  12. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Pair of king low springs & monroe inserts picked for my soon to be low n slow e30 $76 total, M3AN will be pleased to know they even came with a 12 year warranty!
  13. air conditioning expert

    Ominous silence usually means "use the search function"... Answered the same question of M3AN's with COOLCAR not so long ago.
  14. FS: E36 Touring

    Offered for 5950 for the next 3 days only otherwise going back on trademe.