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  1. Looking for: - e34 m50 sump, pickup & dipstick assy - Got one! Also - FL e36 328i driveshaft - 3.25 crown and pinion for my med case Lsd.
  2. Is there any chance of reviving the pictures in this thread? Would be such a good resource for building my own.
  3. Boost is fully controlled electrically via MSPNP2 ecu. Check the main photo bottom left shows vacuum line from manifold to solenoid (on firewall) and wastegate. https://www.diyautotune.com/product/megasquirtpnp-g2-b8793-for-the-87-92-bmw-e30-325i/ All ancillaries this package is bolt in and run. Steering pump included, hoses not. This engine is a non-A/C late e34.
  4. It's a Turbonetics TO4B i'll check stamps tomorrow. Supposed to be able to bounce past 400 rear wheel ponies easily and much more with little modification. It's the torque that's the stupid part.. You will need help developing the right rubber and diff to get the power down. In terms of fitment I don't see why an e28 would be slimmer than an e30?
  5. Looking for a set of Mtech2 skirts and pods for my coupe. Must be genuine plastic.
  6. No turkeys here... The details are on my trademe listing: https://www.trademe.co.nz/2717902145 As always Bimmersport gets preferential rates if you hit me up here and win the auction I'll give you 10% off. I'll be adding photos and video tomorrow.
  7. Thanks for the heads up dude. I got so disheartened by the recent BS of trying to buy the blue one LS6987 on trademe this weekend that I cannot be f**ked squabbling with idiots anymore. New plan is keep my baby which i do love dearly and ditch the ridiculous m30 turbo and chuck in a s50. Should keep it simple and easy, daily drivable and balanced. So if anyone wants a turnkey m30 turbo package: https://www.trademe.co.nz/2717902145 Get at me
  8. I think i have one of these in the olds attic, flick me a pm if you're still looking.
  9. Red one one tardeme looks great! Make sure you buy that one so I don't have to compete with you.
  10. Yeah I've been keeping my fingers on the trademe pulse. That looks to be a lovely example, but i need the rumble of a 6 cylinder.
  11. I'm looking to buy a decent condition E21 in as original as possible. Preferably with an m20 donk Definitely in manual Ideally a late 70's 323 Just fishing atm as I'm fairly sure I'm gonna sell my e30. If people are interested in swaps with cash my way for my e30 m30 turbo then get in touch.
  12. Have had floating about for awhile now, intentions of fitting to my e30 but priorities have changed. This is brand new in box never been fitted with original install parts etc. $400 please
  13. Hi guys I'm selling my trash panda. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2190203463 She has a set of tidy 15" weaves on her minus one cap. Been offered 400 for the set if someone wants to offer a decent amount I'll take em off and sell them separately.
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