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  1. Hi Dan, The paint is pretty good all round, except down one of the c -pillars from memory I think it has some slight clear coat lifting. I'll need to have another look for you - the car is at my parents place. The engine runs fine, smells a bit fuelly to start with when cold but warms up fine. I would have the car transported, due to its de-registered state and mech issues etc. Also, forgot to mention - the rear kit, side skirts and rear seats have been removed as the panelbeater was quoting for repair. These will come with the car of course. Thanks, Alan
  2. Hi guys, An unfortunate end to this project. I bought this off a member with the intention of getting it re-registered/vinned but unfortunately it has failed on major rust and a few mechanical issues. The rust is in the roof+sunroof, sills, floors, bottom of a-pillars, rear boot tray, rear arches, left rear quarter panel and a few other places - the repair quote was in 5 figure territory. The mechanical issues were spongy brakes (sat for a while in storage), front suspension arms, rear sway bar bushes, battery unsecured, drive shaft rubber, right front wheel bearing, brake lining light, front tyres, steering play and drivers seat play. It was a bit more than I was expecting. Now for the positives, 1986 M325i UK Import Diamond Schwarz Approx 150k Miles Black Recaro leather seats - rear tidy, front average. Full M tech 1 body kit Electric mirrors, windows + sunroof Manual rear blind Black headlining Non p/steer or a/c New brake rotors/pads all round (prev owner) New heater fan resistor Healthy M20B25 engine and G260 gearbox, goes very well. Engine has had a refresh by prev owner, I believe the cambelt/thermostat/oil/filters were done recently - can clarify this again with him. LSD 14" steel wheels Please PM for details/offers or to arrange viewing. Pick up from Grenada, Wellington. I am selling it complete, as is. Open to any offers but for the sake of forum rules lets say I am after around $2500. Would make a great donor car. Thanks, Alan
  3. Good luck with the sale Paul, I genuinely regret selling this car. New owner can't go wrong with this. Alan
  4. Sorry Dan this is now sold. I always carry water with me despite having replaced almost the whole cooling system on this thing over the years.. Paul you need to pick this up before I change my mind mate.. Quick and painless I say, quick and painless! Cheers, Alan
  5. Thanks guys, have already had a bit of interest today.. I think it is priced pretty well, will be happy to respond to PM's and texts.. Alan
  6. Hey guys, I need to free up some cash for my wedding funds.. Selling my pride and joy. She's been with a couple of members on here. Visit My Website Alan
  7. ..
  8. Hi guys, Anyone got a set of original E30 15" basketweaves for sale? Preferably in Wellington. May consider 14" basketweaves. I am wanting to buy but could possibly trade with my 17" Alpina replica's in near mint condition. Will provide more details if interested - just PM me. Cheers, Alan
  9. Air NZ aircraft engineer.
  10. The E30 Schnitzer is my old car.. WW7314. It's a calypso red 320i Auto with Schnitzer striping and that's about it. No bodykit when I had it.. Did turn heads though. Alan Edit: Antony that was probably me on Monday night actually.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Not sure on shifter linkage length, I have my own E30 one anyway as well as the cross member.
  12. Hi guys, Just wanting to know if an e34 525i (M20B25) getrag 260 gearbox would fit directly onto my facelift e30 325i (M20B25 getrag 260 as well). I'm concerned there might be mounting differences? Thanks in advance. Alan
  13. Atta, give your idle control valve (ICV) a clean out and make sure you hear the valve opening and closing as you tilt it from side to side. You should be able to hear it buzzing when you turn the car on before starting. Here's a link to some M20 idle info, might not be 100% relevant to your engine but nevertheless quite helpful: http://www.e30zone.net/modules.php?name=Fo...t=starting+warm P.S if your not already a member I highly recommend signing up - some good E30 info there.. Alan
  14. Cheers guys!
  15. I am also running the 17" Alpina reps on my E30 sedan and I experienced the exact same things after fitting them. The friendly guys at mag and tyre direct rolled the rear guards a little and for the front they removed the front inner arch lining/panel as the tyres were rubbing on this at full lock. It solved what you have described. The lining is only held on by a couple of bolts. Note I am running 205/40/17's rather than 215 and my car is a little higher than yours at the front so you might have other issues. Hope this helps. Alan