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  1. E36 seat wires don't match

    From memory there are 2 connectors - seat occupancy sensor (blue/white) and also the seatbelt tensioner. Look for the other connectors....
  2. Latest toy. E36 328i

    My 328 auto coupe doesn't have a guibo. I know because I asked for it to be replaced... and it wasn't there. Mines a late 97, did it get deleted during production? All I had to do was look at realOem. Japan cars don't have one, I guess because of the Jatco box.
  3. Someone got carried away with M Stripes

    Is that an SU jet adjusting spanner on the keyring? (Who remembers them?)
  4. Would you like rice with that?

    Dealer. See the tag on the key....
  5. RE003s

    I've currently got Re003s on the front and PS4s on the back. The PS4s feel a little more planted - but not much in it. What is noticeable is the extra road noise from the RE003s.
  6. e46 Rough Idle

    You can spray MAF cleaner into the MAF....
  7. Reasonably priced 2007 E63 650i in Welly

    The Bangle bustle. I agree, never liked the tail treatment.
  8. Life is choice bro thread.

    ^ +1, especially the part about chopping up through the trees using the rotor blades....
  9. E36 M-sport bumpers

    Facelift E36's with the motorsport body kit all seem to have mesh, same as the M3.
  10. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Go for the known good ones. I managed to split a 14mm 3/8" drive Snap-on socket, and they don't do free replacements any more... It was a 12pt socket, but undoing a brake caliper bolt with a standard wrenching bar? Not impressed.
  11. Stuffed M6 anyone?

    Pickup, and wear on the edges. Regrind, then....
  12. E36 328i coupe "restoration?"

    Track day pads always surprise me on the road when they don't stop first thing in the morning. I went back to oem pads for trackdays after I discovered that not braking hard means you go faster. i went through a stage of ABS into every corner. It's not quicker and the pads almost catch fire...
  13. E36 328i coupe "restoration?"

    +1 Mine are still going at 100k plus
  14. E36 Suspension Setups - Coupe

    Try Demon Tweeks in the UK. Set of Koni adjustables is about NZ$800 plus shipping.
  15. Honda CR-V... Or something else (!)

    We've had a gen 1, 2 and currently have a 3 (2008) All bought at about 60-80k Gen 1 was an import, no troubles, still going well with it's current owner. Only gripes were the gearbox software (basic in the extreme, going up steep hill won't change down, then you kickdown and it tries to rev to 10,000), and I had problems with the drivers seat not providing enough side support Gen 2 was an NZ new Sport. Had a diff whine when we got it (fixed under warranty) then developed a noisy 3rd gear. I think a problem with gear hardening. Better gearchange though, but still a 4 speeder. If you're going to offroad it look underneath at the frame around the fuel tank - it's low! Gen 3 is the best so far (NZ new Sport again). Stiff suspension - you can throw it around, but not like an E36!, 5 speed auto box. But the one thing the boss hates is the lack of space between the seats for a handbag. No real problems with any of them, except the Gen 2. My impression was that that model had gone soft after the previous one. I really like our current one - great car for touring in. PS a 2.4 metre long piece of 100 x 50 almost fits diagonally across the car in a Gen 2. Until you close the rear door, when it tries to escape through the windscreen.....