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  1. jom

    e36 drums to discs

    Point of order, chaps, the E36 rear discs also have internal drums for the handbrake emergency braking system.
  2. jom

    heaps of fun for 15k!

    I found the same, but not with the Coupe 😃. The door is about 2 inches longer, and I don't hit my head on the roof....
  3. jom

    Induction charging

    Water??? You need energy to produce it, of course, but it's the energy storage capacity, weight and time to refuel that make it attractive over those nasty batteries...
  4. jom

    Gissa job!

    I think that the point that i was trying to make is that the new flavour for Cloud is either Azure (Microsoft) or AWS (Amazon) both of which have datacentres as close as Sydney....
  5. jom

    Gissa job!

    In those days the cloud was a magic device that stuff went into, a miracle occurred, and it came out different!
  6. jom

    Gissa job!

    Should have made it clear that this was for a project management job... anything more than 2 years of familiarity is going to be pretty irrelevant. Some of us can pick up the tech bit quite fast. It's the people skills that should be the focus with a PM. And while we're on the cloud... god help the NZ government if the Trans-Tasman cable ever goes down....
  7. jom

    Gissa job!

    One of the roles I went for wanted 5+ years experience of the cloud (!). I think that there's a new breed of manager around that don't understand previous experience.... they want people who are similar to them ("millenials") but with 10 years more experience. It doesn't exist. I find that I can't communicate with the interviewers lately. Never had a problem before. Thank goodness I can retire....
  8. That might require some suspension upgrades...
  9. Carlos Fandango? Certainly no negative scrub radius. And not 11s. I would guess at aftermarket
  10. jom

    My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Yes it loses some torque at the bottom end but if it's an auto it will maintain a power increase up to the gear change - about 6100 rpm. Otherwise the power drops off at 5700rpm. Good on a track or for overtaking... Don't do it unless you have an auto, or a manual with an M3 header plus revamped mapping...
  11. jom

    Importing a TV to NZ experiences

    SECAM = Sees every colour as Magenta 😊
  12. jom

    Do tyres grow?

    Just curious. Last years WoF on the Honda put the rears at 3mm/5mm. A year later (+9k) they are 6mm/6mm. I don't remember replacing them. We did drive down SH1 Picton/Christchurch earlier this year. Is there magic down there? All the road workers were waving....
  13. jom

    Road Toll Not working

    I disagree. The fences are painted white which makes them much stronger. Probably enough to stop a pushchair.
  14. jom

    E36 seat wires don't match

    From memory there are 2 connectors - seat occupancy sensor (blue/white) and also the seatbelt tensioner. Look for the other connectors....
  15. jom

    Latest toy. E36 328i

    My 328 auto coupe doesn't have a guibo. I know because I asked for it to be replaced... and it wasn't there. Mines a late 97, did it get deleted during production? All I had to do was look at realOem. Japan cars don't have one, I guess because of the Jatco box.