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  1. Mattzy

    Perfect condition 18 Button OBC

    Eep, sorry lost track of this post. Ah no harness sorry gents. Make an offer. Flying to Sydney week after next, need it gone! Email or text please. Cheers!
  2. Mattzy

    Perfect condition 18 Button OBC

    Bump! Make an offer!
  3. Mattzy

    Perfect condition 18 Button OBC

    Hey Gents, I've got a 18 button OBC that I brought a while back, perfect condition, no dead pixels. Sold my car before I could do the retrofit so it's not needed anymore. Yours for a cool $120 021 172 7782, mattmalcolm.nz@gmail.com, located in Aucklandshire. Cheers, Matt
  4. Mattzy


    There is an interior shot in the trademe like. Otherwise, if you are after something specific just let me know. Cheers
  5. Mattzy


    Sunday Bump! -Just spotted that it actually has Bilstein springs as well as shocks.
  6. Mattzy


  7. Mattzy

    LED Numberplate lights - SOLD

    Hey gents, SOLD I have ordered an extra pair of LED bulbs that I now don't need. - Price is for 2 x Bulbs 36mm - Color is White - $25 for Bimmersporters, prefer pickup but can ship at your cost. - Note the bulbs are probably 6-7 days away, I have used mine in my rear number plate lights, but I am sure there is no reason you couldn't put them in your interior. Picture below! No Canbus error in my E36, looks amazing, +50 street cred, get more babes, grow 6 inches, congratulations your a winner. 021 172 7782 Cheers, Matt Here's a blurb and some pics of them. Chip type: SMD 5050 x 2 * This LED C5W Canbus Light will stop (Most) Bulb Warning (Can Bus) errors without the need of special load resistors * There is an aluminium heat sink on the back of this canbus bulb, for this, it's better for beat dissipation. * Commonly used in license plates on German vehicles with Canbus problems. Please note due to vehicle variations we cannot 100% Guarantee it will solve computer warning light messages, but it will on 95% of vehicles. Advantages: •Cool White Color or Custom Color - Modern look •Less power consumption (typically 3X less) •Longer lasting at 50,000 hours+ •Less Heat •Easy to install (typically within 10 minutes in most cars)
  8. Mattzy

    weekend project

    Agree'd - Masking is boring, just pull the lights out. AFIK its 3 bolts each light. Done, now spray and walk away...
  9. Mattzy

    HB Doug (M3 Cab)

    Happy birthday mate
  10. Mattzy

    EOI 4x 18x8 5x120 wheels.

    Yeah man. Buy em and get rid of those photoshoped ones.
  11. Mattzy

    EOI 4x 18x8 5x120 wheels.

    I'm looking at selling a set of 4 great condition wheels which would look great on someones E36. Although please note if they do sell they won't come with tyres. It's just an EOI at this stage. If there is any interest I'll turn this into a FS otherwise they'll go on tardme. Cheers, Matt
  12. Mattzy

    SOLD 1988 E30 318i

    Vinyl, heatgun, done. Easy to remove if the future owner doesn't like them.
  13. Mattzy

    SOLD 1988 E30 318i

    Not sure mate, best to check with your local. Although as of very recently it flew through its last inspection and has a new WOF until October. If you make me laugh as much as the last retard that test drove it I'll take some cash off. Otherwise your free to make an offer if you are genuinely interested. Cheers, Matt