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  1. Two leafs from the same branch?
  2. will sell without tyres btw
  3. This is so awesome!! (love how you reversed back for the second run haha)
  4. very nice! is that a dark grey or black?
  5. I know its a long shot but wondering if anyone is in Levin or passing by coming up to Auckland anytime in the near future and can carry 4x wheels?
  6. this is a ridiculously good deal at that price. hopefully the right buyer comes along and picks this up. As said above, manual conversion in a heartbeat and you got yourself a damn nice E34
  7. .

    let me know if you want it for 200 i dont really need it so yea
  8. .

    I have only briefly installed it and confirmed it to work, decided its overkill for my usage. Not sure about the bluetooth thing, no idea how good/efficient the system is so that will be for the new owner to find out. gab - this is a direct fit to an e46 and i dont think it works in an e39. Not sure why or if it can work..
  9. looks great on the m5 wheels and the subtle roof spoiler but with those kms and pricetag I dont think its selling anytime soon..
  10. ^wow, i think i scrolled down too far.. saw something i did not expect/want to see..
  11. buy a mini cooper s 1.6L turbo in a small light weight car = fun
  12. .

    contitech belts and INA for the pulley and tensioner