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  1. see if anyone nearby has one you can borrow?
  2. qube

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    E60M5 Life...
  3. qube

    BMW E38 M7... kind of

    just realised you are in bahrain! very cool
  4. yep its a blown headgasket and going to cost $5k to repair. Please sell to me for $500 scrap value
  5. qube

    BMW E38 M7... kind of

    ^ 2x E46 M3 (one CS) and an X5M? Please show photos of the fleet!
  6. qube

    Interesting E30 M3 Race Car

    well ive seen plenty of E30 M3's but never seen this golf but thats just me.
  7. qube

    Interesting E30 M3 Race Car

    random but how cool is this golf??
  8. looking a bit deeper, you can get one with half the kms for 11k asking so probably 9-10k from dealers, and there is one for like 50kms for 12-13k. bargain cars for sure.
  9. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1952245229 130i for 5-6k lol, high kms but damn its cheap
  10. qube

    E39 530i manual

    have seen it pop up from time to time on fb yes
  11. qube

    E39 530i manual

    i would stay away personally
  12. qube

    Wanted E39 M5

    I see. Any idea where hes gone? He used to live near by me and we have the same type of dog so did catch up a couple times a few years ago now. Didnt realise it was that long ago!
  13. qube

    Wanted E39 M5

    A beautiful 2002 one came up just now in wanaka. Asking 40k. Looks like if not the one owned by darren? From here a few years back. Can anyone confirm? @BreakMyWindow?
  14. qube

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    cute knit!
  15. qube

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    shes a monster that follows other cute boy dogs and their owners