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  1. qube

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    For non m3 diff headlights and front grilles. For m3 fl u get led tails btw its 2003.5 ot newer build date for facelift
  2. qube

    The Wheel Guy - Official Sale Thread

    I think you would be fine with 225/235 40 18 for the front and 255 35 18 rear. I was running 18x8.5 et22 with 235 40 18 square on my e46 and they didnt stick out
  3. qube

    The Wheel Guy - Official Sale Thread

    Will fit e46
  4. qube

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    I think third party insurance should be lumped together with car rego. I wouldnt mind paying more than $80 a year for rego which makes it way too easy for people to put cars on the road.
  5. qube

    The Wheel Guy - Official Sale Thread

    bump.. make an offer.. need to buy a new car now... sigh
  6. qube

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    i couldnt see the drivers side but i think the rims are all good
  7. Remember to buy full cover insurance guys! We only had 3rd party cover with AA insurance. My dads car (whilst driven by my gf with my parents) was hit by a young kid with his 1 month old E90 320i starting his new job and no insurance. My old man in the photo clearly not too happy.. Luckily no one was hurt. Now I gotta see what to do with the car
  8. qube

    Do you want a flatmate/ Auckland

    soooo fluffy!!! is one of them called ghost? GoT
  9. qube

    Do you want a flatmate/ Auckland

    ^I want to rent out a room just so I can come play with your two samoyeds they are absolutely gorgeous!!
  10. qube


    ^and this is where it requires due diligence and a bit of experience/knowledge (which is probably what we need to be sharing on the forum not just ranting - there is a separate thread for that!)
  11. qube

    M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    should have picked up some amazon-free-shipping-rotors!!
  12. qube


    I am all about sharing experiences and information being available so others can make an educated decision. The internet and forums, twitter, facebook, whatever makes it easy to point fingers but also to praise and give commends. I personally think that NZ post has come a long way since kind of dying they have revived their business with youshop. I mean in Auckland they are literally rolling out those buggy carts to deliver mail. bloody heck!! I think youshop is perfect for small low value items that you dont need urgently. Ship it with the US free shipping to your youshop box, consolidate it all together and bring it to NZ all together at a low rate. Trying to use this service like Fedex or DHL is like trying to get M3 performance out of a 318i and crying why wont it go faster.
  13. qube

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    competition package wheels haha. probably not much more difficult than the e39 m5 wheels
  14. qube

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    this is the kind of search criteria you want
  15. qube


    I am working in logistics and dealing with freight forwarders on a daily basis and whilst I do agree with some of your comments, I still think that the OP's post is useless because he is taking his 1 experience and telling people "do not use youshop". Freight forwarding in itself when looking at it as a one dimensional operation to move an object from one place to another, is a simple thing. Nothing special. But as a whole operation on a global scale it is certainly not one dimensional nor simple. Sure, the level of service you get may vary depending on the company and level of training and a bunch of other factors. In some cases, it is just a simple thing such as lack of contact information that delays parcels because freight companies dont have a contact number or email to call and ask for payment of tax/gst whatever until you call in with a tracking number. This is because whoever has shipped it has not put in your details in full or you didnt provide it in the first instance. Like I said, there are way too many factors involved that makes or breaks a freight forwarding experience at the consumer level and one story (with hardly any relevant details) doesnt do anything to deter me from using or considering using youshop again. Sure, if more people chime in and have more to say then maybe others who read this can make their own judgement but then again you gotta remember, people jump onto forums and write anything bad or negative based on one experience but rarely do they praise the good and make recommendations in the same caliber.