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  1. qube

    E9X Jap interiors

    ^almost all 335i coupes are leather. almost all other msport E9x are the alcantara fabric sports seats, 320i/325i almost all diesels are non msport hence non sports seats.
  2. qube

    e91 335i Touring Msport N55

    no reason to be picky about getting the N55 over the common N54 imo.. and I HAVE a N55 bmw..
  3. qube

    E9X Jap interiors

    Standard fabric (ugh..) standard leather (non msport sedans) msport alcantara/fabric (most common for E90/E91 msport sedans in NZ) sports leather (common on the Msport E92 coupes in NZ) you can easily tell by the under thigh part that can be pulled out further with a little tab and by the more padded side bolsters.
  4. qube

    E60 M5

    whats your savings to date? Im on $2311.26 so far with AA fuelcard.. These days I am considering moving to mobil 98 + smiles card because local mobil is $2.30 vs BP's $2.59. both have 6-10c savings on the odd days..
  5. Ive sold my dd 318ti because i never used it as much as I thought I would. My M135i was fulfilling all the duties very well - something your 335i wagon probably does for you also. Ive also thought about the idea of an M3 and my thoughts now are - I want a car, 1 car, to drive to do everything. I dont want to mess around with 2 regos 2 wofs 2 maintenance. etc. so for now I am sticking with what I have and putting aside the M3 dream for another day.
  6. qube

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    SJ! sorry to see and read this mate. I know how much this car meant to you when we talked about it as it sat outside your shop before you turned it into what it had become.. such a shame but I am really glad that you are alright and not injured too badly. Everything happens for a reason and I am sure that more good things will come your way for sure!
  7. qube

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    wow nice, e39 on style 42's is hard to see despite being one of the factory wheel options. very very nice man!
  8. qube

    FS: BBS RK001 17x8

    bump for the bbs rk 17x8
  9. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    wow, the p11 primera is actually a really decent car with a great engine, the CVT was the let down, manuals arent too common last time i checked.
  10. qube

    Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

    ive got a very reasonably priced set of bbs for sale.. RK001, 17x8 et35 square
  11. qube

    E39 manual\motorsport conversion

    looking very good indeed!
  12. qube

    Wanted: E36 M3 in Christchurch

    way overpriced imo for what it is but guess thats besides the point..
  13. qube

    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    If my car sells i may go for this, burberry cover and all!
  14. qube

    FS: BBS RK001 17x8

    Style 350 sold, bbs added - Bump
  15. qube

    FS: BBS RK001 17x8

    Sorry gone