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  1. the 130i hatch is mostly imports so they tend to all have the xenon headlights. a lot of nz new 1 series (especially the 135i coupes) do not have the xenon headlights and have the halogen bulb which looks like sh*t. i would consider xenons essential, heated seats is nice but not a deal breaker, sunroof is nice but rare, lower kms is better but you get what you pay for, i would personally perfer darker interior over grey but would not mind the black interior with coloured seats like driftit's caramel leather. i think the best way to pick one would be price based on: condition (not mileage), colour, mileage, and options, in that order.
  2. qube

    Air compressors

    i have my 1.5 or 2hp air compressor on loan to @zero if he is done with it maybe he can pass it on to you
  3. saw a full set of 4 (staggered) of these being sold a month or so ago for $100-150 around tm/fb but not sure anymore..
  4. it will cost you a fair bit of money to get updated maps done by a shop. if someone on here can assist you for less you are going to be lucky. i think 6k is cheap but not a bargain considering the year/spec combination. these cars are only depreciating and that isnt changing anytime soon.
  5. R u talking about the E82? The numbers r going to be huge. They r flooded in this market. especially the 135i coupe. There are also some 120i coupes and 125i coupes but nowhere near as common. Re hyd steering, my one was 2010 lci and i am pretty damn sure it had hydraulic steering because it feels nothing like the steering in the f20 which is the electronic. I reckon electronic steering is better if small engine daily f20, i like it. I didnt like it however on my m135, it was too light and not enough feedback on hard driving in the twisties. Driftit - the new b series motors r amazing, b58 in the m140i and supras etc but also the b48 is very good in the new lci f20. Got the 2L one in my mini
  6. Heres the one I sold for like 2k... nothing flash but a rust free non sunroof coupe with mtech rear spoiler and upgraded E36 seat conversion!
  7. I kind of agree with you on this to a certain extent. I also think that the best BMW is generally in the 3L 6pot variant (apart from of course the M3V8 and a few others). But when we are talking about 10-15k economy cars, if you take a look at the quality of the suzuki swifts, the toyota corollas, the kias the hyundais the mazdas etc, the 116i F20 holds its own quite well, especially if its sport/msport. the "feel" is still very much a BMW and although its not as powerful as a 3L, the 4pot with a turbo does really well all round. It might not be "better" than a new jappa but its very comparable and when we are talking about a BMW owner who has an E36 M3 and is looking for a BMW daily, then it just makes sense. I personally think that the F20 is miles more reliable than the E87/E90 because we are comparing the newer N13 engine vs the older N52 engine (i would never ever consider the E87 116i/118i/120i or E90 320i with the N46 etc. The F20 and F30 is essentially the same but that is not the factor that makes the parts cheap. In NZ atm, there is an abundance of parts cars E90 due to huge influx of imports over the years. The same is now happening with the F20's as they become the new "budget" option as it starts to crawl under the 10k mark. Like Jacko said, if you buy an auto 130i, you might be sitting wishing you had the 6sp manual, but then you are back where you started (E36 M3) pretty much... for the OP anyway!
  8. ^E87 130i is a fantastic car no doubt but for the Auckland suburban bumpy roads and traffic jams, I honestly dont think its necessary to have the 3L engine/harsh ride for a daily commuter. Something comfortable, easy to drive but still essentially a BMW with modern options like keyless entry comfort access, bluetooth connectivity from factory etc are much more preferable. Different story if that is your only/main car for everything because then you would want some fun factory but seeing as OP has the M3 which is essentially a better/older 3L bmw, i think the F20 is the more appropriate direction. Of course, pays to drive both and see how one thinks about the difference because it is quite night and day. I think your^ 130i experience is probably slightly skewed towards a positive one because you bought a very well maintained one from a forum member for a bargain price. If you look on TM, they are still around the 8-10k mark with 150+ kms and at this age, things will start to break and need replacing, even if its just basic stuff like waterpump thermostat, hoses/pipes, bushes suspension parts, etc.
  9. M235i or nothing... or M2comp...
  10. Damn that is a nice looking car! But it’s a lot of money for a 4pot at the end of the day. The new facelift f20s have started dropping in price to the 20k mark also but the value is in the first gen 2012-2014 ones sub 15k!
  11. editing my post after re-reading the OP. if you want a maintenance free daily driver, my number one recommendation would be the F20 4cyl 116i (10-15k for base model to full msport version with reasonable kms). You can test mine out at the next meet if you like. Having owned the E87 130i and F20 M135i, both being fantastic cars, they are definitely not the easiest/cheapest to maintain and things do/will break and cost a fair bit for spare parts. The 4cyl on the other hand is much cheaper to run fuel wise and spare parts wise and nothing generally to go wrong. Different story if you are looking at the older E87 4cyls - avoid these at all costs.
  12. new CIC (wide screen, doesnt flip down, more buttons on the controller) old CCC (smaller screen, flips down, more basic controller, old software) the CIC is better for sure but not by a lot. bluetooth connectivity is rubbish, you wont get music streaming anyway on either system.
  13. very similar cars but major difference is the low end torque from the 320d. if you do mainly short trips I might just go for the 328i but if you do longer trips then the 320d would be fine. Alternatively, look for either or and find one in the right spec/colour/price and just pick whichever.
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