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  1. I see in the photo that the front tyres are the Laufenn, they were more than good enough when I had them on my M135 so you shouldnt have a problem.
  2. qube

    Project 328Ti

    its gone now to hyde the supercharger dude. i miss it too.. even though it was a bit rough on the outside, that engine was in perfect condition, revved so nice and freely..
  3. qube

    New Weekender - E46 M3

    So awesome. I love this pheonix yellow!
  4. @gaz i believe that one is the zf8 found on f chassis with msport. this is the dct knob - very slightly different.
  5. Interesting turn of events! If work japan then worth a pretty penny and worthwhile to refurb. Well done!!
  6. lol, i wouldnt touch it with a stick tbh
  7. I cant understand the logic to spend $1500 to refurbish wheels which may or may not be brand name. For this kind of price I would hope they are forged wheels not cast but judging from the photos and the chrome look finish I would say these are most likely cast wheels. It doesnt look like flow forged either because this is a relatively newer tech and these wheels are definitely an older style/design from 10+ years ago. You can buy very good quality reputable aftermarket wheels for around $1500 these days btw. wheels are not as expensive as they once were back in the days.
  8. Make sure to do a thorough check for rust all around. Would be a pity to discover new old rust after all the work done
  9. Your car, being a facelift non msport E46, would have come on factory 16" wheels Style 88 out of the factory. The original owner of the car could have requested for the 18's possibly but these do not resemble any of the bmw styles so most likely they are aftermarket. If it is indeed aftermarket and not one from a reputable brand, I personally wouldnt bother to refurbish them because the costs can be significant and might be better off to go for a higher quality wheel but its obviously your choice. You should know pretty quickly with the stamps (or lack of) on the inside of the wheel when they come off the car.
  10. is there a big difference between the n52 and n52k?
  11. Found out of more information. It was indeed stolen and recovered. Only thing "fixed" was 4 new (aftermarket) wheels and an alignment. +1 @Driftit
  12. Went to see this car today but basically turned around straight away. Regardless of history it was rough as hell and just made me feel like it would be a dangerous purchase. kiwi535 - you can buy the report from aus for $2 to see what the write off was for. (See my first post).
  13. what is the offset of the wheels? is it the e90 m3 wheels? are the wheels straight and balanced? did you do an alignment after fitting them? whats the brand/condition of the tyres and what is the manufacture year on them? Start with the basic questions above before moving onto other things, cuz next thing you know you've got cancer and will die in 3 months.
  14. man that steering wheel looks phat..
  15. the car is out towards your way SJ so i might give you a bell (to your office phone) to make an appointment to bring it in
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