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  1. I can guarantee they wont fit without work and its not worth it at all. Offset for e39 needs to be around the 20s give or take and centre bore of 74.1 instead of the typical 72.6mm.
  2. Sorry late to the party. Looks like BBS LM-R but replicas definitely not a bmw oem design 359 is way off the mark haha
  3. pretty sure its this one https://www.trademe.co.nz/2175974267 imo, the reason it hasnt sold is because its very very overpriced. he would need to sharpen the pencil quite a bit to take my money
  4. very nice, LCI e91's are awesome looking especialy the rear taillights. I would try to swap the interior trim to silver or something darker as you already have coloured seats!
  5. qube

    Quick Questions

    hows your battery condition?
  6. getting some spicy dumplings ey
  7. would love to see a real BIG SIX M30 with 5.4L but guessing you mean M54b30..
  8. what did it actually sell for? 2.7k (like the person mentions in the Q&A?)
  9. please replace the indicators asap
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2181972024.htm $5k now..
  11. how cheap is it? these cars are pretty cheap now already
  12. i'll get a photo of how mine is set up so you can see but basically it plugs behind the existing unit and i route it to the little compartment below the AC controller. wiring for the mic etc u can wire it behind steering wheel/dash or anywhere really
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