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  1. Think it depends on the rest of the car/lights such as side indicators and rears
  2. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    Wouldnt most businesses that are closing down for a month have $0 turnover during this time whilst having certain fixed expenses still outgoing? Unless your business was not affected somehow by the situation, I would imagine a majority of businesses will automatically fall under this 30% reduction in turnover for that month at the very least. For example our cafe will have 100% loss in turnover, and even a big loss if we have to continue paying the lease. I am hearing that from a legal standpoint, employers can force(?) employees to use up their annual leave if they want to be paid during this 4 week period if they cannot work from home. Isnt it better for the individual to take a 20% cut and get 80% pay over the 4 weeks (and potentially longer) with the help of the govt subsidy of $585 per person? e.g. if I was earning $1000 a week normally, the govt will pay $585, employer pays $215 so I get $800 per week pay.
  3. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    Not sure if I've understood this right but employers can request for $585 times x 12 weeks = $7K PER number of staff (working over 20 hours) then get paid a lump sum in their business account. Then they can choose to pay the staff per week/4 weeks worth/staggered/whatever they want??? I heard rumours/stories of employers getting this payout then immediately laying off staff or forcing them to use annual leave (even in advance if they dont have enough). ?????
  4. looks like he has the CCC iDrive. just the one with the single knob and one button.
  5. does it actually have a rear camera? if it doesnt.. then theres your problem.
  6. @Herbmiester must be your lucky day, so many options
  7. There is no real benefit of an m3 shell except on paper but even that isnt worth a lot at 400k kms. im going to say its worth about $6-7. Cost of a new used engine is pretty high and if it was in running condition he would be selling it for $12-13k max.
  8. qube

    Quick Questions

    definitely this. its still a fantastic car overall, good chassis/platform with a decent 4 pot engine. 2001 is also nice and newish in comparison. runs fine on the cheap 91 petrol etc etc
  9. whats the manufacture date on the tyres? it must be pretty damn old for a wof fail..
  10. nothing wrong with a hella oil level sensor - I just bought one for $30 and its all good.. dont know about the AFM but I guess it should be fine
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