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  1. Went to see my ex.. It has come up for sale as the guy I sold it to traded it in for an Evo8. Was hoping to maybe buy it back if it was still in good condition but idles rough, engine rattling a bit and turbo/wastegate sounds a bit weird too. Just not the same as when I had it a year ago so had to walk away. A real shame really.. its come up for a good price $20990 which is a bargain for the spec.
  2. could you like clean up the glue, lightly sand it and paint it? (both of them to match)
  3. you should be able to just peel the fabric off and leave it as it is. it will be black and shouldnt have any glue residue.
  4. sounds like 5 or 7 series fitment. does it have a big enough CB to suit E39?
  5. qube

    Land Yacht

    Got this ugly thing in mine.. looks a bit big.. should have gone for the unit with the buttons for more stealth.
  6. yep, we bought an E91 325i wagon from a dealer a while back, freshly imported with only 50,000kms but suspension was buggered so did a whole overhaul on it to get it back to "normal". By contrast another same car we bought with 3x more kms was fine on its original suspension. so it all just depends on each individual example.
  7. its the easiest way to sell a car for a premium though... "LOW MILEAGE EXAMPLE - LIKE NEW!" (So pay x2 it's value thanks!)
  8. worth about $300 without tyres
  9. PM me your email address i'll forward them to you mate. Kind of makes me regret not getting it. Would make an excellent daily for sure.
  10. Just a slow market. Also cosmetically it was quite rough. i have the service papers if u didnt get it from the seller
  11. qube

    E34 540iS

    Seems more like a case of bidding on his own auction and pretending like the sale didnt happen cuz his other acc is “a scammer”. why would you leave that kind of feedback with a positive face? probably will just relist and do it again until he gets a higher price
  12. Nice. I went and saw this and offered $5500 due to the imperfections with the bumper and a few panels and also because i didnt need it badly. Didnt end up buying it obviously but the engine sounded sweet and also had a sunroof which was nice. Good buy for sure at 6k it had good service history. Only one big thing was the main seal slowly leaking which will need attention at some stage not urgent and also needed spark plugs i think.
  13. Having owned both carbon and cosmos black e46s, carbon is the nicer color but i prefer the cosmos
  14. Tempting.. but priced a bit high imo. For me anyway
  15. Wheels were balanced. Not sure where I could do a reverse test and how safe that might be but will keep in mind when im out at 3am. The assym tyre pattern argument makes sense. Didnt think about that. It is a FWD car also. But Ive owned a few minis now and this is the only one Im having an issue with at the moment so..
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