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  1. qube

    The Wheels Thread

    Sorry but I sold my last set of these already and I doubt they come up often as they pretty much only come standard on the M135i if im not mistaken.
  2. A lot of NZ new ones came with the M badge only (both of mine were like this) Jap imports typically have the model designation (our touring was like this) The OP's M badge is clearly an aftermarket add on and hence removal would look best. If he wanted the M badge, can buy a nice new one and stick it on in the "correct" location using hqstu's photo as reference.
  3. you can still go fast, just takes a while to get there
  4. qube

    Bought an M4

    pretty sure all these cheap stuff isnt real CF but CF look. i wouldnt care if it was $150 but if it was $500 then thats a big no
  5. qube

    Bought an M4

    this. if its really bad just get it painted black also when are you gonna change your username to M4tth5?
  6. Very nice! That M badge on the rear needs to go. (and probably delete the 540i with it for a clean look) Also you should pick up the E39 ABS unit for sale listed here to fix your ABS issue. It needs some euro plates to fit nicely on to the long plate frame!
  7. @M3AN i can always get castrol oil at good prices let me know if you need it
  8. im curious to know your thoughts on the difference your tune/mods have compared to what I imagine is a bone stock example.
  9. qube

    M TOY M3

    wheels look fantastic
  10. qube

    3M double sided tape

    Just a lip type. A bit bigger than normal but not heavy or anything. will need tape along the top edge and the side edge so two strips of tape in a right angle arrangement.
  11. Couldnt open your heic file so didnt know you had iDrive. The old CCC system is pretty much useless anyway. Same for the older CIC still cant stream music without mods. Just live with the AUX or getting a bluetooth/aux dongle is the cheapest and easiest option.
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