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  1. Nice detailed write up mark! (you need a better thread title...)
  2. the weird rear taillights kind of bug me and its a pity that its not the 2003.5 MY spec but still a great price with plenty of room for maintenance on top. (NO Kyu, NO!)
  3. the most reasonably priced E46 M3 ive seen in recent years, sure its SMG but so what. still awesome. very tempting indeed https://www.trademe.co.nz/2324747341
  4. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    did you show them your crack?
  5. Oil filter housing gasket is a cheap easy fix and rocker cover gasket might be worth doing if you see it leaking. The service indicator is probably meaningless. Do an oil change and keep a record of it somewhere. Every 10k kms should be fine. Use some good quality 5w-30 fully synthetic oil!
  6. If you ever want to sell that m3...
  7. qube

    Alpina B3 Touring

    maybe the article has been edited but it also looks to me like its just the standard B58 engine, no mention of the S58 anywhere I can see
  8. M325IS with a cage in orewa today
  9. pretty sure hes sold this on?
  10. qube

    Eurotrip 2019

    im thinking it might make sense to authenticate my banking app on my friends phone and vice versa as we use different banks. do it here before we leave. protect each other
  11. had a quick look on trademe to see if there are any tidy e30 coupes for sale. there is none except for one that is listed for $13k which is wildly overpriced
  12. qube

    Eurotrip 2019

    have done some research and this is my semi-conclusion. pre loaded cards - best option is kiwibank probably for ease of use/setup but the exchange rate for this is worse than exchanging for cash. the rate for cash or preloaded cards is both not as good as the rates by visa/mastercard if you just swipe your credit card (even taking into account the % fee charged by your banks) the % fee charged by the bank varies quite a bit from 1.85% at kiwibank, 2.1% at asb and 2.5% at bnz (or something like that) and also depends if whether its a credit card or a visa debit card. I'll probably take a small amount of exchanged cash and use my googlepay/credit card for anything else. locking the cards from phone app is a good idea but if the phone is lost/stolen then you're pretty much screwed cuz you cant get the app activated without your sim etc even if you get a new phone or use a friends one. lol
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