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  1. qube

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    Its one of those cars that you gotta love, willing to sink money into, and intend to keep for some time, otherwise its just a ticking time bomb basically. I would love to own one again some day but probably wont happen as the good ones are just getting harder and harder to find and the rest are just rubbish now. wait till you get an F chassis car.. you cant compare parts prices.. my waterpump was quoted $1322.21+GST from AKL BMW. lol
  2. qube

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    its definitely the same car. I hope for the same reason as you say but who knows.. at those kms I dont think $4000 is a bargain or anything to be jumping up and down about
  3. qube

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    I was interested in it when it was for sale in auckland back in October/November. The car originally sold for $4200 with a stack of service paperwork from the previous owner and new wof at the time of sale. Car should have been mechanically sound at that time. Not sure what has happened in the 1 month since it went from AKL to Rotorua and now the current seller is claiming to be selling it as they bought a 335i. It was listed by the current seller for $4000 buy now then reduced to $3800 and then withdrawn.
  4. qube

    New car on the horizon...

    a nice sport model F20 125i is very nice, aso a bit more power than the 320i.
  5. I see, then I suppose it makes sense to leave it as is but also its not difficult to "upgrade" to wider wheels with style 24's and other M fitment wheels coming up for sale quite often from time to time for not a lot of money
  6. Dont listen to that guy. that size is WRONG for your wheels/mags. but in other news, why are you not running staggered wheels on your M3? It would be much nicer to go for a wider wheel especially in the rear.
  7. qube

    One girl, one Braverian

    Glad its sorted relatively easily!
  8. qube

    The only upgrade that made sense

    Its a completely different car! funny to think how similar they are in terms of price though..
  9. qube

    The only upgrade that made sense

    Just ticked over 106000kms and car is running perfect. Will do another oil change soon before taking it away on the xmas trip around the BoP! Just want to say if anyone is considering one of these cars, its a ridiculously good all round package and if you lifestyle suits a medium sized hatchback that drives like a coupe but has the convenience of 4 doors and 5 seats + fold down boot with plenty of space, this is really one of the best options out there.
  10. qube

    is this a real Schnitzer?

    wow something weird happened. When I first looked at this link there was not a single ACS part on there. Looking at it again now its been FULLY ACS'ed out (but not wing mirrors and has a remus exhaust lolwut)
  11. qube

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    ^ details on this? is it yours? its perfect... facelift coupe *drool*
  12. qube

    E39 Ute Reboot

    nice plate i like it
  13. that blue one was indeed sold for 28k or less by the previous owner with the plate "SHANE3" a few months ago http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/60418-heaps-of-e46-m3s-on-tm/ I *think* I know the owner who owned it before "shane" because he bought my old E39 and came to view it in a topaz blue manual m3 with the colour stitched interior. Anyway, the guy who is selling it now from WLGT is just trying to make a quick buck and to be honest it might even sell at over $30k to another delusional buyer. Its definitely not worth that for all the reasons pointed out above.