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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2497934341 206 gti? this one is in CHCH but cheaper ones in North Island pretty much as interesting as it gets: https://www.trademe.co.nz/2472247514
  2. qube

    1990 E30 325i SE

    never been a fan of the e30 sedans but this thing is just awesome. nice photography as always.
  3. qube

    2002 E46 330ci

    very nice work indeed. like the blue/caramel contrast
  4. i really wish they had 128i in NZ. that would be my pick. wonder how hard it is to convert the 3L N52 into an e82? that would also be awesome..
  5. if it was the 17x8 et20 all 4 its an easy fit with 215/40/17 tyres. you could fit the same 215/40/17 tyres on the 17x9 rear to make it work but will be more stretched than the front. rolled guards is pretty much a must
  6. Looking for a pressure tester to find a small coolant leak. Located auckland
  7. I think lbirgil must have been referring to the actual 1m in the OP not the clone
  8. Too many on google to choose from. Anyone have a recommendation?
  9. but its not basically the same car at all, thats the point lol
  10. fantastic little cars if not for the horrible engine in them
  11. most likely warped rotors, need replacement
  12. not important but AFAIK the % for tints refers to VLT - visible light transmission which means it lets in 35% light. so if it is at twice the legal limit it must have 17.5 or more commonly 20% tints
  13. good to see its gone to a worthy new owner
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