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    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    If my car sells i may go for this, burberry cover and all!
  2. qube

    FS: BBS RK001 17x8

    Style 350 sold, bbs added - Bump
  3. qube

    FS: BBS RK001 17x8

    Genuine BBS 17” RK001 - $700 Very tidy condition, minimal marks, no damage, no cracks 17x8, ET35 225 45 17 front + 235 45 17 rear tyres Suitable for various cars, any 3 series or 1 series no problem E36, E46, E90, E82, E87, F20, etc
  4. qube

    FS: BBS RK001 17x8

    Sorry gone
  5. qube

    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    The burberry covered disaster?? Why would i want that hahaha
  6. qube

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Hey thats not a fair comparison, the BMW genuine part is USD 21.26. But I have no problems going with the 1.47 one haha its actually crazy.
  7. qube

    BMW service

    ^if I am not mistake, I think the OP has paid every bit of the service, including the wiper blades and filters, and the $350 excess was for the expansion tank and hose ONLY which is treated as a "breakdown/fault" whereas the others are just a part of the upkeep.
  8. qube

    BMW service

    ^ both actually require a certain level of skill. even if its just 1/5 on the screwdriver-skill-o-meter. all things considered, those retarded prices are reasonable, the indy needs to make some margin on the OEM parts they are fitting to offset the cost/delivery/stocking, then they have a labour portion on top of that. when i called dealership last time for wiper blades, they were 250, oem from nz was 150, and oem from overseas was 100. ended up ali-expressing some cheap ones for $30..
  9. qube

    BMW service

    if you "drop in" a car for "a service", you are getting a.. service. aka, get the basic parts replaced/sorted at their knowledgeable reputation and hopefully prevent bigger/further damage and keep your car on the road. every single one of those items are all good important parts that should be replaced, unfortunately the kms is never a good judgement of a condition of the car and this is the biggest problem with NZ car sellers and buyers who think LOW KMS? --> NO PROBLEMS!! Now, all those things are relatively easy replacements if you choose to order the parts and DIY but this requires a level of skill or at least help. Sure you can save a few bucks but in exchange you spend your time and effort. Therefore, a service exists the way it is. Another dealer bullshit is that they will always claim the car is "serviced" upon arriving from Japan. This is 99% of the time just outright lies. At most, they apply a thick layer of greasy cleaning product all over the car and engine bay and usually top up the engine oil instead of draining/replacing it properly. To be honest, if you bought your car 6 months ago and you have done 11,000kms already, you should DEFINITELY do an oil change. It should be done roughly every 10,000kms not every 1 year or 20,000kms. Also, with the 116i, be careful with the air intake hose, it will probably crack soon if it hasnt already.
  10. qube

    My 130i MSport 2008

  11. qube

    325ti - NZ new... auction starting at $2750

    i would buy this if it was in auckland.. that is crazy value indeed. im going to look at wellington flights now..
  12. qube

    E39 540i Sedan

    do you even need more photos? all the pics posted above are like 100x better than any other car pics people use for selling their vehicles..
  13. qube

    E46 Manline

    he puts ken block to shame with this
  14. glad to know i didnt waste my time going there. i knew it was a junkyard and no suprises based on the replies in this thread. ha!
  15. Its been a wonderful year of ownership but now looking to sell.. 2012 model ex Japan with NZ maps just checked and the kms are at 113,300 now. has sunroof, leather heated seats, mperformance exhaust, stage 1 dyno tune (runs on 98 only) have spent a lot of money to replace the waterpump and thermostat, valvetronic motor and eccentric shaft, have receipts for all work done at a bmw specialist garage. very regular oil changes at home with castrol edge 5w30 with genuine filter. wheel alignment done last week for peace of mind at autolign. p plate not included in the price, can do slightly cheaper with other wheels/tyres and without MPE if preferred. Very difficult to put a price but will say $28,000 ono for sake of forum rules...
  16. qube

    Time to say goodbye to the M135i

    sorry i dont follow..? i am thinking i could do with money in hand as I prepare for a house deposit but to be honest, ever since i put up this ad i feel more and more like i dont want to sell.. its nothing urgent anyway
  17. qube

    Time to say goodbye to the M135i

    an electric scooter i duno
  18. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1994802277
  19. qube

    My 130i MSport 2008

    best way to sell your car is to convince Pete to buy mine then i'll be there
  20. qube

    Quick rant thread.

    well i hope that you and anyone else in the car is alright and the damn youths were caught... how did the kona take the impact? buy again?
  21. but how many E90 320i's on the road now vs the 320d? oh wait, most 320i's are probably off the road already with chronic engine failures!
  22. qube

    E91 Front Suspension Parts - FREE

    price is free photo coming tonight
  23. Hi all, I have some left over parts in a box that i dont need. they came off our 2005 E91 325i wagon that had done 45,000kms. I decided to refresh the front end suspension with all new lemforder/meyle parts and then car was written off. original control arms tie rods links etc all here in a box. no shocks/springs. If anyone needs them let me know. located auckland pick up only or you pay for the freight Free
  24. qube

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    graham u need to stop looking at cars! (i tell myself the same thing)
  25. qube

    NZ NEW E34 540iA $3900!

    still a nice looking car.. here is a 535i manual https://www.trademe.co.nz/2016113833