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  1. good effort on the listing dave only took a few tries to get it right haha. man this looks like a nice little project i would love to get in on but dont have the space right now
  2. qube

    560BHP you say?

    i dont see you complaining anytime soon 😛
  3. qube

    560BHP you say?

    must be a nice upgrade. same same but different!
  4. if you want to come out this way then autolign is good, mt wellington.
  5. yep haha, what engine does your 318ci have?
  6. its hilarious to think that going from an E30 to an E46 is considered a downgrade
  7. qube

    Land Yacht

  8. qube

    Land Yacht

    definitely a bit of a project but should be good fun
  9. also u need to realise that this car has been re-registered. whether it was just a case of rego lapsing from being unused or involved in an accident then repaired, you wont know. like i said in my first post. if you need/want the money, i would keep and sell the bike (no risk or less risk since its already yours) if you want a toy and something to tinker with and *potentiall* sell for more (or less) then you can go ahead with the swap.
  10. it could have just been sitting unused for years but more likely the odo stopped working (common issue for e30's) and then someone fixed it in 2017? how long has the seller owned it for? they must know the story if its a genuine seller or if its a flipper then do your own research. but tbh, its definitely done more than 114 whatever kms lol
  11. if you are more confident to sell your bike for 6k, i would sell it for 6k. because its something you have already owned and probably know the condition etc. whereas if you swap, then you are giving away your known bike for an unknown e30 and you *might* get 6k, maybe more but maybe not. you might also spend money on it or decide to keep it (not necessarily a bad thing) really depends if you want a toy or want the money. i wouldnt swap if you want the money.
  12. oil filter housing gasket if it hasnt been done, rocker cover also common issue. its never a good idea to mix oils. fully synthetic 5w-30 or 5w-40 is good. even for top up's i'd try keep it the same.
  13. paint stripper, light sand and paint? doesnt look like theres any kerbing, just old paint so strip it back and do it new all good
  14. are they genuine? plenty of places in AKL that could refurb without sandblasting, wonder why they suggested to sandblast?
  15. the prices for E30's have been this way for a good 5 years now and good examples are near impossible to find. anything sub 5k is definitely project material and anything that can be driven is asking 8k+ for basic auto and around 13-15k for something slightly desirable in manual.
  16. to daily: to race: to store: to sell: to burn: go!
  17. for $200 its a great buy and its a very decent fit on the E91 spec wise. I wouldnt go pouring money into it because its not worth THAT much. market valve would be around $500 for the wheels alone and maybe $800 with decent good condition tyres. But I know you are refurbing them yourself so its all good but if you were paying someone to do it at $200 a wheel its not worth it for sure.
  18. haha it looks like the bonnet wont even fit on that.
  19. any high quality fully synthetic 5w-30 or 5w-40 should be fine. castrol edge, penrite hpf5, mobil 1, etc etc
  20. there is definitely a difference between the F20 and the E92, my car for example originally came with something stupid with offset between 47-52 front and rear. there was a big gap between the rim and the guards and so I went for these wheels to push the track out further and even now it is not extending past the guards so plenty of room to play with. but as it is now, i have zero rubbing issues. Also for your reference, I have fitted on an e91, 18x8 et13 front and 18x9.5 et25 with 225/40 and 255/35 no problems with rubbing. so judging from that, my initial recommendation of 18x8.5 et30 and 18x9.5 et25 should be a-ok
  21. I would agree with going with OEM genuine wheels whenever possible if not go for a reputable brand wheel. as reference I am running a set of square BBS 18x8.5 ET38 but with 225 40 front and 255 35 rear tyres (yes, i know, staggered tyres on a sqaure wheel, but it does fit well) they are a lightweight forged wheel and weigh next to nothing compared to aftermarket cast alloy wheels or even genuine oem wheels. I would wait and see if any good deals pop up, you can find some good secondhand options from time to time, dont pay $1500-2000 especially for aftermarket wheels, thats just silly. there are plenty of people running conservative set up's that dont require guard rolling or stretching tyres. you are lucky because the e92 335i has a huge huge community and hundreds of thousands of people fitting wheels all the time.
  22. Sounds like you know what you are talking about and what you want. Its your car so you are obviously free to do as you wish. If you think the factory wheels sit about perfect, then sure by all means go for the fitment you want. my opinion is that its "better" to get a wider track by going for wider wheels/tyres by pushing it towards the guards but not to the extent that it will rub/scrape and look like a 18 year old kid with rubber band tyres on made in china wheels. if you want performance and to be able to put down more HP to your rear wheels (suggested by the mods and tunes you have in mind) then I would suggest to look at overseas forums where people have done the necessary wheel fitment mods to achieve this result. I totally disagree with the extra width going towards the strut. you will find that it may rub if you go full lock if you go down this road. Also, no one said you need to try a dozen different wheel sizes. Thats why you learn from what others (the masses) have done and tried, and benefit off their errors and successes.
  23. i only skim read through the above posts but I think you are going in the wrong direction. 17x8 et35 is not okay for e92 335i my personal aim for fitment would be something along the lines of: 18x8.5 et30 with 235 40 18 18x9.5 et25 with 265 35 18 you could even go slightly more aggessive with the offsets but staying around these numbers would give you a nice easy fit without guardwork and inner tyre well clearance. dont bother with size calculator that tells you X mm's more in more out nonsesnse because you will be comparing it to factory spec which is pretty bad baseline anyway and not a good indication of where you want to be.
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