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  1. Quick Questions

    All e46 coupes come with 40/60 folding seats. cold weather package option also includes ski bag thru the centre armrest thing
  2. Got my 530d back finally

    What was wrong with it??
  3. Quick Questions

    only the fronts have the covers and the rears dont. See my photos below:
  4. E36 random bits

    pretty sure I still have some of these random bits left. I will adjust whats left and update prices when I get home tonight.
  5. E36 random bits

    Have a random box of E36 stuff: Automatic (facelift) aircon control unit $50 --> $40 11 button OBC unit $100 --> on hold window switches, trims, speakers $20 --> free pick up or just pay for courier door panel coin pocket thing $20 --> $10 cd changer and cartridge with mounting bracket $100 --> $50 Not sure what these things are worth but need to put prices so just make an offer.
  6. Came across an annoying issue recently thought I'd ask if anyone knows more about it. Basically I got some wheels 4x100 to fit onto my Mini Cooper. Later I found out that the bolt holes on the mags itself are only M12 and the mini uses M14x1.25 bolts so the bolt doesnt even fit through the hole. option 1: get a machine shop to drill out 16 holes bigger to fit the m14 bolts (will it be perfectly centered if done so? worrying..) option 2: bolt to bullet stud and nut conversion? Do they even have bullets that go from m14 down to m12?? What a pain in the a**.. why do they make wheels/cars with different sized bolts? as if having different PCD is not annoying enough as it is...
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/1567012818
  8. WTB: E36 M3 Coupe

    There has been very little E36 M3's listed recently, must be getting more and more rare now
  9. Ideally I want the square 17x8 with ET20, the staggered 17x9 ET26 rears are a bit too wide. Also tyres are useless to me as I require a specific (non E39) size. Just sell them and buy these. You will get your money back easy if you have put new tyres on them
  10. BMW Style 37 more famously known as M-Pars or M Parallels 18x8 ET13 front 18x9.5 ET25 rear The centre has been bored out to 74.1 for when I had them fitted on my E39 but can fit the normal 72.6 centres on most BMW's with a plastic hubcentric ring. Very nice fitment on E90 3 series and also on the E39 of course. Selling with tyres (not fitted) 2x 265 35 18 hankook ventus v12 evo rears - decent condition 2x 235 40 18 hankook v2 concept good, ventus hr 2 not so good SOLD
  11. ET 10? I dont know style 66 comes in ET10
  12. Photo album here: https://photos.shutterfly.com/story/id/30205791304
  13. will consider part trade for a square set of style 66 5 series wheels 17x8 et20 plus cash my way if anyone has an E39 and looking to upgrade
  14. RC 009/010 STAGGERED

    i wonder if my centre caps fit these?
  15. FS: BMW Waffle Caps

    Not sure what they are off, selling on behalf a set of 4 bmw waffles and 1x bbs type No idea what its worth - any suggestions please? I know forum rules require price but no clue what so ever. Im sure someone might need them..
  16. FS: BMW Waffle Caps

    The 4 waffles (plastic type) dont fit 15" basketweaves, they are for the 5 stud style 5s. The 1 off one (metal type) I have no idea what it is for
  17. FS: BMW Waffle Caps

    bump for old post. still have these lying around
  18. Burning 5 Series

    drone chase is the NBT
  19. M TOY M3

    I thought it doesnt hold up well to getting new tyres mounted once it is dipped. Looks pretty decent though!
  20. M TOY M3

  21. bonnet struts any good? (probably not seeing as its propped up by a huge as wood plank )
  22. 2010 130i LCI 120ks

    I bet he filled up with 91 fuel..
  23. Talk to me about the E65...

    The practicality of an E39 touring is amazing. We have owned both the sedan and the wagon and the wagon was in so many ways superior. Its hard to find a nice E39 touring so makes sense to jump on it if you can find one that ticks as many boxes as possible.