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  1. qube

    Wanted E39 M5

    I see. Any idea where hes gone? He used to live near by me and we have the same type of dog so did catch up a couple times a few years ago now. Didnt realise it was that long ago!
  2. qube

    Wanted E39 M5

    A beautiful 2002 one came up just now in wanaka. Asking 40k. Looks like if not the one owned by darren? From here a few years back. Can anyone confirm? @BreakMyWindow?
  3. qube

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    Anyone have any recommendations for dog parks around Auckland? Currently the local favorite is Waiatarua Reserve next to the Remuera Golf Course but looking for more. Will check out Meola reef in pt chev.
  4. qube

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    cute knit!
  5. https://www.carscoops.com/2019/02/bmw-740i-supercharged-e39-m5-swap-sounds-awesome/amp/
  6. qube

    BMW Z1

  7. qube

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    shes a monster that follows other cute boy dogs and their owners
  8. qube

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    Before haircut she was fluffy as now short shaved and looking a bit like dobby from harry potter..
  9. qube

    Wanted E39 M5

    ^probably about time I look for a new car, its been almost a year!
  10. qube

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    waiatarua is perfect for a decent walk about 30 mins to 45 mins, fully off leash-able and very safe. I am not 100% confident I can go off leash in other areas with my dog so I guess this place is the only good place. While I was road tripping I saw in Whangarei they had a big caged play area for dogs, like a dog playground, nothing like that in AKL i suppose..?
  11. qube

    B58 Engine - Performance Potential

    i get it even at 5000rpm I had no problems revving high in all my previous cars but they were NA
  12. qube

    Wanted E39 M5

    25k is very reasonable for nz new and 170kms. is it PFL? i would imagine that would be a pretty easy sell
  13. qube

    E87 130i - How is it as a daily?

    swap you my M135 plus cash for your M5 + 130i its not too small, its perfectly fine for two adults and a kid 2 kids 4 adults is okay on short trips, not recommended on long ones. edit: 2 kids
  14. qube

    Number of BMWs of a specific model in NZ

    ^good point, and of which I should note - all of you should do it!
  15. qube

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    i think it looks like a photoshop..?
  16. qube

    E87 130i - How is it as a daily?

    for the N52, it is an electric waterpump so it can be quite expensive. about $400nzd if you buy from overseas the pierburg version or about $500nzd for genuine, plus shipping and taxes. if you buy locally its about $1000+ gst easily depending on where you go. @Danch I would budget at least $1000 on labour and parts if you prepare in advance otherwise it is a easy $2000 bill if you need to do it at dealer/locally. better way is to get mech insurance (and make sure the waterpump is covered)
  17. qube

    E87 130i - How is it as a daily?

    wrong way to look at it. right way to look at it. waterpump and tstat is not expensive if you order the part overseas and either you can DIY or get it fitted at an indy for not a lot of money for peace of mind. dont expect these things to be done, the general car owner in NZ is sub standard and we are the rare breed who actually care and think about preventative maintenance.
  18. qube

    Illegal to fit normal tyres after run-flat??

    that was frustrating to read.. why the hell cant you fit tyres of your choice? to be honest, if it was me, I would have bought a new set of wheels, put on tyres of my choice, then fit at home and just sell off the old set.
  19. qube

    FS: BMW Style 350M Wheels

    Genuine Bmw Style 350M 18" Staggered - $900 --> $750 Excellent condition very minimal marks only, no damage, no cracks, very clean inner barrels hardly used set. 18x8 ET30 front, 18x9 ET44 rear Suitable for various cars, originally off an F10 M Sport 5 series but suitable for E46, E82, E87, F20, etc Some inspiration photos (hope @JohnM575 doesnt mind)
  20. qube

    KwS's not M3, M3 Project (or, the M328i)

    awesome man, very nice work to bring back a not M3. seriously, some people are not taking care of their cars at all and still think its worth a million bucks. just the amount of work you have put into this alone must be thousands of dollars in parts and labour! love the style 24's and looks SOOO much better than the 20" chromies
  21. qube

    Number of BMWs of a specific model in NZ

    the other one 3 door is white with a black stripe running down off centre. Located in auckland last time it was for sale, not sure now since its sold. I think it had brown leather but not 100% sure if my memory is correct. The kms were over 100,000 also. nothing special and after it was sold the first time it came back up for sale not long after and disappeared again. You definitely have a rare car for sure.
  22. qube

    The new BMW X3 M and BMW X4 M Competition

    https://gearpatrol.com/2019/02/09/bmw-has-a-problem/ the first step is to acknowledge the problem
  23. qube

    Another Alpina (D5 F10 this time)

    F10 M5 available for 45K at the moment. @bradgalbraith yours?