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  1. duvey

    E30+E34 parts

    PMd @Ace Of Spades
  2. duvey

    E30 Tow bar

    After an E30 facelift tow bar, preferably genuine. Thanks!
  3. duvey

    1990 E32 735i

    1990 E32 735i 173298 miles Bought as a runaround while I was working on my E30, but taking up room in the driveway at the moment that we need back. A lot of guys here have seen or driven this car so can vouch for how well it goes. Needs a bit of TLC, or would also be a great donor car. On the North Shore of Auckland. Looking for $1500 but feel free to make an offer. Any questions just shout. Pros Has a cool rego no. Very solid M30B35 & ZF 4HP22 Very straight solid body and good paint for its age. Originally a UK import. Nice black leather interior, no tears etc. Factory blacked out chrome trim option. Runs & drives beautifully, looks like someone has given it a decent suspension overhaul recently, handles great. Recently changed oil and filter and set valve lash. Towbar. Cons No WOF, rego on hold. A/C & HVAC doesn’t really work. Bit of rust in the bottom of the drivers door, which is very common for these, but the rest of the body is totally solid. Couple of electrical gremlins - seems like there is a parasitic draw on the battery from somewhere. No stereo. Image gallery here: https://imgur.com/a/5UcQu
  4. duvey

    e36 318is m42 5 spd coupe

    Probaby with pulling the x-brace and selling it separately
  5. duvey

    Not another M20 build

    What seats are those?
  6. duvey

    Atlantis-blau E30 Sedan - M30 Swap

    Lots and lots of bits of progress over the last few months. Another iteration of the exhaust! Added a magnaflow cat and another centre muffler. Took the unpleasant rasp out of it and dropped the drone right down. Still makes enough noise but nothing weird anymore. Very pleased. Then I moved house, E30 did the workhorse duties Got some very large exciting packages. New whiteline front and rear swaybars, new endlinks etc. A bunch of garagistic chassis reinforcement and chassis bracing stuff H&R Sport springs - to replace the spare parts bin lowering springs that were in there before So far have installed all the chassis bracing stuff, and the new H&R springs. Big difference, mostly attributable to the springs and the transmission brace, I think. More compliant but everything feels a lot tighter. Next up is to have the rear trailing arm sway bar tab reinforcement pieces welded in, then install the new whiteline sway bars.
  7. duvey

    E30 manual conversion

    I have a ZF manual 328i e36 driveshaft and a getrag 260 with the corresponding larger output flange if you're interested - should make for a plug and play gearbox & driveshaft combo
  8. duvey

    Atlantis-blau E30 Sedan - M30 Swap

    More fiddling with exhaust stuff, still not quite right. Magnaflow rear muffler. Reduced the weird resonance a lot, but still a little too loud. Next step I think will be to merge into a single 3" central mid-muffler through a cat.
  9. duvey

    Kobra's Project E30

    Awesome work! All looks very tidy.
  10. duvey

    Kobra's Project E30

    Nice work!
  11. duvey

    Lucan's 1989 325i Sedan

    Looking good Lucan! Watching with interest
  12. duvey

    Atlantis-blau E30 Sedan - M30 Swap

    Had some minor clunkyness coming from the front end. New Lemforder control arms and tie rod ends installed this weekend. Seems to have solved the problem, feels much fresher too.
  13. duvey

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Who owns the red E28? Think I might've spotted it on the desert road going south. I was going north in an e30 and the driver waved.
  14. As per title, known working if possible.
  15. duvey

    Miss M's E36 318i 5-speed

    I could get down to 7.2 from my 328i on the open road so that seems plausible.