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  1. When I was with NAC my policy wording said I was insured driving any vehicle, could be worth talking to them
  2. Hi did your 320 sell?Β 

    1. huff3r


      Yes, it's long gone sorryΒ 

    2. bricktop


      all good. cheers

  3. Election talk. Everyone suddenly has an opinion and I'm f**king sick of hearing them. Can't wait for it to just be over with. Neither party will truly ruin us. The world will not end on the 24th.
  4. Food. After 3.5days without, everything tastes so damn good! Folowed closely by sleep and a shower. The things we do to make a crust πŸ˜‚
  5. The gym up here is so much quieter than Linton. So much better!
  6. Yesterday, listed the E30 on trademe πŸ™ It's sad to be selling it, but it's to open the door for better opportunities πŸ˜€
  7. Sadly I've got to get rid of the E30 😧
  8. Rent and food won't change from here, it's all based off Manawatu anyway So I think I'll actually be ok. Maybe even more than ok, I might even enjoy it
  9. Well my travel time to work will be negligible so that should take most of the negatives away. And when I do come across traffic I have a motorbike πŸ˜‰
  10. After saying I'd never ever move to Auckland, I'm actually looking forward to it at the end of this year
  11. Closing tonight!!
  12. Now on trademe:
  13. I'll even go $700 for BS members seeing as it's advertised at $800 everywhere else, and I'd really like some space in my shed!
  14. Haha I would but there's a limit to how many cars they'll let me keep on base! I think 4 is not going to work, so gotta cull a few!
  15. Bump! $800? I'm moving to Auckland later this year and won't be able to take this, so would love for it to be gone!