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  1. huff3r

    Help save Western Springs Speedway

    We get it, you don't like speedway. Plenty of people do, and I wouldn't say it's that minor at all. It has a huge following. But of course you'll have an explanation why that following is actually small or non existant. I don't like it so people shouldn't do it. Cool story bro.
  2. huff3r

    Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Funnily enough the Palmerston North speedway is right in the middle of town, and there are no dramas because the council fully supports it. Rather than complain, the neighbours embrace it as part of the character of the area. It's been there far longer than most residents. From my experience over the last 3 months in Auckland there seems to be a large proportion of the population here who feel entitled, and want everything for nothing, and they are the ones making it an issue.
  3. huff3r

    Anyone in Levin?

    May be down that way in a week and a half. Not sure yet though, and I'll be heading to Sanson (45mins north of Levin)
  4. huff3r

    Rego - how is it worked out?

    It's done based off a safety rating derived from crash testing and real world results. Maybe the ti is just a safer body shape? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. huff3r

    Quick rant thread.

    They must've all grown up before analog input gaming controllers came out
  6. huff3r

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Yeah, I said that with the last four as well
  7. huff3r

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Last week I sold the 316i project car, meaning after selling my compact in December I am officially BMWless. For the first time in 4 years. It won't last though, time to concentrate on finding the perfect start for an E30 project. Going to do it right, so it can be the last E30 I own ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Except fossil fuels even at that poor efficiency still provide far more energy than it takes to produce them. Basically a hydrogen fuel cell is a poor performing, albeit cheap to manufacture, battery.
  9. It is also produced by electrolosis of water, but the downside is it requires more energy to produce than the hydrogen holds.
  10. Have you looked into energy required to produce hydrogen gas? It's not very economical currently. Not even remotely.
  11. huff3r


    When I was with NAC my policy wording said I was insured driving any vehicle, could be worth talking to them
  12. Hi did your 320 sell?ย 

    1. huff3r


      Yes, it's long gone sorryย 

    2. bricktop
  13. huff3r

    Quick rant thread.

    Election talk. Everyone suddenly has an opinion and I'm f**king sick of hearing them. Can't wait for it to just be over with. Neither party will truly ruin us. The world will not end on the 24th.
  14. huff3r

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Food. After 3.5days without, everything tastes so damn good! Folowed closely by sleep and a shower. The things we do to make a crust ๐Ÿ˜‚
  15. huff3r

    Life is choice bro thread.

    The gym up here is so much quieter than Linton. So much better!