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  1. huff3r

    Quick rant thread.

    That's all easily said, but it's pretty easy to get caught out buying off websites that appear to be NZ based, only to find out everything is shipped straight from China etc. It can be too late by the time you realise that your simple online purchase is actually you importing goods. Sure most overseas websites for car parts it's obvious, but many overseas companies also have an NZ website that is only a front.
  2. Oh I'm not going back to Palmy! Probably. Never say never 😂
  3. They'd probably give you a solid 7 wire fence. Just wait til I move South of the Bombays first, I'd rather be stuck out of than stuck in Auckland!
  4. huff3r

    Quick rant thread.

    Definitely not everything. SCA being the perfect example, every store is corporate owned. I have a feeling Bunnings is too
  5. Whenuapai Aviation Sports Club
  6. Fortunately over Auckland it's 100% legal and very easy! Uncontrolled airspace below 2500' over the city.
  7. Super foggy morning cleared to a beautiful day for a scenic flight over Auckland. Another 1.3hrs in the logbook.
  8. huff3r


    All last century. And actually believe it or not the NZ military is at the cutting edge in many ways. Nowadays new technology is often too expensive and too much of an unknown, when they can pay a soldier peanuts to do the same job, but with the adaptability to be trained for a different one as necessary. My job in particular could be greatly assisted by AI, but definitely not replaced. It is the Human factor that makes us as good as we are.
  9. huff3r


    Oh how I wish that were true. The military are last adopters not first, it's very difficult to replace human thought and adaptability on the battle front. It sure as hell would make my job easier if the military had more automation technology!
  10. huff3r

    Import tax

    At least a travel agent provides a unique benefit, in that they have access to deals that the public simply do not, just like mortgage brokers, or insurance brokers. Tax refund services do not. You are better off comparing them to the shopping trucks that also prey on the vulnerable and uninformed.
  11. huff3r

    Import tax

    It's a service that exists only to prey on the uninformed. Those who don't know that IRD offers the exact same service for free online. Their advertising makes it out like they have a point of difference to the free online service, but they don't.
  12. huff3r

    Import tax

    Oh has it gone up?
  13. huff3r

    Import tax

    Is GST new or something?
  14. huff3r

    Quick rant thread.

    Exactly what he said. Attacking the unsustainable practices...
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