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  1. KwS

    Fiji green 318is

    I remember one of these coming up at turned a few years ago, crashed. Probably the same one again then. If you did a search you might find it here?
  2. Don't be silly, manual is far better in all situations. 😅
  3. Youre buying a secondhand bed car anyway, so that point is kinda moot. Any car can be "thrashed", tune or no tune.
  4. Not having idrive always feels a bit... Basic povo pack, to me. So if none of it's done, expect it to need injectors, coils, hpfp and charge pipe. That's a big whack of cash.
  5. KwS

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Those wheels look so out of place there lol
  6. KwS

    Unusual F80

    50 shades of boring. Says the guy with two silver cars. Sigh. Love these new shape m3/4 in actual colours, they really make the lines pop.
  7. I wouldn't say "thrashing" is bad as long as engine temps and maintenance have been watched. The way I drive my tuned car is no worse than someone in a stock car, it just means any weak parts in my car have already been replaced. I see no harm in removing the tune and running stock again, although that's pretty highly priced for an e92 and no doubt a premium for having the tune.
  8. Used them for years on my cars, but the past couple of sets I haven't been happy with the work. Just replaced a pair of worn tires on my car myself at work and finally found the source of the 100kph shake I have had for a couple of years. The two front tires were seriously out of balance (I chucked them on the balancer to confirm my suspicions, one needed 20/25g inside/out). I brought it up with Tyre clinic when I first got them fitted, they apparently rebalanced them, still happened, so they said my suspension was worn and that causes the shake. Got beurepairs to rebalance them too but I suspect they did the wrong pair. Like driving on a cloud now, so nice.
  9. Bit cheeky saying it's had full suspension work done when all it's had is a ball joint and lower arm. I'd be very wary of it at that price, especially since bearings and subframe aren't done.
  10. Hey, im having some issue with low pressure fuel in my car and because the pump was replaced with an AEM pump i want to just get a plug and play unit from another car. Doesnt need top or sender, just the bucket and pump. Low KM preferred. PN from RealOEM is 16117197076
  11. @BM WORLD @HELLBM do you have anything?
  12. Nah, boring lack of colour. Rather this one,
  13. Picked this up from Hamilton the other day, and it's great to be back in a BMW again. Obviously its a pre-LCI 2006 E91 335i with Motorsport spec. So fast, so comfortable and so damn nice to drive. Im smitten! She isn't exactly stock, Externally it’s mostly stock, with just aftermarket grilles on the front, tinted reverse lights, carbon wrap on the rear bumper and painted exhaust tips. Under the hood, it’s a bit more special…. Its had fitted, Rob Beck 2″ silicone intake pipes 3″ catless downpipes AMS intercooler BMS catch can Uprated low pressure fuel pump MHD OTS Stage 2+ tune xHP Stage 3 transmission flash Quaife ATB mechanical LSD It also came with some extra parts, like a pair of K&N pod filters and fitting kit, and a charge pipe with a blow off valve on it. I’ll be playing with these later. Heaps of common issues have been sorted, including a pair of brand new turbos, new injectors, new coils, new HPFP, and various other bits. Needless to say it pulls like a damn freight train, and will overcome the traction control if you aren’t careful. The LSD makes the rear just push hard, and if it does get a bit lairy its a nice progressive slip. Previous owner claims about 380hp ATW, and the car has done high 12s on the 1/4 Mile. The other side to it though, is that it’s a nice, quiet and comfortable cruiser. It’s a pleasure to drive around in, knowing that if you have to whip past someone, all you need to do is give that pedal a push. Love the cruise control with braking too, just a shame it doesn’t have the full “active” cruise control, although it can be retrofitted. There probably won’t be too many updates on this car, as I intend for it just to be a nice regular driver, taking it on trips and things.
  14. KwS

    The SchnellWagon - E91 335i

    Well, it didnt even last a month before shitting the bed. Hesitates when cold with a rough idle, and if you hit boost it deactivates a cylinder and logs a code (29DC - DME: Cylinder Injection Cutout and a shadow code for 2AAF - DME: Fuel Pump, Plausibility). Suspect HPFP. #N54FTW Edit: Actually, looking at logs, it could be my LPFP failing. Seeing as low as 30psi under boost, and its strangling the HPFP. Will swap it back to the stock one tomorrow and see what happens.
  15. KwS

    Unusual F80

  16. KwS

    E28 For sale

    Im sure @HELLBM could sort you out with a pretty exciting and reliable engine swap
  17. KwS

    E60 M5

    I'm sorry i can't help, but holy sh*t that economy is terrible! 20+l/100km! 🤣
  18. Phoenix Yellow is a real marmite colour, especially with the Kiwi interior, but it's actually the exact colour combo i would have. Red and any of the blues look amazing, and i disagree with white, i think they look very nice in white. Anything that is a colour is a win in my books, black and grey/silver is just so boring. You see an M3 in silver on the road and barely give it a glance, yet if the same car was in PY or any other "colour", it would catch your eye. I totally agree that low KM manual cars will go up in price in the next few years, and anything SMG with higher KM is going to tank. Like it or not, Manuals are the collectable ones.
  19. I like PY, at least its a colour unlike so many other BMWs. Just look at the range of M3s for sale, all black or silver usually, with the odd blue thrown in.
  20. KwS

    1986 M635csi

    Wow, those seats came up a treat. I remember seeing the photos on Trademe and wondering if they were too far gone 😯 Lovely car 👍
  21. KwS

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    They all have a different "By MOMO" steering wheel too. Either way, its a cool car, whether its a real Alpina or not. It would be even cooler if it can be confirmed as a B11. https://www.classiccar-auctions.com/bmw-alpina-b11-3-5-1989-2/ https://www.bmwblog.com/2016/09/30/rare-manual-1988-bmw-alpina-b11-3-5-7-series-grabs-seattle/
  22. KwS

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Should have an alpina embossed cluster, seats with Alpina stripes, lower front airdam, Alpina airbox top. Probably more but I'm on my phone atm.
  23. KwS

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Looks like a good solid car, but im sorry to say it looks like its just had the full JDM Alpina badge/sticker set chucked at it, but no actual Alpina parts. Its missing all the interior and exterior parts for the B11.
  24. KwS


    You should see some of the late model NZ cars we get at work that have lived near the sea in Petone or Seatoun. Held together with orange flakes.
  25. KwS

    A car for Miss M (pt26, or something!)

    Totally agree, it's a real bastard. Had an accord that had a mouse in it, it had eaten little holes in various bits of trim to gain access, and the park lights didn't work because of chewed wiring in the guards. Kept finding little black presents everywhere. Never got that smell out either.