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  1. The LTW ran 235 on the 7.5 but the preferred width is 225 on 7.5" My car had a pair of 235s on the 7.5s and seemed fine, no excessive sidewall bulging or anything, but I replaced them with 225s anyway.
  2. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    I don't think there are any instances in NZ where you NEED a rear fog light. Our roads aren't big enough and even at a large following distance you end up blinded by it. As long as the tail lights are on, that's usually plenty bright enough for most nz weather. Now if you were hammering along the Autobahn it would be good to see another car in front of you from a mile off, but that's not the case here.
  3. Technically any modification to tail/stop lamps is illegal
  4. Another goodwood wedge.
  5. Spotted in the Goodwood parking lot. 850csi. Yum. Had its park lights on all day, but still fired up like a champ.
  6. KwS

    Not my Supra

    Looks pretty good in person. Bit quiet, and smaller than expected.
  7. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    This. And the post above, is exactly why I removed my number from my listing when selling the BMW. So many stupid texts.
  8. On holiday. Here for the weekend and then onto the UK for goodwood FOS.
  9. In San Fran at the moment. So many ///M cars. E92/46 M3s everywhere and even a Z3M coupe.
  10. A quick google says you might be right on the BA Falcon wing
  11. KwS

    Service light

    I don't recall it coming on in my E91. Usually in the section under that light when it comes on, it will say how soon or overdue the service is. In the example photo above, it would've been due 03/2016. Worst case, if you cant reset it in the car, it'll be resettable using an App or INPA.
  12. Money well spent. Had a Ctek 5A for years, and never failed to do the job. A+ would trade again.
  13. Is it really that cheap though? There have been a few on fb and tm for 20-22k It's still one of those cars that you would want to know has been looked after properly in the past, as any neglect will come to bite you hard, more so than a lot of other cars.
  14. "Not in my ownership, nor in the extensive previous service history" would be a better answer... or does it not have a previous service history??
  15. He isn't completely wrong though. They are cheap and disposable RWD cars now, so too many have ended up in the hands of drongos.
  16. No answers to the important questions though, has any of the preventative maintenance been done?
  17. If you want a reliable BMW and not a wallet drainer, stay away from anything N54 powered.
  18. I spent far too much time and money just fixing the previous owners f**kups. Would've been fine if he had been honest about the issues it had that I had to fix.
  19. It's your only choice unless you reroute the whole intake setup from the turbos. It's been proven to flow more, but does suffer heatsoak.
  20. Sold the hateful thing. I think that's me done with bmws for a while.
  21. I bought a car from them a few years ago when they were called something else ("buy a car online"). Wouldnt buy from them again based on how Andrew treated me (basically acting like I was too poor to even bother with, until I flashed the wad of cash, and even then I caught him talking sh*t about me behind my back to his mechanic).
  22. This plus @adros MParas.... 😍😍 Shame it wont be around when i get back from being on holiday in a month, or i'd do it myself.
  23. If its an mk1b, I believe the part number is 52021-17021 and may still be available. Mk1a are discontinued. Looks like it maybe quite a complex part to fabricate, but would be doable with enough time and money.
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