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  1. E30stz

    E36 4 door Clear Tail lights

    E36 Clear Tail Lights for a 4 door - second hand - there are some scratches and a piece of the black trim has been snapped off as per photos, trim no longer around. $80.00
  2. E30stz

    E46 17" Five Spoke wheels - Auckland

    updated photos - gave them a quick hose down today, still a bit dirty but you get the jist
  3. E46 - 17" Five spoke alloy wheels - all four wheels have curbing on them to varying degrees. Tyres are no good and wont pass a warrant. May also fit E36. Will give them a hose down and take some more photos tomorrow. - $300 - located in Auckland.
  4. E30stz

    m40 oil filter on an m20

    The M40 filters fit in the cannister in the engine bay. Although there may be two types I dont think it will be much smaller if at all than the m20 one.
  5. E30stz

    e46 Coupe Offset

    do E36 wheels fit on an E46. Am looking at purchasing BBS CH's from an E36 M3.
  6. E30stz

    M40 Flatspot

    get a new intake boot as a matter of precidence dude. Are you getting any sudden losses of power or you just think it is delayed.
  7. E30stz

    Sr20det Bmw E30 Project

    its been sold many times since I I'm lead to believe.. please dont drag up old threads people.
  8. E30stz


    and it only took one post to achieve that.
  9. E30stz

    damn neighbour cats

    why on earth would you have 6 rottweilers. What are you growing out back?
  10. E30stz

    E30 stuff

    BMW E30 - Open diff 4.45 diff $100 - Rear end minus diff - $145 - Bonnet strut $30
  11. E30stz

    e30? bits and pieces

    They call them an Arctic disc and they're $161 retail from BMW. Fits both manual and auto driveshafts.
  12. E30stz

    M10 E30 in big trouble

    overfilled oil?
  13. E30stz

    M10 E30 in big trouble

    fyi im no professional but my guess is a headgasket caused by some funky engine breakage.