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  1. i can help, contact me on 021 0894 1411
  2. Sorry i meant K+DCAN cable cant do it. Kess v2 and Ktag can. i have both, also bitbox, pcm flasher, mmc flasher etc. have done a lot of remaps different cars
  3. Hi there, none of those cable will able to flash a custom rom. I have tools to flash your DME. Since you're not based in wellington you will need to send me your ecu and ill tune it/flash for you Pramod
  4. BMW e60 active steering module, can help with coding if you're based in Wellington. Airbag module coding, remapping, dpf deletes etc.
  5. Hi Everyone, Happy to code this for free anyone in Wellington ..! PM directly
  6. Hello, If you have no luck i can get them cut in wellington. Have you got someone to program the keys to the cas?
  7. happy to code this for you remotely (Teamviewer) if you have kdcan cable and software
  8. hello, happy to help anyone who needs keys done for all models. upto 2015
  9. Motorworx Adelaide road 04 385 0060 ask for Noel
  10. promo

    Quick Questions

    tool32 wont flash it for you. only recovery is by eeprom programming. 021 0894 1411 if you need help
  11. promo

    Quick Questions

    I;ve seen this problem before where the FRM module gets corrupted i.e flat battery, jumped started. ISTA wont fix your issue. You need to reflash firmware or replace FRM. have done a few of these. easy to rule out by plugging in a second hand FRM unit. then coding it. or fix your old one via reflash.
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