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  1. Hi bimmer fans. This is mine. I got paid out from the repairer's public liability insurance. It was driven for over a year. The certifier got audited as he didn't take enough photos hence NZTA revoked the cert. It's still registered just needs to be stripped back so the new certifier can take photos. The old certifier since retired. Happy to answer any questions. It's fully spec M50d.
  2. if you get stuck PM me. happy to help.
  3. @BawseSeefa let me know if you get it started again. happy to help. may require a reflash via Winkfp
  4. definitely worth remapping. I had a F10 M5 comp pack and i remapped myself. Added crackle and pops during declaration as well. happy to remap anyone's vehicle located in Wellington.
  5. Hi, The f series adaptive module needs to coded. I have done these before. and its a common issue for water ingress which damages the module.
  6. Thank Leon for the review :). @KwS that would be me
  7. i can help, contact me on 021 0894 1411
  8. Sorry i meant K+DCAN cable cant do it. Kess v2 and Ktag can. i have both, also bitbox, pcm flasher, mmc flasher etc. have done a lot of remaps different cars
  9. Hi there, none of those cable will able to flash a custom rom. I have tools to flash your DME. Since you're not based in wellington you will need to send me your ecu and ill tune it/flash for you Pramod
  10. BMW e60 active steering module, can help with coding if you're based in Wellington. Airbag module coding, remapping, dpf deletes etc.
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