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  1. Amazing write up thank you. I am just tidying up the windows in the M# and realised that my handles still work but are missing the little bush in th elever rod. So preusmably the handles will eventually have issues as above. It mentions above they are replaceable, does that mean the little plastic bush for the rod to sit in is availabel as a part?
  2. Thank you for all you help. Im wanting to do the SPorts club SPrint at Hampton end of the month so need to get on with this. Anyone have any suggestions on BMW OEM parts suppliers? I know on some car forums there are existing parts discounts available for preffered suppliers etc.
  3. Thank you. Is it the case with these that aftermarket aren't really good enough? or are aftermarket suitable?
  4. I too am looking for enough M-Rain to do drivers seat bum centre section.
  5. I have bought back my old M3 for the 3rd time.....but it needs a bit of maintenance. Most urgent is a leaking valve cover gasket. BMW have the gasket in tock but not the spark plug seals. Just wondering if you can reuse the existing seals?
  6. Hi Brent, does the quick turn rack fit e36 m3 coupe? Im also after ideas for less padded, less high sitting seats than the fabric vaders which i find pretty uncomfortable (I have considered removing centre section foam but ultimately dont want to alter/wreck OEM seats). Will these fit and achieve what i'm after?
  7. I had it at an electricians, we replaced the seized compressor but the AC still wouldn't work. Both he and Ray at HellBM said the fans themselves are notorious for failing....do you think the resistor is a possibility?
  8. Wondering if anyone can suggest where to source a replacement aircon electric fan for our 203 e39 530? Tried HellBM but not in stock. Current weather is making life difficult for the wife and our 2 year old little girl. Cheers.
  9. I'm also after a blue fuel pump if you have any....
  10. Hi Guys Not from my BMW but from our other racecar, some of you might enjoy it.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tt0rHvF24M
  11. I agre with the age thing PLUS, the e46 and on are cars that are moving rapidly away from the home mechanic. As such, while I could choose to buy an e46 m3 or later, I choose not to. So i would disagree on the ugly step child thing.. I have also now been sucked in to derailing a for sale thread further (my original point) so my bad, sorry about that!
  12. I did notice the dates and should have said I hope you "achieved"... Wonder if it sold and for what sort of money......I am impatiently waitng to see e36 m3's start to appreciate! One wouldn't think they could get much lower in price than some of the older, higher km ones have gone for lately.
  13. Are comments on the price and worthiness of the part or vehicle here in the for sale section really necessary? This guy in good faith lists his car and gets nothing but grief for it. This is not conducive to a proactive and inviting forum......having received "irregular" comments on my recent for sale listing I don't get it.... Certainly makes me think the OP, like me, would think twice about posting anything for sale but basic parts here again and that is a pity for what is overall a good forum. OP good luck with the sale, for your own (and my future) benefit, I hope you achieve top dollar for your Dakar e36 M3
  14. Instead of being rude and ignorant acting like im not even here, why not just ask..... Snap your seIf. Jeez the internet, where anybody can be a dick. I paid $250 for the wing and $50 for the boot. Happy to do wing only for $250.00.
  15. Having a lot of fun with my race car lately and have decided to focus efforts on that. This leaves a couple of M3 projects not required...one being this cool LTW wing... http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1016797134&ed=true
  16. resurrecting an old thread.... Can anyone advise if this IS a straight swap or not please?
  17. well freight is going to be the killer so the more in the better. Profile cut sounds great but I know nothing about it....care to explain further? The support brackets underneath look easy to fold up, from a template.
  18. Mean we should chip in and buy one unit from them. I can make subsequent items once we have the template on my bandsaw etc.....
  19. Because unlike people who mostly operate as individuals and post on forums to try and learn collectively, they have budgets, fabricators, engineers and flow analyses software etc?
  20. I dont get it, why does the first one/few/any have to be carbon? to the op, get stuck in, use the materials you can source and are familiar with. If it works as intended, functionality will far outweigh form or materials... watching with interest.
  21. Presuming all of the above I would like to purchase this item. mark@computerforce.co.nz or 021 757772. Cheers.
  22. Definitely interested, will a normal sparco or racetech style etc side mount bracket fit to these? And can you confirm for me that they are definitely Motorsport NZ legal?
  23. As I said, they will not win races nor will they perhaps beat a higher rated (probably faster wearing) tyre BUT if you get a good price and size, they are more than fine as a sporty road tyre.... Not entirely worth ignoring because they don't rate on forum judge, jury and execution panels. Of course, if you want to win a gumball rally race through the Waitaks, a set of NT01's might best suit but that is a whole different discussion, price point and wear rate...
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