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  1. +1 On this . Cheap & does the job.
  2. All sorted now. Only took one hour!
  3. Cool, I just filled it out now. Anyone know how long it actually takes for them to finish with your car?
  4. So I come home today to find two letters in the mail box for me an partner from BMW Group. Did anyone else get this?
  5. Thanks for your help, I cant seem to get that FCP Euro to work on my mobile tho. Il replace the VANOS hose Aswell just for peace of Mind
  6. Oh sorry. Year 2000 320i . Cool cheers for the heads up
  7. Hi guys , Im after a oil filter housing gasket for my E46 BM. I tried calling a few places with no luck. I also tried doing a quick search on here only to have it pop up with an error code . Where is the best place to source this gasket? Cheers
  8. Nice wagon Amber, What suspension is it sitting on? It looks lower than factory
  9. Welcome along! Nice Coupe buddy
  10. How hard was it to remove the roof racks?
  11. That is niiice . What plans do you have for the beast?
  12. Sweet Touring you have there. Hope the leak isnt a major
  13. In need of a full set of wheels & tyres to fit a BMW E39 Sedan Preferably in Auckland. Standards nothing to flash or expensive
  14. Huge difference, That Satin Black looks really good. 10/10 bro
  15. Thanks guys you have all been alot of help