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  1. speedyg

    2001 E39 530i Touring motorsport

    Sold! But staying in the bimmersport family. 😊
  2. speedyg

    2001 E39 530i Touring motorsport

    Trademe link...... https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1765330954 A lot of car for little $$$
  3. speedyg

    2001 E39 530i Touring motorsport

    Car is now definitely for sale, my new car should be here in a week or so. $5500
  4. speedyg

    2001 E39 530i Touring motorsport

    Potentially for sale in about two weeks. (dependent on another car arriving) I have owned this car for the last 6 years, lots of service history, off the top of my head it has had new Bilsteins front and rear, new rear airbags (suspension), water pump, thermostat, belts, tensioner, viscous fan, beisan vanos seals, DISA valve. Having said that most of these things were replaced as preventative servicing. 203500kms, still runs very smooth and quiet. Car is in nice condition. Staggered alloys, 235/45/17 front (brand new tyres), 255/40/17 rear VIN: WBADS62050GL80548 (I have replaced the fake wood trim for the silver trim) Clearcoat has started to peel a bit on one side, worst bit is a handsized piece above rear window see photo. $5750 Car won't be for sale until I have finalized my next car. Any questions, let me know.
  5. speedyg

    Bargain 2003 530i Touring

    Nice car, although I may be biased! Pretty much a twin of my one. I replaced the interior wood trim with silver trim from my old sedan and the wider rear rims as the tourings aren't staggered. Also I think the genuine m sport front bumpers are around $1200 from memory, we had one replaced via insurance after someone backed into us.
  6. speedyg

    E39 front msport bumper

    Sorry mate, sold (a long time ago) Worth a shot though!
  7. speedyg

    Sluggish E39 530i motorsport

    Hi, Yes car is still going good, it was definitely a quick and easy fix, the hardest part is find the right size tube spanner.
  8. speedyg

    E39 front msport bumper

    Any interest in this?
  9. speedyg

    WTB: e39 m-sport front and rear bumpers

    Hey have a look, not silver but may do the job. http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/46861-e39-front-msport-bumper/
  10. speedyg

    E39 front msport bumper

    Yeah I imagine the rear one would be hard to find. Yes I could drop it off somewhere in Chch. Keep in touch. What it looked like pre-ding
  11. speedyg

    E39 front msport bumper

    Sold as pictured, no lights trim etc. Pickup only, but willing to hold it for someone once paid. Thanks for looking
  12. speedyg

    E39 front msport bumper

    I got backed into a couple of months ago and my insurance company kindly forked out for a brand new bumper. The old bumper was still in pretty good nick and I have been quoted around $125 to get it plastic welded. (not a big crack) Blue in colour. I will add a few photos soon. Prefer pickup in Chch. $125.
  13. speedyg

    E30 m20 engine/head wanted.

    A friend of a friend has broken his cambelt on his e30 320i. It has munched a few valves, so he is after either a good cond.head, a complete m20b20 engine or a m20b25 engine. Anything around in Christchurch? Let me know, Thanks,
  14. speedyg

    FS: 2000 e39 530i Motorsport SOLD

    I think that might be my old car. Number plate ESM...?
  15. speedyg

    81 e21 323i, worth restoring?

    I used to own that car. I bought it off a guy in Governers Bay. I sold it to a couple from Dunedin. It looks like the condition of it has gone downhill since I had it. I am pretty sure it is 5 speed, the front drivers seat was lumpy and uncomfortable and there was a bit of rust in the boot under the carpet. It went pretty good though but had fairly interesting handling. Nice stainless exhaust, I put new (tidy s/h) headlights and brake lights in it and stripped the old cracked leather off the steering wheel. The owner I bought it off had owned it for a long time, he didn't mention any engine rebuild. Old post Pics don't seem to be working or the link to other post.