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  1. bellicose

    Full Repaint

    Hiya Glenn. I'm still lurking, and unfortunately still putting up with "that" dirty demon (tho' I wish I wasn't) Keep pretty silent these days as I don't have a Bimmer so keep my nose out lol. I do speak up 'IF' I need to tho'. (Hence above post) Thank you for the 'HB'.
  2. bellicose

    Full Repaint

    I'm calling bs on your generalization of cheap = nasty. There's a few members on this forum that paid waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less than 5-6k on a paint job and i'm pretty sure they were happy with the results. In fact one member got his car done twice 3 years apart by the same person to tidy it up, both times were re-sprays.
  3. bellicose

    Bimmersport Stickers

    Will neither confirm or deny weather i already have the vector LOL. Will hold off tho'.
  4. bellicose

    Bimmersport Stickers

    I can do them for anyone that wants them. Assuming i don't get told off by admin' for "stepping on toes" LOL.
  5. bellicose

    E36 M3 blue colours

    Re painting a '74 Alfa spyder and owner says it was done in a blue that was used on E36 M3s. Does anyone have a list of the blues used on them. cheeRS (I'm not currently near my colour books so can't check)
  6. Don't know about seeing them in the flesh but in the pic's they are definately two different colours. The problem with getting colours 'formulated' you're NEVER going to replicate the conditions the "matcher" used so will ALLWAYS have differences. A short list of variables are Temp' Humidity Spray gun Spray gun setup Painter Just my 2c (which is worth 'bout 1.2cents)
  7. bellicose

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Nah, Taranaki mate.
  8. bellicose

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    This in my shop this week (re-paint drivers side, bonnet & front bar) Is it just me or are E39s starting to look dated?
  9. bellicose

    3M Headlight Kits - Possible Buy

    Ok, for those that don't know. Take ya lights out, send them to me alomg with $60 (plus return postage) and get them back within the week cleaned and sealed.
  10. bellicose

    Repairing Carbon Fiber

    Here's Pauls site for the automotive side of the business. http://warp10.co.nz/
  11. bellicose

    Repairing Carbon Fiber

    As much as i hate to recomend them (worked for him years ago and the guy's a cock) go and see Paul Hackett at C-QUIP, Vesty drive Mt Wellington. They build a LOT of high end (and i mean HIGH end) super yacht stuff and they (Paul and his father Trevor) were involved in the manufacture of the Hulme supercar. They also had a habd in developing the Toyota race series cars way back when. The foreman (well was when i was there) Bernd also worked for Sauber F1 for many years. Paul is such a carbon fibre freak he had carbon fibre business cards made for when he went to the Monte Carlo boat show. Mind you, in saying all this, IF they agree to fixing it for you then be prepared to pay good money. PS: Paul is a BMW nut to boot haha.
  12. bellicose

    Factory colour in a can

    Yeah the problem goes back to the manufacturer. (And believe me EVERY one of them is guilty of it, doesn't matter if the are OEM for Lambo's or Toyotas) So on Monday, PPG (for arguements sake i'll use them because they are the WORST at it. If a manufacturer has 1 prime and 22 variants for the colour 'Passion Rose pearl', they deserve to be singled out hahaha). Any way, PPG delivers a big stock order of a colour, then on a Monday 5 months later they get a big order for the same colour, it WILL NOT be exactly the same as the last lot. But it's ok as PPG will just put out a "variant" with a formula to suit. So you can see over the life of a colour (sometimes 5 years) there will AlWAYS be variants, hence why painters are grumpy pricks (well that's one reason, my friends and family say there's millions of reasons haha) What does the lip look like mate? I can def' do it cheaper than anywhere else.
  13. bellicose

    Factory colour in a can

    If the colour is 'right' pressure doesn't make a lot of difference. When i do Micas and pearls i always turn my pressure right down and do some cross hatching with a very light coat to be sure the micas & pearls are in the correct orientation. The thing with aerosols is when you ask for your colour, the person doing it will ALWAYS go with the 'prime' colour, and as you can see from my pic's above if your colour isn't the prime it will end in tears. If i had $1 for everytime someone has said "Yeah bro, red is red" or "just paint it white mate, white's white" then they come back and say "that's not the white i want". I'd be living on the island next to Branson.
  14. bellicose

    Factory colour in a can

    An aerosol can is ok if like you say you just want to check how things would look, BUT when (and IF) you decide to get them done properly then be sure you leave either your car or at least your petrol flap so they get the colour right. Calypsorot. 1 prime and 5 variants.
  15. bellicose

    Remove Front and Rear Windscreens

    If they're glued in Andy, this is what ya want. I bought one years ago and have only used it 3 times but wouldn't be without one in my tool box now. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/tools-repair-kits/repair-kits/auction-695099121.htm