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  1. grantdavis28

    1987 BMW 318i manual

    Sadly its time to sell my first love, I have owned this car for 11 years. I purchased it from my next door neighbour when I was 15. She purchased the car new from Team McMillan BMW back in 1987. The car is in outstanding mechanical condition, serviced every 10,000km religiously in its 31 years of life. No expense has ever been spared on its maintenance. There are a few trolley dents and a couple of scrapes however the paint is in incredible condition for its age. Its an M10b18 engine with a stock manual gearbox, the suspension was overhauled in 2010 with H&R springs and Bilstein shocks. Everything is in perfect working condition, the sunroof etc all work. The toolkit is also complete. Sadly I have to sell this beauty as my Datsun 240z needs some much-needed attention... I can't keep them both 😞 If you want to know anything about the car please just ask... I want to find an owner for her that will take great care of her... She has done me well and she will be missed. - 1987 BMW 318i manual - 165,000kms - NZ New - Looking for $6,800 PS: The plates, roof racks, and bikes are not included. however, for the right price, I'm happy to sell. Contact me on 0211754995 or grantdavis28@gmail.com
  2. grantdavis28

    Auxiliary Air valve - e30

    Hey guys, So this has died on my e30.. its a 318i m10 The part number is 0280140171 any idea where I could find one? Cheers!
  3. grantdavis28

    Rusty Slammington - Sema

    It is seriously impressive, I wouldn't even know where to start on a project like that. hes completely re designed the entire car, re thought the fundamentals of its original design. just look at the engine placement ffs. its a mid engined 2 door swb e28ish thing. haha
  4. grantdavis28

    Rusty Slammington - Sema

    Not sure if you guys have seen this? Died in a fire 4 years ago and has come back as something else! Interesting build. the amount of $$ in this scares the sh*t out of me haha, Mike must love that bucket of rust!! http://www.stanceworks.com/2015/11/the-return-the-rusty-slammington-reveal-at-sema/
  5. grantdavis28

    Scored myself a cougar.

    Fair point! I just struggle with the ass being lower that the front.. Same problem I am having with my 240z.. from a side on profile, the fuel tank hangs lower than the front, The lip brings the front closer which makes me feel better hahaha. It looks f**king awesome though!!! lip or no lip
  6. grantdavis28

    Scored myself a cougar.

    Looks tits! front lip though?
  7. grantdavis28

    Free: E30 head unit and mirror

    I was wondering why no one said anything! haha. I woke up on sunday with it on and for the life of me can not remember when it happened. All stuff gone!!! :-)
  8. grantdavis28

    Free: E30 head unit and mirror

    Yea Im running a Alpine CDE-140E in my e30 atm, its not stock but it does what I need and looks clean, plus I like that its Alpine as the original head units are alpine, so seems fitting..
  9. grantdavis28

    Free: E30 head unit and mirror

    Trip3 won the race by 15min sorry guys... Sorry I dont have more free stuff for you all!
  10. grantdavis28

    Free: E30 head unit and mirror

    Hi Guys, Im moving overseas and these are sitting in my shed, Im trying to at least give everything away before I add more stuff to the land fill. I will not post, collection in Ellerslie, Auckland. If no one wants it ill throw them away. I also take payment in beer if you are feeling kind. E30 factory head unit: E30 drivers side mirror, no glass: Cheers!
  11. grantdavis28

    e30 ignition problem

    Hi guys, Im having problems with my e30, the key works in the ignition fine, turns from lock to on, however it wont turn the starter on, seems like it may be worn out or the barell needs replacing, I was thinking the cheapest fix would be to do a push button start hide it under the dash somewhere. Key on and then just hit the starter, Or how hard is it to get a new ignition barrel and be able to keep my original key? Ideas please :-) Also my door locks have failed so I have to use the boot for central locking, is this a good chance to replace all my locks and iginition with a new set and a new key? if so, where do I purchase?
  12. I have to confirm as my original one is in storage atm, but im pretty sure it looks like this.
  13. Im pretty sure this is the original head unit I have.
  14. Hey guys, This may be a long post but I will try keep it brief. I currently have in my e30 -5.25" infinity components in the kickpanels, running off a 250w shitty sony amp -5.25" alpine 2 way cheapo speakers in the parcel shelf under grills -a panasonic 1200w amp running a 10" JBL sub in a custom box in the boot, the custom box is just sitting in the boot so easy to remove with the amp mounted to the back of the rear seats. -all this is running from a (at the time) really good Panasonic CQ-C7303U headunit. So heres my problem. The head unit is f**ked itself, it skips on every bump i go over the connections inside the unit are abit shitty, the faceplate has a broken clip so doesnt contact well. and just recently all the leds in the screen just dies so I can no longer see what im doing, that and the ipod connectivity is so terrible I dont use it. I also never crank the music anymore and think I could happily do with out the sub and get more boot space for kiteboarding gear. So what im wanting to do know, which is what I need help with, is installing my original BMW alpine tape head deck. but i want to confirm a few things with you guys first: -Does anyone have a tutorial on the aux input mod that has been done to solder it into the tape deck connections? -Can i still run the small 250w amp but using just the speaker cable inputs to get better sound out of the component speakers? -Is this a completely stupid idea and I should just leave it and by a new headunit? I really like how right now apart from the headunit the car looks stock and I would like to get it back to that, hence the install of the original head unit. any help would be very appreciated! plus any thoughts on what I should do otherwise. Cheers Grant.
  15. grantdavis28

    Quick Questions

    Hi guys, I have my mums 2010 118d that has been sitting in the garage with no fuel for 5 months, is there anything I should do before turning it over? Hope to hear back soon! Thank you.