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    M30B30 injection upgrade

    Hi all, I am having a few issues with the djet injection system on my 3.0si, it does work but it is at best a sledgehammer approach to injection and I want to end up with something that is a bit more tuneable and also expandable. I am looking at using a microsquirt to control fuel and ignition What I want to do is buy a later model m30 with better injectors, a crank position sensor and a proper TPS on the throttle body. Will these items bolt up to my 1974 m30 or will I need to swap motors? I ideally want to keep it a 3L but upgrading to the more modern bolt up equipment seems like a good solution if possible. I have no issue fabricating the parts required but if I can just buy bolt up things I will head down this path first. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. broccoli

    1974 3.0SI e3 introduction

    http://i.imgur.com/MeV6qTp.jpg This is how I picked it up, except the blue door looked like below http://i.imgur.com/HHg37Jr.jpg So after I fitted the new door, I threw a couple of parts at it to replace a few worn items and got it a wof. Still unpainted on the drivers side but good things take time/money Another shot of how it sits currently along side the e21 of sparkle. Sorry for the linked images, I will have to re-upload them all in smaller res and I cbf hah.
  3. broccoli

    1974 3.0SI e3 introduction

    Cheers guys! In truth the photos make it look a bunch tidier than it is but apart from a few spots of rust that are relatively easy-ish to sort out it is a super solid base to then make it into a really nice car.
  4. broccoli

    1974 3.0SI e3 introduction

    Cheers mate, the colour looks really nice with a bit of sun on it! It has had a respray at some point of its life and it isnt quite the factory colour but not too far off.
  5. Hello all, I am Dave and I am a new recruit into BMW ownership. I purchased a 3.0SI e3 off Darryl/rxsumo online and after a bit of time and effort from myself and a bit of advice from Darryl I now have a legal classic BMW on the road and I couldn't be happier. Here are a couple of pics that were taken over the weekend where me and a few friends journeyed up to the Palmerston North swap meet from wellington. http://imgur.com/T2j6npX.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GEZPGDB.jpg http://imgur.com/GrDjjEZ.jpg I will resize them and upload soon but ^they are linked due to MASSIVE size. I plan to continue tidying things up and get towards a nice, reliable and good looking cruiser. I managed to find a guy wrecking an 2800 e3 in the lower north island area so If anyone is after any parts then let me know. Watch this space....