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  1. Hi everyone. I just want to install a CD player in my BMW 528i 1996 without taking any of the speed, distance etc system out. please let me know if anyone got an idea of how and where to put the CD player. Thank you Regards Faruq
  2. Welcome to Bimmersport Robdog, hope you enjoy it and we all looking forward to see some pictures of your new BMW
  3. Thanks for the advise man. we'll see what happens lol there's too many things going on in my head at the moment. by the way nice car and plate number. thanks again mate.
  4. i haven't really decided if i should keep it, coz im looking for an E36 318i or 320i. but if i keep this car ill put 19inch chromez and lowered it, i might bagged it too, lol thats if i save enough money.
  5. nice car man, always seen it parked at unitec.
  6. Thanks mate ahh ture. where abot do u park it? Gate 4?
  7. finally i know how to chech all the events and see whats going on. thank you mate.
  8. Hey boyz and girls, im new to this site bimmersport.co.nz and im so happy that i found a site where all the bmw riders and fans communicate, help and share ideas with each other. anyway my name is faruq aka santiago, I go to unitec in mt albert, im really into cars and specially bmwz, btw you might have seen my at the drags too lol because im there every weekend. two months ago i bought my first bmw which is 528i 1996, im already loving it and i cant wait to finish doing it up, i dont mind getting an ideas from you guys. as i hope that you will have some ideas to share them with me. I really cant wait for the up coming event like cruze to mission bay and newmarket and extra. I also would like someone to help me how to find what date and what time etc.
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