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    '86 e30 m325i with s50b32
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    6 pot Wilwood BBK, S50b32, Koni shocks, Eibach Springs, Custom Race Exhaust, Datalogger / Display, 5Lug, M-Coupe Drive Train, 325hp
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    '16 CX-5 Diesel Turbo AWD

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  1. 1M Clone Build

    Nice work on the build! Just a friendly note on your soldering. You need to use a proper flux based solder and clean up those pads carefully. Because you don't have the mosfet pads filleted properly they will eventually fail. You need to use a flux pen when adding solder to avoid it globbing on the mosfet foot itself and not the pad. Use a solder sucker and wick to properly clean the pad up before removing to not damage the copper.
  2. M325i Tech 1

    $17,750.00 ... next level Tech1 pricing. Bought mine for $5,500 11 years a go
  3. N55 Turbo upgrade

    thats awesome!
  4. 540iase vs 540i M-sport

    I had a fully speced kiwi new 540i A SE which was a motorsport and came with m5 mirrors and wheels. This is why it got the SE tag.
  5. 18x8.5 or 8 alloy wheel

    Anyone ?
  6. 18x8.5 or 8 alloy wheel

    Hi guys, I'm after a 18x8.5 5x120 or could do a 8 inch alloy wheel. This is for a spare wheel for the e30 which has had a 5 lug conversion done. Ideally: Don't need the tyre so not worried about good tread. I have a tyre that will go on it with the right profile etc. 18x8.5 or 8inch around et38 offset 5x120 something like a BBS RK would be sweet (light weight ) but anything considered. If someone has an single wheel from a crashed car that wont make up a set etc .. cheers fellas
  7. 1M Clone Build

    well then ... this wont be sh*t
  8. 600pounds for a boggar welded gated sump! Cheaper to have one of the local boys do one up for ya
  9. SPOTTED! The official thread

    There is a reason they have fancy show rooms.
  10. Remapped 550i anyone?

    You can remap the throttle angle curve, reduce some of the antishake and torque limiting which gives you more perceived performance from the engine. Gains can be had twiddling with the vanos maps as well as a slight increase to the ignition advance and reduced fueling. As others say, supporting mods first with help the top end a little. But you big gains are from vanos. You need a tip top cooling system however.
  11. Anyone running Apex wheels?

    Go to Tirepro in barry's point road. Owned by the old workshop manager of tiretech Justine. Real pricing.
  12. Hellbm E39 M5

    wow and the colour you wanted too! Awesome ... so much badass
  13. Lucan's 1989 325i Sedan

    Nice work man ... love the toodler engine bay dragon too
  14. And the TRUTH Goes west

    dont worry, its like the old era of show cars and chrome wheels ... the only reason everyones watching is because they dont like it