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  1. Yeah had it at Mad Mikes Summer Bash. Was meant to enter the Time Attack but wasn't ready in time. Only went out in the cruising (lasted 2 laps!) then just parked it up by our offices in the pits. Definitely a nice driving car now though!
  2. Just realised I bought it a year ago yesterday. It's come a long way but still plenty more to do! Managed to dig up a few old photos from the previous owner. Wish I took more before I started working on it to get some good before and after photos, but s**t it was ugly!
  3. Any adjustable suspension sitting around for sale before I look at getting something new? To suit 6cyl E30 (pfl). Around Auckland preferably.
  4. Just 98 tune. No plans to run e85 any time soon! Way too many other things to get done first.
  5. I can't really compare it to any other aftermarket computers but I really like it it. Much better than the standard R32 computer it was previously running. Only running around 200kw on 6 pounds of boost. More than enough to have some fun and get used to driving it. Need a new wastegate and a few other bits and pieces to run more boost but my goal is 300kw in this car.
  6. So it's been over 3 months since I last saw the car but finally got it back yesterday. Went through a few fairly major problems but it's driving better than it ever has. Excuse the crappy photos. Will get around to take some proper ones at some point! Had to get a new custom brake booster system setup to suit the small amount of space that was available. While removing the old system, we found that we had to rebuilt part of the firewall plates too. Other updates include a new Link G4 computer and dyno tune. Need to replace the wastegate to allow it to run more boost, and a few other things so will update numbers etc once it's all been done. Plenty of other little jobs done too, including rewired the electric fan, ignition switch/starter button, and finally found some clear M3 front indicator lenses, although might tint them black (it's the little things that make all the difference!). Still have a lot to do, it's the type of project that's never going to be "finished". - Need to decide if I want to do the M3 boot extension. - Also need to decide if I want to go to 5 stud or stick with 4. - Fit aero mods (new splitter/rear wing). - Tidy up interior. - Adjustable Suspension. - New wheels/semi slicks. - Paint engine parts.
  7. As the title says, I'm looking for some wheels to fit my E30. Ideally after some 15" basketweaves, or will settle for some good fitting 16s or similar type of style. Auckland only and ideally would like to pick something up this week.
  8. The one in the fuse box? Yeah I swapped that one over too. Will double check the connectors. Removing it stopped them so I assume that's connecting as it should though. I guess the only other thing that could be causing it a dodgy wire somewhere?
  9. Swapped motors over with one I know worked out of my Black E30 and still having the problem of it not turning off. I also put the original motor (from the Gray E30 that is having the problems of it not stopping) into the Black E30 and worked fine there. Any other options?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Will try pull it out and clean it up to see if that helps, if not will replace!
  11. They're running constantly so that's definitely working! Could there be a problem with it if it won't turn off?
  12. Hi guys, Having a little problem where my windscreen wipers won't turn off no matter what position the leaver is in! For a while my windscreen wipers would only work when I pulled the leaver in (to squirt the windscreen). When I was getting some work done to it, the mechanic bumped the paddle by the steering wheel and now they won't turn off unless I remove the fuse. If it's worth mentioning, any position in the leaver has it on the medium constant speed (including off and intermission). When I pull it forwards to squirt the window they go into the fastest setting while the leavers held forward. I've tried replacing the fuse. I've swapped out the wiper relay with one from my other e30 and that doesn't help. I've also swapped over the full leaver by the steering wheel and nothing changes from that too. Both the relay and leaver worked fine in my other E30 as well so it can't be them. Anyone had a similar issue before? Or could point me in the direction of what to check next?
  13. Started working on the interior this weekend! The worst part of the car was definitely the interior, but now it's looking so much better. Started by removing the all the speakers/wiring, dash, stereo, air con unit and all the mess behind there. Replaced the non-working gauges in the cluster plus installed the new steering wheel/under panels to tidy that up. Original gauges were removed from on top of the dash and just placed here temporarily. New gauges have already arrived and will be installed this week. Decided to mock up a couple templates for the gauge panels. Thinking of going down the lines of installing a tablet into the panel to run Racechrono/gps speedo/Lap timing etc but not sure if it's more hassle than it's worth (thoughts)? And finally, got the headlights and indicators re-wired. Indicators now have plugs and extended wires so they're easy to remove when the bumper comes off. Was a bit hard getting in and out my parents driveway though! On a side note from an earlier post, I decided to pull apart my old cluster to see exactly why there was smoke coming out of it. Turns out the battery had leaked and there was corrosion everywhere from a possible water leak. This week goals are to install new brakes, gauges, higher powered electric fan, and get it ready for test #2 at Hampton Downs on Friday.
  14. Been a bit slow on this due to work, but finally a little more progress has been made! Took it for a first test run last weekend at Mad Mike's Summer Bash. Put my semi slicks onto it and see how things go. Unfortunately it started running a bit hot so took it in after only a few laps. New electric fan coming next week so should solve that problem. Other updates include new brakes rotors and pads are on their way, full set of new gauges should be here tomorrow Plus seats are ready to put in. Next testing is a corporate day next Friday on the Hampton Downs Club Circuit so hopefully that goes a bit better! Goal is to have it racing at Manfeild at the end of March at the 2017 V 4 & Rotary North Island Jamboree.
  15. Was awesome to be able to display it today at the 2017 V 4 & Rotary Nationals! Not quite ready for the drag racing tomorrow though.
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