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  1. Can anyone recommend a good auto electrician in the Auckland area? Euroservice is close to where I’m based, however I’m not convinced they have the expertise and knowledge for dealing with bmw electrics. Also eurosurgeon won’t answer their phone.. issue is a parasitic drain in an e60 530d
  2. Anyone recommend an experienced BMW Auto Electrician in Auckland? Keen to take it to someone who knows their way around BMW's specifically
  3. Yeah no sunroof, did see some stuff on the net around the channels, gave novus a call as it has novus stickers on it, they've said the same as you that its a decorative seal and will fix it for free for me as its still under warranty
  4. Heavy down pour last week and had a reasonable amount of water come from the top of the windscreen around where the rear view mirror is I'm guessing the rubber seal needs replacing, although it doesn't look cracked, is it a DIY job or novus/smith and smith etc?
  5. Thanks Glenn, tried BM Workshop, got a quote for $1600 to do front and rear, didn't ask for the part prices to do myself based on that price, BNT quoted around $500 for bendix/mintex
  6. Looking for e60 530d front and rear brake pads, rotors and wear sensors in Auckland
  7. The Auto Electrician I took it to did a load test and said it was fine, but the battery is 800cca, have a feeling it should be 830cca, but again not sure if that makes much of a difference. Would it be difficult to test the starter motor?
  8. Not often I can make a contribution without asking but here goes. Purchased a NZ new 2005 e60 530d with a CCC MASK Idrive system in it with the 6 disc changer, unfortunately it didn't come optioned with bluetooth nor could you easily retrofit aux. Options were: Dension Gateway 500s for a small fortune, or https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bluetooth-Music-Adapter-BMW-5-Series-E60-E61-i-Drive-Business-Professional-M-ASK-/222297726822 I was a bit hesitant when it arrived, did plenty of research that indicated i'd need to code in MP3 and enable the MASK system to see the new functionality. Turned out, hooked into the cd changer 12v, plugged up the fibre connection and after a couple of minutes for it to recognise the new functionality i had spotify working over bluetooth, aux in, and although it didnt show it in the communication screen it allowed me to answer a bluetooth phone call. No coding necessary. Although it just shows CD1,2,3 etc instead of the track names/artists, but the steering wheel functions work just like factory. Not bad for $200 landed either.
  9. Fitted the new glow plug controller, no longer throwing any codes on glow plugs, but hard starting is still there. Confirmed as well that jumping off the rear battery points it starts fine, so have no idea, will head back to the auto electrician.
  10. Minor update, pulled the codes, all 6 glow plugs failed at the same time, cleared the codes drove it some more with a couple of the glow plugs failing again. Brand new plugs so I know they aren't the issue. Ordered a new glow plug controller (thanks ebay!) will install it and see if it fixes things.
  11. Car has a near new battery, 2017, right CCA, load tested by an auto electrician and its fine. Although I have no idea if the previous owner coded the new battery in or not. It takes a good couple of seconds to crank whether its hot or cold, although when its cold its particularly bad, and sometimes fails to pop, however putting jumper leads on the front terminals started the car first pop. Could give you a demo Jon as im in Howick as well. Plan is to pull the codes this weekend and see whats up.
  12. Yeah, the auto sparky earthed it properly (i gather thats the test), but apparently the glow plug controller will cause issues like this, going to run the codes and see what it comes back with
  13. Auto Sparky load tested it, battery fine. Charging fine. Back to square one... Thinking it could be the glow plug controller now
  14. Ran a basic battery test, came back at 85%, took it to an auto sparky who said he needed to do a load test on the battery to confirm its fault, but felt it was probably the issue. Its an 820cca battery from 2017 (H7) Anyway, will get it load tested and then see what that says, just dont want to take it to a dealership just yet. I wasn't terribly worried about replacing the glow plugs, i pulled the old ones ran them over a multi meter and about half of them were shot, bosch replacements off ebay were about $80 for a set so it wasn't a biggie
  15. Ok, I can, but im trying to troubleshoot it myself. Found the hidden menu and looked at the voltage pre starting (12.5v), under 9v when cranking and then 14v after its started.
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