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  1. yng_750

    Hole in roof (it was deliberate!)

    The ideal way to do it would be get a sheet of alloy trace the hole and get someone skilled with a swage to step down the edge so you can epoxy or rivet it inside the roof but still have the panel flush on the outside.
  2. yng_750

    I'm on Grindr

    Don't forget knuckles. they love eating those too.
  3. yng_750

    Garage clearout

    Bump. Open to offers
  4. yng_750

    Garage clearout

    Also have pfl e39 headlight adjusters. Few sets $30 per headlight Also have a facelift e39 heater control unit. Ive taken the buttons off but the lcd display is fine. Good way to get yours good by swapping your buttons on. $20
  5. yng_750

    Garage clearout

    having abit of a clear out seeing as im between bmws e39 right rear window regulator. $50 Works fine, stud is starting to come loose as shown but as its not broken yet very easy to glue in place. E39 rear window regulator repair kit, bought for car but sold before i installed, comes with new cables, alloy window grab etc etc to renew your broken ones fits either side $50 E30 dash, good condition, a couple of minor cracks around passenger indent, worst is about 25mm long, shown in pictures. otherwise pretty good. can ship at buyers expense. bought for an e30 project that i never ended up doing. $200
  6. yng_750

    e36 323i msport 1997 sold

    Amd it wasnt andy this time
  7. yng_750

    e36 323i msport 1997 sold

    Sold pending pickup
  8. yng_750

    e36 323i msport 1997 sold

    Checked that. Doesnt flow as much water at idle that my old 540i but it is clear and bleeding water back into the expansion chamber.
  9. yng_750

    e36 323i msport 1997 sold

    Checked that. Doesnt flow as much water at idle that my old 540i but it is clear and bleeding water back into the expansion chamber.
  10. yng_750

    e36 323i msport 1997 sold

  11. yng_750

    TRS 5 point belts

    If you dont have luck here try the speedway guys, they are they only people other than track dayers who can use expired belts.
  12. Hi guys so i havent been doing much bmw stuff for a while and am feeling out of touch with the market ive been offered a 323i which i would probably just tidy up and sell. just looking for an idea of value. 1997 323i coupe. full msport body kit and interior. no rips or wear. full body professional repaint in the original hellrot red. 16" ac schnitzer type 1. cooling system rebuilt and converted to electric fan. 170kms very tidy only downside is open diff and auto box. i was thinking a value of about $4500. or if i put in a manual box and lsd about $6000. would this be on the money or is the car just abit old to get those sort of prices thanks. and sorry for being that guy who starts that thread AGAIN.
  13. yng_750

    Motor Oil Pricing

    the $99.99 is retail. so today $75 Problem with good oils are they are full synthetic. so crude oil cost doesnt affect them too much as they dont use alot of it. (apparently almost as much oil is used to make the bottle as the product.) a huge chunk of that price is shipping and tax due to it being a dangerous goods item. then with items like edge which sells small quantity vs everyday oil you are paying a big chunk into their sponsorship deals on everything from drift cars to the v8 supercars. and tv ads, plus research and development, plus paying for testing everytime a manufacturer comes out with a new standard to advertise on the bottle. ( dpf safe and GF5 fuel saver ratings pop to mind) Also the price of oil is creeping up but it doesnt take a big jump every time the oil price goes up. just a little bit every year like the rest of the stuff on sale. and speaking as someone who works with the stuff i can guarantee you the margins for that oil are razor slim. retailers will make more out of your $15 filter than the $99 oil. so buy it when its 25% off as thats well below cost.
  14. yng_750

    e36 fitment style 32

    that looks good. how are the tyres? i presume m3 fitment will fit a 328i easy enough? jason.hoogendyk@gmail.com