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  1. EBC Yellow Stuff Race Pads

    EBC Yellow Race Pads - Front. DP4689R to fit OEM: BMW 5 Series E34, E32, E36 M3, M5 M-Roadster coupe. Bedded in ready to race but never put back on. There's more than 10mm of meat on each pad so plenty for life left. Huge step up from road pads. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1449320639&ed=true $50
  2. EBC Yellow Stuff Race Pads

    No sorry, but do you also have a 1998 Jaguar XJ8??? will fit the that too.
  3. E46 M3 - Christchurch - History?

    tell me more about this one Brent
  4. 335i Motorsport

    Hey all, my 335i is for sale $22K including the JB4 unit, its a good deal.. Its a really mint vehicle, in top shape. Must sell: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1249325653
  5. 335i Motorsport

    $22K will sell in the next few seconds hopfully......
  6. 335i Motorsport

    OK down to $23K ono and now includes JB4 G5 and intakes!!!! Hurry!!!!
  7. 335i Motorsport

    Hi Olaf, still available Trademe add was for a week.h Here is the new link; http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1222469924 Cheers
  8. 335i Motorsport

    $24,000...... need a buyer
  9. 335i Motorsport

    .... Now ***$25,000***....
  10. 335i Motorsport

    Let them take it for a test drive then whip it out before they collect the car! JOKING.... Selling separate - can include with sale for Bimmersport enthusiasts.
  11. Yeah i had those same yellow Ireland engineering mounts, i believe construction wise they are made out of custard covered in candle wax. How did you finish up?
  12. Just about set on a 335i

    Due to building a house im looking at selling mine unfortunately. 2007 MS done 75K from JPN Mint condition inside and out, coded extras, running JB4, paddle shift, plugs, cabin filters, oil/filter just done. $26K. PM me if interested.
  13. FS: BMW M Compact Race Car

    hmmm maybe, im really after something i can drive to the track Production class styles. Certainly is quick
  14. FS: BMW M Compact Race Car

    does it come with the rear wing shown in one photo? bummer its not a full cage, you'd want that going so damn fast!
  15. Clarkson Sacked

    The old 3 were the show, they were comedians running a car show. Felt like they carried a passion for cars, and really wanted to tell you every detail about them... i could almost smell the leather. The new line up, Evans isnt a comedian full stop, Joey (Matt) is a comedian but is playing the cool guy instead - boring. and Sabine is from Germany where comedy is some thing that only other nations do. I think it will flop long term. Shame such a shame i really liked the old Top Gear, episodes will probably be repeated forever like faulty towers.
  16. E36 M3 Project

    LOL :beer: Carry on the good work.....
  17. M20B20 Head PFL

    Great ok thanks guys!! ive passed this post on to the owner of the car, he is in this forum now and will make contact and take someone up on their offer. Awsome Cheers!!!
  18. Change Jap Import radio to NZ

    Menu wont change radio, you need a coding cable, easy job ive got one live in Tauranga PM me, Nav is more complicated.
  19. Finally....New 335i Owner

    Nice work! looks great!
  20. E90 325i M sport 2006

    idrive radio change to NZ freq is easy 5 min job with software and laptop. Plus add on any feature that was or wasn't enabled in factory like reverse gong delete.
  21. E46 WTCC Cars here in NZ?

    Mikes one was sold at auction, this one is in Warkworth Toyota
  22. E46 WTCC Cars here in NZ?

    The 2004 one is in Warkworth and the Gas station or Toyota dealership I think? Numbered 10 in white an blue.
  23. Its too long for most peoples attention span. Shoot youd be stuffed at a party if you had dislexia youd never know what the hell you were bragging on about. I drive a XXL4XM40LMX04iXXXX?? awww crap it's the silver one blocking the drive way. Let alone tourettes....