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  1. Hi Jun So you did indeed buy the car? Congrats! Going to Southward this Sunday. Daniel
  2. 318Touring

    This guy manages to pull off ...

    Many of us can only dream of. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12136875 "My wife supports me" "Nope, he's crazy!"
  3. Steer where you want to go, don't stare at the things you were trying to avoid 🙂 Humans eh.
  4. 318Touring

    BMW Dealer Service vs. BMW Specialist Service

    Haha, they must be joking! Oh wait, BMW tax ..... Tell you what, this is what I always do with my 911: - follow the recommended service however, - I do all of the easy things myself, cabin air filter, engine air filter, even serpentine belt - on the 'harder' bits e.g. engine oil as I can't be bothered dealing with 8.5 litre of used oil, I bought all the parts and liquid myself, hand them to the authorised Porsche dealer to carry out the work - I still get the stamp, and the 'heavy' servicing only end up costing $500 incl. WOF, and brake fluid change - I bought original Porsche and OEM parts from the UK As for my BMW, it's still under service plan. I'll think of how I deal with it once it's out of service plan.
  5. 318Touring

    BMW Dealer Service vs. BMW Specialist Service

    Longer service period (2 yearly plan) is beneficial to the manufacturer less so to the customers. The manufacturer will be able to promote their environmental friendly corporate image by reducing the pollutants produced e.g. used oil, while at the same time saving money on their 'service plan'. Porsche used to have 2 yearly interval for their 911 from 2005, before reverting back to yearly oil change from 2009 model (997.2 to 991.2). Re oil and BMW original equipment. Buy oil at Repco or Supercheap that has the BMW approved label on them. Buy BMW original oil filters etc. from our forum sponsors. Obviously ditch your BMW independent garage if they use some cheap, non-BMW approved, incorrect weight oil. Total costs for oil change should only be $150-$200 which is a small price to pay for long-term motoring. Also tell your BMW dealer that your windscreen water reservoir doesn't need to be filled up as part of the service. It's a $20 charge for something that costs them 50 cent. Even if they give you the whole bottle of windscreen washer, it's still only $10/bottle.
  6. 318Touring

    Dang I love my M3

    That's it. We need more tunnels!! Someone else can supply the Lambos and F-cars.
  7. 318Touring

    Dang I love my M3

    Too quick, I wish we have kilometers long tunnels. Sunday drive would be up and down these tunnels all day long.
  8. 318Touring

    Dang I love my M3

    Ah, I love the Mt Vic tunnel. Did you slow down to open up a bit of space, and nail it? The sound bouncing around the tunnel walls always puts a smile on my face....
  9. 318Touring

    Cat claws...grrr

    If you can't feel the scratches under your fingernails they will buff out.
  10. 318Touring

    Anyone remember this?

    The conversion was nicely done, it was a pity the rear lights were left in their original form. Engine wise, would need to be brave to touch it without knowing whether it'd had a rebuild. Missing lots of interior panels, what happened to it? One key, missing rear seats base on both sides, including lumbar support.
  11. 318Touring

    This E65

    Didn't realise it was in Wellington!! When are you going back to the South Island? Seems that you're happy with the car.
  12. 318Touring

    This E65

    Good luck with that .......
  13. 318Touring

    Need info on E46

    Does it produce white smoke out of the exhaust? If it does, does it smell sweet (like coolant sweet). If the answer is yes again, you've got head-gasket leak. My '96 E36 318 touring did have this issue, big white cloud following the car, sweet coolant smell, mayo under the oil cap.
  14. 318Touring

    Ctek installation in E87

    Thanks! Useful to know which one which is. I used the smaller bolt (DME) for the +ve connection mostly because the Ctek's terminal is too small for the other one. Been charging overnight and will keep it charged to get a healthier battery.
  15. 318Touring

    Ctek installation in E87

    Since the battery is at the boot, it seemed that I can install the Ctek connector somewhere in the engine bay. Just wondering whether anyone out there knows how to install that correctly? In the attached file I have marked the -ve and +ve points, need to confirm whether they are right. Also which of te two bolts I should use to connect the +ve lead?