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  1. If you live in London and have too many cars, you'd want to call this crowd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X-FwJO1xZM Ok, so 50 psi, racing fuel, put a drop of engine oil down each spark plug hole and rock the car...
  2. Others indicated they have motorcycle helmets, but according to the internet (I know!), motorcycle helmets are designed to withstand different events to car e.g. tarmac is different to rollcage etc.
  3. It's organised by the Porsche Club and it seems that Manfeild doesn't have helmets to hire.
  4. I need to get a motorsport helmet for the upcoming driver's training day. I really haven't got a clue of what to get, taking into account this is my first time and I might not like that type of activity! Which means buying a $700 helmet isn't good investment until I know that I'll be doing more track days. So I'd like to get some feedback on which starter basic helmet I can get that will still meet the requirements as per the link below but not requiring a lot of investment. http://manual.motorsport.org.nz/index.php/knowledgebase/36-2-01a-schedule-a-1/#a1-4 I'm planning to drop by at Road & Track at Lower Hutt on Saturday to take a look around.
  5. 318Touring

    Eurotrip 2019

    If you like cars and (car) manufacturing do the factory tours for Porsche (Zuffenhausen), Mercedes (Sindelfingen) - both in the Stuttgart area and BMW in Munich. They all need to be booked in advance though and get filled up rather quickly. The relevant museums are also quite amazing but they don't need to be booked in advance (their entrance fees are cheap).
  6. I used Milland recently, and Paul provided a very good service and competitive pricing.
  7. A quick update, I did the following on Sunday: adjusted the idle screw - this fixes the really high idle, and seems to be dropping to normal idle quicker 'reset' the car by disconnecting the battery etc. - the juddering and hesitation have reduced significantly to almost non-existent I also tried to find vacuum leaks by spraying soapy water at the connectors and hoses - seemed there wasn't any leak. Thanks for your suggestions and help!
  8. Thanks @Olaf for the pointers. Resetting seems to be the first thing I could do then check for vacuum leaks. No code, which I don't know whether is unhelpful or good. My idle issue isn't as bad as described at the forum, also managed to get my hands on a workshop manual.
  9. I'll take a look tomorrow, thanks
  10. Yup all of that sound like a good next step. MAF is rather hard to disconnect, I'll need to google on how to do that and not destroy it in the process.
  11. Posted in the off-topic because this is for my '05 Suzuki Swift. In the past few months, it's been exhibiting the following symptoms: when cold, idle RPM would be at 1400-ish also when cold, when the gas pedal is floored power delivery would be somehow interrupted. The only way to get power is to let off and push the gas pedal again when idling from cold it'll judder with the RPM oscillating accordingly when warm, sometimes, pushing the gas pedal doesn't deliver any additional power. The remedy is to let off and push the gas pedal again Took it to the garage this morning, it was already warm, and they couldn't replicate the issue. They said that it might electrical (hence the title of this post). I've replaced spark plugs, O2 sensor, oil and filter, air filter and cleaned the throttle body. It' not throwing any code. Any idea? I could always replace the MAF but it now feels throwing parts at a problem (or a bunch of problems) that I don't understand.
  12. Yup, just annoying having to split the purchase across different sites.
  13. Thanks, unfortunately I seem unable to get oil filter for my F20 from US based websites. Search for the part number turned up nothing. I'll give milland a try, completely forgotten about them and Google search (bmw parts nz) didn't include them at all. They need (better) SEO.
  14. Apart from the dealers themselves, where can I get service related parts in NZ? Euro-Italian is still selling BMW parts? Schiedmann's shipping is more expensive than the parts that I'm planning to buy although will work out cheaper than dealer's. OEM vs BMW branded.
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