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  1. For my 318i coupe, thanks though
  2. Any of these around in new/near new condition? Thanks
  3. mystery39

    e30 bits

    Hi will, manual conversion kit still available by any chance?
  4. My 530i has recently started intermittently having an issue where it shudders under acceleration and isn't delivering power properly for a short period (5-10 minutes) then goes back to normal like nothing had happened afterwards. Tends to happen when the car is cold, seems like a gearbox issue to me - anyone able to shed any more light on the problem? Cheers
  5. Anyone got a set of these looking for a new home?
  6. bump.. need these gone, any offers considered
  7. A set of 4 15" E39 alloys with good tyres. Ive got the centre caps and possibly the bolts as well. Open to reasonable offers around $300.
  8. Ah. I see. That would explain it. I'll bring the car in next week if I get time.
  9. Hi Glenn, thanks for sorting our the lock motor for me. However I've run into trouble while fitting it - the electrical connection from the release switch on the car has a 6 pin connector (although only 5 wires) while the lock motor has a 4 pin socket. How can I get around this?
  10. Hi all, I've recently bought an E39 I'm looking at lowering - I've heard good things about Snells Springs for compression, but I've got a few questions. I picked up a set of lowering springs (down springs i think they are) for an E39, but they were from a wagon - I figure the rear springs will be stiffer and therefore need compressing to sit correctly in a sedan? Is this a better option than compressing all four standard springs? And will I need to get my shocks shortened? I'm wanting to go right down to the legal limit. Thanks in advance!
  11. Great, thanks all for your help. No worries Glenn, I managed to isolate the motor as the problem, definitely interested in purchasing yours if possible!
  12. Hi, I'm having an issue with the boot lock on my E39 - when I try to open the boot using the release on the outside or the one by the drivers foot I get a loud whirring noise (sounds like a cog slipping repeatedly) and the boot won't open. I can still open it with the key, but no joy from the handle/release latch. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
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