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  1. Does anybody have 2017 CIC maps? Want to update mine wondering what's the easiest way to do it I don't have the map data files
  2. has anybody retrofitted combox for CIC in Auckland? Looking to buy a unit but need to buy or make a retrofit wiring harness and other things associated. Little too much to figure out wondering if anyone else has done it
  3. fatjoez

    E92 Bluetooth Options

    I got CIC installed by Xtreme Tech. Highly recommend doing that. CIC is a huge upgrade over CCC. I also have 640 prep and now I'm preparing to buy the parts needed for combox retrofit for bluetooth
  4. fatjoez

    E82 Bluetooth options

    Check your VIN number to see if you have prewiring for bluetooth
  5. Hey guys e90 335i Who would you recommend to install a plug & play intercooler, silicone inlet hose & charge pipe in auckland? Pretty basic so hoping not to pay a fortune for install but rather not do it myself. Don't have the jack or tools.
  6. Looking to borrow a 14mm spark plug socket to change sparks on N54 e90 335i engine in Auckland. Alternatively if anyone has a half hour spare to help swappem happy to bring over a 6 pack of your fav beer. Cheers
  7. fatjoez

    e90 Performance Parts Wellington

    Yeah I can't tell really but yes there are big gains performance wise on stage 1 MHD. Look it's like $2-300 it's not even something to think about just do it. @Matth5 did your charge pipe rip? or just blow off? Mine blew off with MHD tune too but it was 2 minute job to put it back on. It hasn't ripped on me. I'm running stage 1 - 98ron fuel map for the last 6 months and my car has 160,000km mileage. So if yours actually ripped or was damaged, maybe it was worn more or bad luck or higher boost I dont know. But as I said above I've ordered a new metal one because it's worth it
  8. fatjoez

    e90 Performance Parts Wellington

    I've ordered / waiting for VRSF: Charge pipe Silicone inlet hoses 5" Street step intercooler Keeping the car very stock so no downpipes etc that messes with OEM spec / emissions etc. Already running MHD Stage 1 tune 98 fine The price of the VRSF is reasonable and quality is good from reviews. Cheaper than COBB / other bigger names.
  9. fatjoez

    Just about set on a 335i

    2007 335i with MHD ecu tune Stage 1 here. Stock charge pipe no issues yet but will probably upgrade the charge pipe. MHD ecu tune stage 1 is rated around 340HP, same as 1M.
  10. fatjoez

    Carbon Fibre Bonnets?

    Hi there guys I'm possibly getting a 2003 (Facelift) 330CI and am just wondering Does anyone know much about carbonfibre bonnets? Am interested to get an idea of.. prices & the difference in weight between a standard/carbon fibre bonnet Any help appreciated!
  11. fatjoez

    Cheap key replacement?

    Anyone know a cheap key replacement supplier in Auckland? E90 3 series with comfort access. I understand it requires some coding and looking for an option cheaper than Dealer
  12. Got it done! Have these features now: - Auto dim - High beam assistant (auto on/off in dark roads) - Garage door opener (USA frequency. must swap out to get NZ module) Photos to follow
  13. Hi there Is anyone able to help with wiring up a replacement rear view mirror (auto dimming)? e90 3 series sedan I have replacement auto-dim mirror + retrofit harness + diy instructions Has anyone done it before or is tech savvy and could help (Auckland) Ref: http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=450516 bmw e82-e90-e92 retrofit interior mirror guide.pdf
  14. fatjoez

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    all sounds good. Just the part about on/off again. I've read multiple times that turning an engine on/off briefly isn't good in terms of flooding the engine. Seems to be conflicting comments out there about adaptations but your version makes sense.
  15. fatjoez

    Autosure mechanical warranty and modifications

    I'm exploring alloy charge pipe purely as preventative maintenance. In that case, from a legal / fair trade perspective; Insurance companies cannot arbitrarily deny a claim because you've made a modification, even if it is in their terms & conditions. Particularly if you replaced a rubber hose with a alloy version for durability and your claim is unrelated It's all about practicality. If you are making the car more reliable, it's in the interests of the insurance company. However ECU tune probably not the best idea for mechanical insurance lol
  16. fatjoez

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    I can show you how to do it if you're local (CBD auckland) Probably best though that people get the software and flash themselves to limit hassles if something goes wrong FYI flashing Alpina including setup time etc should take max 20 minutes + on road testing time to check all is working. For a workshop to do this $200-300 is around 2.5 - 3hours labour which is a little on the high side but you should also factor in that they will be quoting buffer to allow for anything going wrong, and perhaps a little for liability insurance in case something goes really wrong. So yeah it seems a lot but that's what happens when you want someone else to do something for you & provide you a guarantee/responsibility if something goes wrong!
  17. fatjoez

    CCC to NBT

    Anyone with an E90/E91/E92 considered retrofitting NBT? http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=799458
  18. fatjoez


    Mirrors are interchangeable across models E90 E91 E92 E82 E81 E60 X5 X6 etc. Search ebay "Bmw rear view mirror homelink" you'll find heaps. I'm buying one myself soon with high beam assist + homelink + auto dim. FYI: Homelink from USA will not work in new zealand, and homelink from Europe mirrors will render the remote useless. Long story short NZ / USA car mirrors have 315mhz key fobs + 300 range mhz garage opener Europe car mirrors have 400+ mhz key fobs + 400mhz garage opener. So you need a USA mirror + europe homelink. It' s not easy to swap the homelink but it's possible. hope this helps get you started
  19. fatjoez

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    I'd be interested in that
  20. fatjoez

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Okay update I flashed MHD again today * Linear throttle * turbo rattle fix 50% I tried wide open throttle on motorway and at around 3/4k I got the sudden kick of power which got the car moving. Braked instantly and realized that is a fair amount of power. So in my opinion I haven't really seen much benefit under 60kmh in terms of 0-50kmh but yes I think 80-100 has improved. Alpina transmission Please do me a favour monitor your fuel usage before and after. I think the newer alpina uses more fuel in D drive around town. I am currently 12.3L/100km average mix highway and suburb. Will switch back to common alpina which shifts earlier and test.
  21. fatjoez

    Speedo white LED conversion?

    Anybody here capable of doing the white led speedo conversion? 2007 e90 3 series speedo anybody done it?
  22. fatjoez

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Alpina Transmission Naki which Alpina did you flash? There are 2. One is common, the other is said to be slightly smoother (higher RPM shift) MHD Flash I flash MHD stage 1 stock (98 ron) today. I set the Turbo Rattle fix to Minimum Rattle (More lag) as I heard people complain. I have emailed the MHD creator to ask for clarification on performance difference with Turbo Rattle fix on
  23. Hey guys Anyone have a DCAN obd2 cable I can borrow in Auckland? Box of beers or whatever. for use on a 2007 e90 3 series Thanks
  24. fatjoez

    Anybody have an OBD2 cable?

    That one is easy I did the same for a 135i years ago with help from M3_power You have to disable bulb check for that bulb Led are lower power So computer thinks bulb is dead
  25. fatjoez

    Anybody have an OBD2 cable?

    Guys thanks for replies and pms. Jin108 generously loaned his cable yesterday. So far I have flashed the Alpina B3 gearbox transmission profile. You can google it to read more but basically it makes the gearbox shift smoother faster etc. I will flash the ecu map today. I will try to do some coding too to change some features. Let me know if anyone needs help with this as my laptop is setup with the software now