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  1. Eventually will get some boost in my life. But aim now is to iron out the teething issues and learn the setup
  2. I've never posted much about my builds as they never seemed interesting enough (still isn't). To help me track the progress of my build and experience behind the seat, now wouldn't be a bad time to start. The build came about when the R/R quarter of my E36 met the wall at Meremere at a drift day. Got too excited chasing some higher HP Nissan's and decided to re-initiate my drift on the straight in a cloud of smoke. This is what she looked like after the impact. After the accident, I did a few more events, one being a gymkhana style event held at Hooton Reserve hosted by Sports Car Club NZ. Below is link to one of the videos my mate took. This E36 had daily driving duties and handled abuse at the track but was no longer presentable on the exterior for the street (no that it was fancy to start with), so I decided to pull the car apart even though it drove perfecty straight and would serve its purpose on the track. I purchased a donor car which was a non-Airbag and non-ABS model; ideal donor for the next track/street hack and happened to be the same colour for dirty cheap. It wasn't long after that I came across an E30 PFL coupe rolling shell. {{And it was at this moment, I f**ked up}} Viewed the rust bucket and thought it wouldn't be too bad of a fix. Being my 5th E30 I've owned and in the worst state (to this day, @Jibs05 still gives me crap about and will forever) I wanted to build this to tick all the boxes I wanted in an E30. It took a bit to get the ball rolling for this one but within a couple of months, I sent it off to Quest Fabrication for a bad ass cage. Super stoked with the final result, bar Motorsport NZ taking so long to communicate a we issue with stitch welding that the cage is now got some surface rust...not going to be a fun time prepping for paint. Over the past couple of months, I've been cracking away at it slowly putting it back together for a drift day at Evergreen Drift Park in a couple of weeks which I've been itching to drive after seeing everyone enjoy themselves. Cheers for reading guys. Will post updates slowly as I make more progress
  3. marquis

    e30 bits

    @E30 325i Rag-Top will pm you
  4. Hi guys, I'm after a pair of E30 R/ Trailing arms off a 325i specifically. Let me know what you have. Am not fussed if brakes caliper, rotors, half shafts etc are included or not. I'm located in Auckland, but shipping is not off the cards. Cheers Marcus
  5. marquis

    e30 bits

    Hi Will, you wouldn't happen to have a set of 325i Trailing Arms? Marcus
  6. Do you have any pictures of which E46 M3 section you used? Am interested to see how it sounds. You taking her to the next BS monthly meet?
  7. I have shifter linkage (from shifter to box) Located Central or East Auckland. $20
  8. Want to get f/rotors with floating hats. Hoping it will be significant enough to eliminate r/bias if paired w/ 330 r/calipers.
  9. I have pedal box with near new FAG master cylinder. PM me.
  10. Finding some to test fit on e36 with e46 330 calipers. They have same the diameter but have different thicknesses. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Am on the hunt for some **used** front rotors. Does any one have anything sitting around or know of a pair? Cheers Marcus Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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