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  1. It was not written off. The rego lapsed by the original owner who was Singapore based. Nothing to do with insurance either. The repairs were maintenance needed to get it running nicely. New intake gaskets and a few other minor issues from memory
  2. I had trouble trying to get $70k for it when trying to sell it on behalf of the owner on Trade Me
  3. It's the one we serviced and did all the compliance repairs on at work and had on one of the Bimmersport outings out at Kaiaua. I could have owned it back then when it was offered to me for $30K by the second owner.. a customer of mine. It had done 24,000k at the time
  4. Talk to Express Keys in Penrose http://www.expresskeys.co.nz/
  5. Thanks Dave. The only thing you got completely wrong is "all bark and no bite" Go drive one... the 1.6T DCT 7 AWD version. Then comment.
  6. Thanks Kyu. I'm very pleased how it's turned out. Special black out to my specs organised through the dealer. First Lagoon Blue one done in NZ. I might come along with it to a Sunday meeting when I get back from overseas if I'm allowed to park somewhere.
  7. Thanks Mr Negative
  8. Picked up the new car today. A special dealer edition
  9. Here you go Barry https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2052751686
  10. B.M.W Ltd

    WTB: E46 FCAB

    Wifey's car
  11. B.M.W Ltd

    WTB: E46 FCAB

    They would need to call them. I'm not sure if they will fit parts supplied by owners.
  12. B.M.W Ltd

    WTB: E46 FCAB

    They come as a set. The bushes are not available separately. BM Workshop Grey Lynn Spare parts. It's not a job to do lying on your back. A hoist gives you more room to use force pushing them on to the lower control arm by hand only and make sure they are lined up properly. Don't use a weapon. You need to use rubber grease and heaps of spray lube. A press is not needed and you leave the control arm on the car.
  13. Yes the doors still open Olaf. The rear subframe / chassis was all distorted and the R/R wheel smashed when the rear of the car was punched into the high kerbing. I'm also impressed by how well the car took the hit. I'm told by witnesses they guessed the speed of the other car to be about 80kph The only hold up with the insurance was getting the police report and the long holiday interval. Get my new car next week after the tow bar fitting, PD, window tinting and Dura Seal paint and leather protection. Hyundai have given me a car till mines ready.
  14. I'm sure he could Michael, but I wouldn't drive it 😄
  15. The service intervals are every 10k. Mine had only done 7k. They go in for a 1k / one month inspection initially
  16. The Insurance repair cost was going to be $40,000 It doesn't look that bad but the car was f**ked. It saved me. I got "T" boned by 4 little f**kers evading police at high speed
  17. I like that but the wife doesn't. It's called Acid Yellow
  18. Bit off an update. After 3 weeks. Total replacement with a brand new car with all the extras I had paid for... plus upgraded to the Elite Black roof model. I've gone for Lagoon Blue this time. I couldn't go with the Red again.
  19. You need to try the Kona 1.6T DCT7 Chris
  20. A couple of points are being missed here. The OP has indicated he has mechanical warranty by expressing the $350 excess. Which means it must be serviced according to the specifics of the warranty provider. He cannot service or repair the vehicle himself if he want's to maintain that warranty. He is also over the mileage between services as most warranties require the vehicle to be service every 12 months or 10,000 km whichever occurs first. What warranty company is it Joseph ?
  21. M43 or N42 motor ? Alloy or black plastic rocker covers ?
  22. Normal... the car isn't six months old...it's 7 years old. It's called catch up on maintenance
  23. Might pay to edit your listing Cozza. They aren't 4WD
  24. I'm physically ok thanks Olaf and I'm unsure at the moment what is happening with the investigation / insurance . Plenty of witnesses and Heli cam cover. Their stolen vehicle was used for a burglary/home invasion by 4 who were captured. I've done all I can at the moment... claims in BTW the wife owned a swift for 13yrs from new. Was a great little car that suited her needs. Very reliable small vehicle.
  25. Thanks Kyu. I was by myself the car took the impact well and I'd buy again. I just don't want this one back now. Hasn't even had it's first service
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