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  1. Have been watching a E46 CD head unit on Trademe here: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=224879672 I'm looking to swap out the factory MD player in my 318ti but can anyone tell if the CD unit will still work with the factory CD Stacker as well??
  2. Hi Jochen.. you were close it's a 318ti with business radio/MD head unit August 2002 (update version) with the large 17(?) pin connector on the back. I had the radio out a while ago but didn't count the pins.
  3. Hey all, was wondering if anyone would have a wiring diagram for an E46? I want to install my Nokia handsfree carkit in my compact so that it mutes the stereo and works through the car speakers rather than installing a seperate speaker etc.. also need to ID the ignition and battery wires... I have all the install instructions for the kit, just need the car-related info. Any tips?? Cheers
  4. Anyone got some contact details for Gavin at Hi Velocity... can't seem to find him in the whitepages?? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the help guy's... hmm, might have to man handle it a bit since it wouldn't budge with the screws removed....
  6. Thought I'd toss my ten cents in the ring here and offer my thanks to a sponsor also... On Johno's reccommendation I had a new set of Bridgestone Potenza RE001's fitted to my new toy today.. and I cannot believe the difference over the original tyres... drives way better, little (if any) tracking and they are oh so silent.... just brilliant. Great service from the guy's over at Penrose and a great price as well.. could'nt be happier. Big thanks Johno, really appreciate it.
  7. Because despite being loosened the vent won't come out. I think it's because of the linkage (middle wheel that controls the warm/cold air mix) that I need to get to and disconnect first. Problem is, as far as I can tell, that the "casing unit" that houses the radio and climate control console needs to come out. Radio's out.. no problem, but can't see how to remove the climate console....
  8. Hey all.. I'm trying to figure out how to remove the a/c vent in the center of the dash, above the radio on my E46. Have managed to get a sfar as removing the radio but it looks like I need to remove the climate control console as well to get access to the back of the vent. Can anyone add any tips? Better still, anyone got a workshop manual I can borrow??
  9. Looks like an Avon dealer's car.... ROFL
  10. What, so are you implying that if I put an M badge on mine that doesn't make it an M3?? LOL
  11. an E36 318ti being passed off as an M3 maybe....??
  12. So is any of this going to apply in NZ??
  13. Poor guy.. makes me wonder how much he got suckered when he bought it in the first place...
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