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  1. Gidday,


    word is is you may have a pair of e30 cloth sport seats to sell. Wondering if rumours are correct. If so, let's talk. Looking for some for my project, and am in dunners.




  2. antil33t

    NZ New E30 factory audio gear?

    Sony XR-7300 is the model. I am using one with a non original 5 channel amp so I can run a Sub and all four speakers. they also have an Aux in line which is better than a CD stacker these days.
  3. antil33t

    Cops & Plates

    I have a set of upgraded plates, and i've had 3 sets of fake plates... and been fined once by a parking warden parked infront of a house.... Upgraded plates are worth it IMO for the simple fact you can keep them forever. They are greedy f**ks though, got europlates but bought a japanese car and would like to keep your own number? $300 to downgrade.
  4. antil33t

    E28 kyb front shocks worth it?

    such positive comments as usual E28's use an insert shock, so you won't even see the new shocks when you replace them.
  5. antil33t

    Help Fitout my New E30 Project

    Nah keep it LHD and do a sweet turbo setup.
  6. antil33t

    Evil iProducts causing crashes

    "let phones, ipods, ipads blah blah destract them" There are seriously people out there that only know a tablet as an iPad.....
  7. antil33t

    Evil iProducts causing crashes

    uhm.... where is he blaming the devices? he said motorists let devices destract them. its your fault if you let something distract you.
  8. antil33t

    e30 885 head

    Depends entirely on condition... I've seen ones sell for $800 but were perfect and ready to install with receipts. searching through some old sale threads seems to be around $200 just removed.
  9. antil33t

    Quick rant thread.

    Bundies. Stupid Bundies everywhere....
  10. antil33t

    M20 Head gasket set, where do these bits go?

    Large one, could also be the seal for the oil cooler thermostat right angle thing or just the thermostat hard to tell haha, small one dipstick, crush washers for sensors and one will be for the sump plug.. M20's have a spin on and no filter housing.
  11. I was trying to work out how the hell the "handbrake" failure would cause it to roll... assumed it was automatic... that's pretty poo for a 540iS... guess someone will have a six speed box up for sale soon, with slight water damage.
  12. antil33t

    Will this guy be up for a manslaughter charge?

    Snow tyres are actually f**king awesome when used correctly... very soft compound, very useless on dry warm roads. Can't just ban something because the NZ Public doesn't understand how it works. and I don't know where you got the 80k limit from. Bridgestone Blizzak's (example) are "R" Rated, which is 170kph.
  13. antil33t

    1990 325i SE

    Buys car with almost 300,000 km and expects perfection....
  14. antil33t

    Quick rant thread.

    Subaru ABS on ice. useless. BMW ABS is actually far superior in every way even though Subaru's is a copy.
  15. antil33t

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Reliable as, just needs oil changes every 5000km, love an attention, a few kind words, 98 Pump gas, your first born child, your wallet, credit card, your wife, your mum, your hot sister, warmed up before thrashing, cooled down after thrashing, then it'll probably still need a new Turbo.