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  1. Ugan

    F10 535i Msport Touring

  2. Ugan

    F10 535i Msport Touring

    What is the going rate for a factory tow bar from BMW for this vehicle, I am also looking for one now and none have towbars. thanks
  3. Ugan

    E34 530i for sale

  4. Ugan


    Complete headlight, I won’t know where to start with the adjuster kit. Cheers
  5. Hi I am after a facelift motorsport left front headlight for my E39 2001 touring. Headlight Adjuster must be working mine failed WOF. Cheers
  6. Ugan

    E39 Touring - wet rear floor carpet

    Thanks this fixed the issue, had to remove the door gasket and re seal.
  7. Ugan

    E39 Touring - wet rear floor carpet

    Thanks will check it out again tomorrow.
  8. Hi as per the title I have wet rear floor carpets. opened door cars and the vapour barrier is still sealed properly. could this be from the sun roof drain? Or is there something I have not checked in the door card , there is a distinct mouldy area over the inside rear door sill but can't track where is is coming from? cheers ugan
  9. Ugan

    E39 2001 530i alternator

    As per title from a lower mileage vehicle must be valeo
  10. Ugan

    1998 E39 528i touring parts car jus in @ BMWORLD

    Please pm me price for the floor mat with clips.thanks
  11. Hi WTB tailgate glass hatch and tailgate strut , must be new. BMW are asking way too much my only other option is to get of ecs tuning. Thanks ugan
  12. Ugan

    WTB - E39 touring exhaust

    Thanks got this done by Woolf mufflers they had a 540i Orem, Hugh difference in power and quietness.
  13. Ugan

    WTB - E39 touring exhaust

    Please pm price for the 540i setup, any pic ? Thanks
  14. Ugan

    BMW 530i 2001

    Yes Oxford green with Tan leather goes well👍