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  1. Complete headlight, I won’t know where to start with the adjuster kit. Cheers
  2. Hi I am after a facelift motorsport left front headlight for my E39 2001 touring. Headlight Adjuster must be working mine failed WOF. Cheers
  3. Thanks this fixed the issue, had to remove the door gasket and re seal.
  4. Thanks will check it out again tomorrow.
  5. Hi as per the title I have wet rear floor carpets. opened door cars and the vapour barrier is still sealed properly. could this be from the sun roof drain? Or is there something I have not checked in the door card , there is a distinct mouldy area over the inside rear door sill but can't track where is is coming from? cheers ugan
  6. As per title from a lower mileage vehicle must be valeo
  7. Please pm me price for the floor mat with clips.thanks
  8. Hi WTB tailgate glass hatch and tailgate strut , must be new. BMW are asking way too much my only other option is to get of ecs tuning. Thanks ugan
  9. Thanks got this done by Woolf mufflers they had a 540i Orem, Hugh difference in power and quietness.
  10. Please pm price for the 540i setup, any pic ? Thanks
  11. Yes Oxford green with Tan leather goes well👍
  12. Hi looking for good condition OEM catback exhaust, no after market. Thanks Ugan
  13. Will review everything as advised here, right now everything seems in order which is unlike many of my past purchases but early days still.Hopefully she is not sitting on her arse tomorrow morning😂(Airbags😜)