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  1. Hi, I'm after the front passenger interior sill strip delivered to Wellington part number 51478204007, cheap as possible before I head to ebay please. I cracked mine when trying to tuck a cable under it Cheers
  2. the climate control fan? That seems good - i know because it was freezing this morning and the heater was keeping me warm ha!
  3. Cheers - If i take the plugs out of the amp and plug it all back in then the unit will work properly again until the next bump, there's definitely something odd going on. I'll start checking wires when I take the H/U out when it arrives.
  4. Hey Eagle - I changed the amp yesterday and it still cuts out, although the orange light stays on now rather than goes off. I'm guessing it's the actual unit in the dash which is the 16:9 screen (no nav). I've got an android unit coming but what did you mean about the radio harness - does this not just all plug into the back at the dash? I couldn't see a radio module when I was replacing the amp, only a phone module, amp and CD changer. I don't have a DSP amp either. Will I still need to get that harness? Cheers.
  5. Hi, I've got the awful screen type radio in my E39 and recently when going over a bump the radio will cut out (screen stays on) and will come back on a few moments later. From what I suspect this is probably the amp (8371025). Question: If i get a replacement amp from a breakers will it just work or do I need to faff around with coding? Second question is if I upgrade to an android style unit later on will can I keep the existing arrangement with the amp? I'm not into ICE but like the basics. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for your help, I got a wire brush in there from a Dremel today. Supercheap had a multi pack of o rings and one size was 20x3.5mm which was a nice snug fit. The difference was I put some rubber grease on this time. The thing is sealing now. I've missed driving it. The R8 can stay in the garage! Thanks again.
  7. So I took the pipe off again this morning and one oring was snapped and the other was a wierd shape. No idea how or why. The other pipe was fine. So the oring spec appears to be 20x3mm, can I just pop down to repco and get these or do I have to get them from BMW?
  8. I was going to ask about the sealant, this is what I was going to try after cleaning it. It was aftermarket from Pelican Parts so maybe that explains it although the pipe was very hard to get in, I had to put a dab of wd40 on the orings to get it in. I'll get some more orings from Winger then. I've just started taking the car apart when I got in today after work and the manifold is almost off after 45 mins.. So much easier when you've done it before.. The injector clips came off so much easier as well. I'll do the rest on the weekend. Cheers
  9. Hi - the plastic pipes that go into the block that sit under the intake manifold. I lubed the o-rings up to get them in the housing.. I did think about the wire brush but getting it in seemed like a struggle. I used a pick and mini scraper and it took a while. I think I slipped a disc too (lol) .. I'll see what the pressure test says then, will I have to buy some new o-rings if I'm going to do this job again? Will the intake manifold and throttle body gaskets be ok too? They were all new. Thanks
  10. Hi, I had to change the coolant pipes under the intake recently on my 530i because they had started to leak at where the pipes entered the block. When I removed them the plastic had fused to the block as the pipe was removed so I had to scrape away all the plastic and mangled orings for quite some time. Anyway the new pipes came and fitted, topped up and ran using the bleed screws initially. Went on a drive and the heaters started to get warm again which was great. Got back and it starts p155ing fluid from the hose connected to the thermostat housing! Even after I turned off it was hissing and spraying water in that area! What have I done wrong? The only thing I can think off is I didn't get all the old plastic out of the housing so the orings aren't sealing? A friend has suggested an airlock and will bring his pressure tester up. I'm trying to keep it from the scrapyard as I like driving it but it's testing me.. Is there anything else I can try before I take the manifold off? I'm trying to avoid that if possible as it wasn't the most fun job (especially those injector clips). Thanks
  11. I've got one on order already, was hoping I could get one for today though (Sunday) cheers though.
  12. Hi, Has anyone got one of these in the Wellington region that I could collect? Cheers
  13. It's a 530i.. Aren't they the same though? What's the part number? Cheers
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