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  1. Nice..... love those seats. Kinda like it got steam rollered by a tyre.
  2. I am a courier driver, my commercial policy says I am covered for any “reasonable” vehicle that I might be driving. But you wouldn’t want to know how much it costs....
  3. Pretty sure you are right on that one. Probably on car part prices there are bit more difference in prices as we are a small market after-all.
  4. That price can't be right... 20-30% off NZ price I get it, but this is like 75% off. I hope it works out for you.
  5. Politicians ruin everything fun. It's their job and duty.
  6. 2-300 for generic vs 5-600 for genuine. Just a hearsay figures here. i am more interested in why insurance is squabbling.
  7. No different to many other drivers on the road. Especially more often in the west and south Auckland. Deep breath and look away.
  8. Cars like this are likely garaged all its life. But velour seat and those mats are interesting. I was expecting leather on all 7-series Those tyres could be original too. lol....
  9. What could be worse? How about a BMW branded Civic? ///M badged Toyota Camry The list goes on.
  10. The one in glove box is for maintenance purpose, backup data from the iDrive harddrive, update firmware/maps, etc... You can't play MP3 songs off it. If you want to play songs with USB, it needs a USB audio interface (option 6FL) located in the centre arm rest and it looks like the photo above. The USB stick has to be formatted in FAT (maybe FAT32 as well) ,
  11. This? In blue BMW M3 Coupe 2012
  12. It's kind of a electroplating, I polished bit of it off by accident when using a polisher machine.
  13. Not sure what shop's gift card you've got, if it is for BMW dealerships, BMW's own brand stuff are actually quite good. Meguiar is also good and if you know what you are doing, specific 3M commercial detailing product are also good.
  14. I could be wrong but I thought those two are different thing and do different job in the cooling system.
  15. Highly recommend Autolign in Mt Wellington for install. Also recommend Nolathan bushes, makes a huge difference in handling compare to the old worn rubber one. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk