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  1. A written off project car popped up on a NZ Facebook page yesterday. It turns out that it is meant to be NZ new? Does anyone know how many NZ new 3.0 4 door E36 M3's were sold?
  2. Im one of the people that have commented on the FB thread. I saw the car at OCD when I was last in Auckland back in August and was disappointed in some of the panel gaps and paint (front drivers corner), thought I could see that its a well loved car. As for your prices, this car has essentially been put together with 2 written off cars so your figures are incorrect. Say less than 2K for a damaged Touring and 15K for a written off M3? Yes there is a lot of time thats gone into this build, but if you have the donor M3 it helps a lot (like any conversion). Question? Whats a E46 318CI worth thats been converted into an M3 by using a written off M3 as a donor?
  3. Is the factory manual E60 gearbox just the same out of the E39? From what I have read the V8 ratios don't suit the V10?
  4. Nothing M Technic about this car parts from it being registered as "M TECHNIC" . . . The options don't show any of the below from factory: LSD Body kit M Suspension M Steering wheel
  5. Thats the car Tom.
  6. Lots of kms, but would have been a cool car:
  7. Why better off from the US? The have a number if different changes to the rest of the world.
  8. Maybe 95% would be LHD. The will be Japanese new. For example all of the Japanese allocation of E46 M3 CSL's are LHD.
  9. Driven either?
  10. Well for starters they will be LHD.
  12. Sold by the looks of things.
  13. You missed out then. This was Bay View on Monday morning:
  14. High kms, and trans is shagged: