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  1. Golfboy666GTI

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    6,342 1M's isn't exactly rare.
  2. Golfboy666GTI

    Written off F90 M5

    This must be the first one in NZ: https://www.manheim.co.nz/damaged-vehicles/000000000005375544/2018-bmw-5-series-m5-4-4pt-4wd-8at-sl-sedan?referringPage=SearchResults
  3. Golfboy666GTI

    Manual F80 M3's in NZ?

    There is a number of M2 manuals in NZ I believe. As for F8 M3 manuals, Ive seen a few for sale in OZ and the UK.
  4. Golfboy666GTI

    More limited M4 goodness

    I believe this car has been used properly, including some hill climbs etc. Isn't it 1 of 3 sold in NZ? Two Mineral Grey, and the other is Frozen Grey?
  5. Golfboy666GTI

    Manual F80 M3's in NZ?

    Has anyone seen manual F80 M3's in NZ? And did BMW NZ bring any in? I guess there aren't any Comp packs?
  6. Golfboy666GTI

    Z1 anyone? 😳

    Surely there is more than 3 in NZ? I know of a pale green one in HB that was imported within the last 24 months, and a car collector based in who purchased one in new.
  7. Golfboy666GTI

    Unicorn E46 330d low kms cheap!

    The title is wrong, it’s an E46 not an E36.
  8. Golfboy666GTI


    There are x2 NZ new, x3 UK imports in NZ.
  9. Golfboy666GTI

    $50k F10 M5

    It was a $1 reserve auction as well.
  10. Golfboy666GTI

    $50k F10 M5

    Its sold earlier in the year for 44K done 9,000kms less.
  11. Golfboy666GTI

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    Two pre production CSL's wasn't it? Including the ex BMW Driver training car that I believe was crashed by a young tech "taking the long way home"?
  12. Golfboy666GTI

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    As well as this pre series management car I see there are also 5 other early VIN 2000 E46 M3's in NZ. They are all marked "Development veh. w/out preservation". Of those I believe one is the first ever RHD SMG E46 M3.
  13. Golfboy666GTI

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    Along those lines yes. Remember proper production for RHD E46 M3's didn't kick off till 2/2001 and this car is a 2000 build.
  14. Golfboy666GTI

    LSB E46 M3!!!!!

    Its a pre series management car that came into NZ with just 212kms on it. My guess is that BMW NZ imported it as they bring a few pre series management cars in. Also worth noting this is the 14th RHD E46 M3 to be built.
  15. Just wondering if there would be more F10 M5 imports than NZ new? I thought this could be the case from when the pound was weak when the cars were new?