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  1. It's all pretty speculative without knowing brand of dyno and correction factors used. Regardless would be a bloody nice weapon to own. Mucho jealous
  2. I stuff the ports with rags and then use tape to cover them. Then get the tooth brush out and spend a year cleaning
  3. Correct. Being a returnless rail the regulator is in the filter
  4. They have a pressure test valve on the fuel rail, standard Schrader type
  5. E36 coupe pros: Look nice Drive nice Can make them handle unbelievably well for little money Manual goodness Cons: Plastic cooling system Window regulators and motors The whole interior will destroy itself in front of your eyes window regulators and motors Wheel bearings window regulators and motors E36 316 sedan: (my favorite) Pros: Manual. Economical Reliable Hilariously floppy and slow Manual windows don't break Cons Hilariously floppy and slow Drum brakes No rear anti roll bar Interior has exploded E53 X5 pros: Manual. Diesel Everything is awesome Sportpac Cons: None.
  6. Bumpy. I'm getting sad seeing this sit unused
  7. Valet pro do some excellent stuff I might try bring in some Ammo productsto try out sometime soon
  8. Any gasket on the engine on an m43 will leak Brake clean or similar around the intake system should help
  9. That looks top notch! Props on the Megs NXT products, I drink that stuff
  10. Failed pressure reg generally helps cold start and makes hot start very difficult. Your fuel pressure is at max during starting as there is little to no vacuum acting on the regulator Black soot is nothing to worry about. Clamp off the return line to see if it is just low pressure Check for air leaks also as its an m43 the easiest way to tell is beg/borrow/steal a scan set up using ADS interface and a serial port.
  11. Very tasty looking 46!
  12. I run the reservoir return in to a container and have it sucking through clean fluid on the feed side until it runs clear, not too difficult to do but potentially very messy when you don't pay attention to the old fluid spilling on the floor
  13. I'm having to let this go due to moving workshop and wanting to buy a house one day 1997 328i Msport coupe NZ new, Boston green 235km, fair amount of service history Black leather sport seats, electric The sore points Paint on bonnet is flaking off at an impressive rate, paint on sunroof has dulled Head lining is beginning to sag behind the sunroof Two holes in drivers seat, on the highest points of the upper and lower side bolsters Steering wheel and gearknob leather torn Some damage to driver's door card, I have been unable to find a replacement, the first set I got were totally trashed The good: Fantastic ZF gearbox with recent clutch job Many new bushings installed less than two years ago by P.Owner (appear to be purple proflex or similar) Near new 205/16 tyres, or can bargain in a set of nice 225/45 Michelin MXF Sports, both sets are installed on tidy original Msport wheels Have done the FCPEuro fan delete kit with new water pump, fantastic upgrade Has many new hoses New filters Recent brake pads I have done an oil change just before 234km and had an oil analysis sample done M3 sway bar links (with the XYZ suspension) Have flushed out the powersteering Can come on a choice of suspension: XYZ Tarmac suspension in good condition, currently in the car and it is unbelievable in the corners Msport springs with Monroe front and Gabriel heady duty rears (near new) Superlow springs (I forget brand) with shortened Monroes Car is not certed for adjustable suspension, I didn't plan to keep it in there as I do not care for cert plates looking ugly in an engine bay and wanted to retain originality I'm wanting $6k ono and happy to listen to offers if this is horribly unreasonable. XYZ suspension and Michelin semi slicks can be had for extra (ideally keeping these for the race car) Viewing and test drives welcomed unless you strike me as a womble Located in Hastings
  14. Having to be an adult and downsize my squadron '92 NZ new, factory manual 316 (M40 motor) in Glacier Blue with Aquamarine 90's porn spec cloth interior Approx 188km Tidy exterior, typically sagging interior (will get pics this week) Non ABS No Aircon No Airbags Manual windows front and rear Have not got a WoF on it (too many blimmin cars) but the rego is on hold. Not entirely certain what it would need for a WoF The gear box changes very nicely. I find it to be a strangely refreshing, enjoyable and simple car to drive in comparison to my other E36s. I've put a strange amount of time and no doubt more money than the car is worth in to this beast I got it at 184km and since then have done: New rear shoes New rear wheel cylinders New Cambelt New thermostat New water pump New Camshaft, rockers and lifters (imported from Germany) New spark plugs New cam seal New front main seal Engine oil and filter Power steering flush Gearbox oil Diff oil 318Ti/318iS radiator and electric fan conversion, wired in to the fuse box with high and low speed relays as per factory Second hand battery New air filter I have a new fuel filter to fit, but haven't had time yet Out of all my E36s this is my favourite, I have no idea why so I am not particularly worried if I sell it I was supposed to use this as a daily driver but I've been using the 328, X5 and E39 when I'm not away for work Located in Hastings After a hugely unrealistic $1800, because I don't really want it gone and I am indeed a sick man I welcome inspection and viewing
  15. Bmw dropted Nikasil in 96 btw. Sulphur in fuels eats out the nickel. The m52 b28 should be Alusil. Enjoy the 325 for what it is, do anl light flywheel and better diff ratio, make it stop and handle. Winning