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  1. Yeah the air filter is a bit annoying. The fuel filter is a whole lot easier than the internet makes out though, if you have slim hands. Definitely worth doing too because nobody replaces them
  2. The alarm will be the bonnet sensor, unplug it.
  3. I bought a not bmw for my dear missus last night It's like a cross between an e39 540 and a nice w211 Except much better and more gadgets. And more importantly more comfortable and I shouldn't have to work on it 😓
  4. The door carrier assembly is pretty easy to do, I've done a few. One on my one. Enjoy!
  5. Mine is manual so nonissue with boxes breaking haha it is awesome, pulls like a Vegan on a lettuce! Definitely faster than my 338 manual was and the torque is huuuuge The 6 speed zf auto is a great box, just get it serviced
  6. Ours have always smelled on start up. My current one has no cats and a tune and makes quite a bit of turbo noise, it absolutely stinks when its idling too Yeah being down that way I guess it will be having some smokey starts the only consistent issue I have seen on the ones we have run is front outer cv boots fail like any other car. That's about all that has been done on them in 400,000km combined apart from regular maintenance (and 4 gearboxes in the PFL auto.. )
  7. Have run three m57 x5s for work and personal, all three ran fairly cool on the open road. All three had the smoke on first start up, nothing to worry about, likely failing glow plugs but I've never had a starting issue with all 6 dead The diesel small is most likely a cracked manifold The aux heater only works under 5 degrees ambient Do the PCV/CCV in the rocker cover, its extremely important on these Do the fuel filter every 50km it's easy enough and cheap 1/3 to 1/2 on the gauge is 70-80 degrees, allnthree I've used run that low unless under load, my tuned one runs just under 70 on the open road
  8. Dynavin n6 or newer would work, but they are spendy Quite a lot of the android units are very good, but you definitely need to research them Mine has a chinese pile of junk running on that real scungy windows system from back in the day and it is garbage
  9. You can see the hp on that graph is calculated engine hp, still a good gain over a stock one though
  10. I have a little Chinese Honda copy petrol on for general home use and car cleaning, it's adequate but a longer hose is defiant must. I paid $3-400 for it a few years ago from Mitre10 haven't had an issue. We have the same model at work that's about 10 years old and it still hasn't broken
  11. Will be interesting to see how they fare with higher hp. You can make some rather fruity hp on a 2JZ with some money spent on ARP bits. But you can make similar HP on an n54 too without doing internal work
  12. If it is bad enough to knock you will see it wobble Have you only had this issue with that clutch/fly set up installed? I would be suspicious of your thrust bearing or the fork rattling. Otherwise it is entirely possible you have crank walk issues, but the chances of that with two engines Also check for headers hitting and that kind of jumk
  13. Tidy wheels, tyres are no good. Used them to roll the race car around, no longer needed. All center caps function, dirty from storage $250ono, located Hastings.
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