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  1. dirtydoogle

    1995 318ti auto trans

    If you're worried jack the car up and read the ID tag on the gearbox. This is from a 96/97 318ti, m44 engine. All the 4 cylinder engines had the GM 4L30E behind them. But to put you at ease I would reccomend double checking
  2. dirtydoogle

    1995 318ti auto trans

    Send me an offer and it's yours
  3. dirtydoogle

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    I'd offer to buy it off you if I saw it too 🤣
  4. dirtydoogle

    1995 318ti auto trans

    I have a 4l30e trans and converter in Hastings
  5. dirtydoogle

    WTD: E36 328i cluster

    Tanper dot is easy to get around. Either reprogram vin number and milage to the eeprom/m35080 or just replace with a new eeprom/m35080 and the dme and dash will automatically rewrite the data. I have a nice faulty 328 dash cluster...
  6. dirtydoogle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Did the fuel filter on the x5 at lunch on Friday, nice easy job. Then drove to tauranga and back
  7. dirtydoogle

    Limited edition Euros.

    That jza80 would be worth more untouched. What a waste
  8. dirtydoogle

    Wheel speed sensor issues

    I would do a continuity test from the module plug before jumping in and removing the module. Not uncommon to have a broken/chafed wire
  9. dirtydoogle

    E39 530i manual

    It's a real nice idea but a higher km UK car running a g220 isn't particularly appealing
  10. dirtydoogle

    Tired X3

    Admittedly I'd probably own an x3 3.0d twin turbo jobbie if I didn't find the x5
  11. dirtydoogle

    Tired X3

    I looked at a few and drove a few when I was looking for a new wagon but went with the manual e53 instead. Small penis I guess
  12. dirtydoogle

    Tired X3

    I always assume people that like the x3 haven't had the misfortune of driving one
  13. dirtydoogle

    What BMW do you want to own right now?

    The e39 just makes sense to me.
  14. dirtydoogle

    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    There's one of those Clios in the NZ super lap series. The joker is a good driver and its Impressively rapid for what is a very basic car
  15. dirtydoogle

    New Member 1969 E3 2500 restoration

    They would look spot on. But I like them collecting dust with my other stacks of wheels