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  1. What did you do to your SAAB today

    Very cool. Mine was a manual 3 door also, cheap and cheerful
  2. What did you do to your SAAB today

    I had a 306, absolutely loved it. Superb on shingle, hilarious in the wet and very involving in the dry. A very rewarding car to steer quickly and it commanded smooth inputs. Only thing that was not to like was the interior being worse than an e36, but I would own another in a heart beat. Please post pics!
  3. M50B25 Crankbolt removal (help)

    510 won't be anywhere near enough sadly. Have a spare rattle gun rated to 750 and that sometimes has to think about removing them
  4. Project twin e34's

    Buggered control arm bushings would be what I'd check Nice projects!
  5. M50B25 Crankbolt removal (help)

    I use an 18v dewalt (1625nm) for this, does them piece of cake
  6. Car Detailing Products

    Personally have not seen anything quite as impressive as Autoglym ultra HD wax. Stunning product, tested and proven to be an incredible gloss and it's super nice to work with. The extremely expensive waxes are amazing, but unless you're a professional detailer with a huge amount of experience you won't have a surface prepared well enough to justify putting it on, IMHO
  7. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Towed my Morris home from a mate's house. Manual x5 is such an excellent tow wagon Picked up a set of r888r for the race car this morning
  8. M44B19 misfire at idle

    The cam timing is set differently to different markets from what I can tell. Mostly a compromise with noise/vibration vs throttle response However eliminate everything else is always a good idea
  9. M44B19 misfire at idle

    Super common to have cam timing doing this, the gears are adjustable and fairly easy to fix I have a timing tool cut for these for this reason
  10. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Does it only do it hot?
  11. M325i mtech II

    I certainly see the appeal, but I don't think $25k is appropriate without being 100% original and totally immaculate Very fine example though. I wish I got in to the e30 game instead of buying a million e36s
  12. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Put some suspension in my racecar thing
  13. E39 ABS unit testing in nz

    I could do, but at the price I got and it being a cash job I just doubt there is any come back on it really. Plus it was a while ago that they repaired it, I just work too much to get anything done on this car. I haven't had time to do the other checks yet. Does strike me as odd, being a brand new unit, faulty, then repaired only to fail in a different way than it did prior to repair I know a lot of people who have used them for repairs on other cars and never heard a bad word
  14. E39 ABS unit testing in nz

    Cheers mate, will check the harness side and pin tension on the plug. If I have no luck will send you through a message
  15. E39 ABS unit testing in nz

    It was sent to them and repaired by them.