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  1. I have a little Chinese Honda copy petrol on for general home use and car cleaning, it's adequate but a longer hose is defiant must. I paid $3-400 for it a few years ago from Mitre10 haven't had an issue. We have the same model at work that's about 10 years old and it still hasn't broken
  2. Will be interesting to see how they fare with higher hp. You can make some rather fruity hp on a 2JZ with some money spent on ARP bits. But you can make similar HP on an n54 too without doing internal work
  3. If it is bad enough to knock you will see it wobble Have you only had this issue with that clutch/fly set up installed? I would be suspicious of your thrust bearing or the fork rattling. Otherwise it is entirely possible you have crank walk issues, but the chances of that with two engines Also check for headers hitting and that kind of jumk
  4. Tidy wheels, tyres are no good. Used them to roll the race car around, no longer needed. All center caps function, dirty from storage $250ono, located Hastings.
  5. I didn't do anything but I let a mate take my 325 to the car club for a hoon and the silly old car decided coolant wasn't it's thing I guess that's part of the e36 game, I didn't really have time to test the car properly and I have a complete hose kit for it but didn't fit it 😂
  6. I have a strange e39 here that will only communicate via the ads interface (tiny ADS, computer and all that was built by Tawa one here) and with my second INPA set up using an adapter throws can communication codes. INPA and ISTA are the bees knees Sorry did not read the cranking part. Have you confirmed ignition switch active relay etc? Otherwise dead key, fried DME or no EWS action would be my suspicion
  7. Check for injector pulse or spark? Where are you located? (Never mind, re read post) Only reliable way to use a 20 pin port is with an ADS interface and serial cable
  8. Last test I saw was around 45nm. So about as useful as dragging your foot on the ground
  9. Beautiful. If only I had a car to fit them to
  10. Not a BMW at all, but put a new clutch in this new brakes and such and started detailing it for my uncle. I missed my one during the first 10 minutes of driving. And then I remembered a sorted e36 is more fun. I also got some red cloth e36 sport seats and started a clean up on those. I'll go get a pic
  11. The breakaway torque on them is unbelievably low. Completely useless. The only "cheap" lsd was the old OBX units but they stopped making them for bmws, could modify them to work nicely (Honda guys still do)
  12. New, unused. Located hastings $40
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