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  1. I have many things but no 4wds or wagons and some are relatively economical
  2. What kind of other vehicles are you interested in as trades?
  3. Is it still in the North island?
  4. I'm using the ADS interface cable with INPA, the standard k-dcan cable I have won't communicate with the car at all The ADS interface communicates with everything else so far and does pull the ABS/ASC up Will be a bugger if it's a faulty new unit! But also not unheard of
  5. Have tried activating but nobody home, I'll give it a few more goes and bleed the system incase there is poo in a valve New unit, not s/h I do not know what codes the old unit had sadly, but I do think it may have just been a non-communicating one Before I was given this beast it had been to the local dealership for coding, but they could not find the fault with it, so I am told. I'm a wee bit concerned that perhaps this new unit has been dropped or something of the sort
  6. Is anyone capable of testing an ABS unit for me? Have been given a 2000 520, m52tu. Car had a brand new ABS module installed and coded, yet has not fixed the issue (this was before me, I am not aware of the original fault codes) I have scanned on INPA using tiny ADS interface. It is showing two valving codes. Is there a standard test to run on the valve bodies? I am aware it isn't the first time a Singapore imsport was horrible to fix
  7. I have a few e36s with no interior and no motors if you wan to come have a look for leak points, am in Hastings
  8. +1 to this. That car is reputedly quite well put together. It would be very unusual to run straight cut gears though as they have extremely strong gear sets in the ZF (pretty sure it was a zf box)
  9. After an early e36 factory head unit with plug. And any Aquamarine blue fabric seats of door inserts in tidy condition
  10. I have to be hat guy, but I really need that Morrie next to it, looks superb. Last MM Woody on TM went miles out of my budget Blimmin nice m5 though
  11. Sounds good to me. Flick me a PM and I'll send it off on Monday
  12. Correct However if memory serves me right the 530 does not have the alloy shocks. Both are nice cars regardless
  13. I can cut you a jolly good deal on the mentos but unfortunately the durries are off limits Blimmin repco not even useful when your mate works there
  14. I need to compensate so I love the 8
  15. M50b25 non vanos. Approx 230km or so when removed from car, test fired and ran smooth Comes with loom, ecu and all accessories Also have zf Auto box, crap adjustable front shocks (weld on sleeve and insert) and plenty of other e36 junk Selling to fund cage in racecar $700