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  1. dirtydoogle

    Gissa job!

    Grouse, it's quite nice out that way
  2. Installed a donor car in to the garage Cleaned the 316 which will become the race car chassis Cleaned the x5 too, just because Spat on the 520 and told it I hate it. Opened the bonnet on the morris, nothing to report there
  3. Only a very short term fix and will make a much bigger mess when time to fix it correctly
  4. Pull them off and give the housings to your local friendly machinist. Had some m57y ones done recently all the shafts were flapping like crazy making a mental noise from exhaust leakage. Only cost a few hundred to re-bush
  5. Finished painting the new to me shed floor, my excellent missus chucked some nice LED light tubes in the roof and I'm pretty happy. I even let the 316 have a look inside before I bring the race car home
  6. Pretty cheap from Fcpeuro, u less you have a good local source?
  7. Finally had a breakage of sorts in my e53, exterior door handle gave up when my better half tried to open the door. In other news it had another service.
  8. It is removed with a later firmware update, Google should be able to walk you through that
  9. You know damn well it's true Can't fit bugger all in my 53.
  10. I like. Will be following this, good work mate.
  11. Just a side by side UTV. Only a little over a ton
  12. On Thursday night in work X5 number 2 I exploded the turbo on the Napier-Taupo rd at 10pm towing a machine. So that was a bit dumb. The old dear has been having massive lag issues since it hit 400km and it's now at 455km. I told them so!
  13. They've been a joke since the MGB got rubber bumpers.
  14. If you're worried jack the car up and read the ID tag on the gearbox. This is from a 96/97 318ti, m44 engine. All the 4 cylinder engines had the GM 4L30E behind them. But to put you at ease I would reccomend double checking
  15. Send me an offer and it's yours
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