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  1. I could do, but at the price I got and it being a cash job I just doubt there is any come back on it really. Plus it was a while ago that they repaired it, I just work too much to get anything done on this car. I haven't had time to do the other checks yet. Does strike me as odd, being a brand new unit, faulty, then repaired only to fail in a different way than it did prior to repair I know a lot of people who have used them for repairs on other cars and never heard a bad word
  2. Cheers mate, will check the harness side and pin tension on the plug. If I have no luck will send you through a message
  3. It was sent to them and repaired by them.
  4. I'll be needing baffle for my e36 m50 motor soon, I'll be pulling it out of the original car soon and putting it in the "new" car so might as well take care o that when I'm there Anyone have something floating around? I not I'll make one up
  5. So I had the new unit sent away and repaired. It worked for approx 20 minutes and then stopped communication with INPA and the other modules in the car I was getting speed sensor readings just before it failed. So I am considering lighting it on fire. The repair wash a cash job, so no real come back there
  6. it's 91 degrees at the sensor on the bottom hose, 108 is about right on your ktemp
  7. I'd avoid it unless you're keen on a trans rebuild.
  8. They will run those miles with minimal maintenance, just oil and cooling stem stuff. Buthe it would be due for its third complete set of bushes etc I'm not worried about kms on vehicles, most of mine are what people consider high, buy on condition. My old man has a Corolla with over 800km on it with minimal maintenance and never had a mechanical failure.
  9. I like. But it'd most likely be very worn out unless it's had proper money spent underneath
  10. Have run one on an m52 and I rate them.
  11. All the kits I use have them
  12. Can take a jolly big load of home kill in the boot though!
  13. I've got a right foot for that
  14. ARP head studs, rod bolts and send it. Plenty of race engine specialists out there, get the Google and phone out. I wouldn't be playing the 600 hp game on a hypereutectic piston without e85 though, they hate knock
  15. I did much the same thing to my 540 (m62tu) and there was no perceptible difference in economy, but it ran far cooler. Theven system is only there for emissions, it drastically increases knock limitation under load until the engine temp cools back down. Tree hugging rubbish Good work Steve!