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  1. dirtydoogle

    E36 half roll cage...

    But also plays with the belt angle
  2. dirtydoogle

    E36 half roll cage...

    Looks nice and weak to me. I'd much prefer to have a classic x-bar
  3. dirtydoogle

    Passenger side high

    Most e36/46 are like that. The 36 is worse but they were all on the piss even new
  4. dirtydoogle

    Thoughts on the E87?

    Why not a 123d? They're super neat
  5. dirtydoogle

    Fiji green 318is

    Pretty sure she can't say anything if she doesn't know it exists yeah appears to be a pfl front end
  6. dirtydoogle

    E38 750il - Cranks, Coughs and starts

    Start with basics ( no doubt you have already), fuel, air, spark, compression and timing Then I'd be looking at cam/crank sensor testing. Or finding someone friendly to scan it for you
  7. dirtydoogle

    Fiji green 318is

    I'll be watching that auction like a hawk I believe this one was for sale in Palmy at a dealership two or three years back. Fiji green makes me fizz
  8. dirtydoogle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    316 hit 190,000km on the way to work Pretty exciting stuff.
  9. dirtydoogle

    E36 rear bump stop replacement

    Exactly as you have outlined. Easy peasy
  10. dirtydoogle

    O2 Sensor Readings

    Or the cats have been gutted the correct way to test your cats for being blocked is with a manometer The correct way to check your o2 sensors with with a gas analyser But won't hurt to check for leaks at all or damage to the cats
  11. dirtydoogle

    O2 Sensor Readings

    What model car? They're both codes for cats, so I would probably check if they have been removed
  12. dirtydoogle

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    Just hit 260km in my diesel. Still no issues. Seems to me like the petrol variants have significantly more cooling system issues, I imagine that it's just the much higher opeating temps
  13. dirtydoogle

    E36 328 vs Hyundai i30N

    Now I'm convinced that I should have kept my 328
  14. dirtydoogle

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    If you're on a budget and don't have the ability to make a bench test right for the dme you will need the inpa/ncs/dis set up on an old PC. Easiest way is with a serial cable and an ADS interface. Unfortunately lots of reading is needed and relatively limited info as most people are US based with OBD2 ports
  15. dirtydoogle

    E53d X5 pusher fan question

    I know the v8had the pwm control fan, am unsure on the diesel (can have a look at mine if need be)
  16. dirtydoogle

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    I think that's why I've had my e36 316 longer than any other e36, I really enjoy the simple cars. Probably also why I drive a Morrie most days
  17. dirtydoogle

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    This makes me want a povo pack e30 very much
  18. dirtydoogle

    Alignment issues

    Check front arm bushes and the arms themselves If nothing obviously out of kilter have a good nosey at the subframe
  19. dirtydoogle

    Diff Seals, BMW vs OEM vs Generic

    Only radial seals I've had fail premature are C&U
  20. dirtydoogle

    1995 E36 328i

    Hah, only four! I'd get a hiding if I took this home too
  21. Don't read in to it too much. Could be as simple as washer fluid. Or could mean the car has had more running repairs over the years and consequently better than others of similar milage.
  22. dirtydoogle

    540i Timing chain guides

    You can find the dimensions for cam lock tool online and make your own, I've had a few of them laser cut for me. Can also make your own crank tool. My 18v rattle gun will do the crank pulley with ease too. It's a huge job to undertake, be over prepared
  23. dirtydoogle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Today I... Pulled the HVAC control out of one of the 318s and replaced the caps on the board. Easy and works properly now. Drove it around and did an oil change. New headgasket and head appear to work. Shame about the fact it's a 318... Next to tackle on it; Remove a dent. Fix interior, it's all saggy. I think I have a complete tidy leather interior, so may chuck that in Attempt to make it tidy outside Sell it
  24. dirtydoogle

    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    Mine blew the drivers park light bulb and a low beam bulb, had a regulator to window clip fail, cost nothing to sort that. Coming up to a year and 20,000km ownership. Currently at 259km. Will be needing to do rear control arm bushes eventually. My work e53 is now at 430km and has had a battery replaced in the last year, has covered approx 80,000km last year
  25. dirtydoogle

    E36 tax starting

    Should do if it's a 318is Can't seem to decode your vin If in doubt measure your front sway bar, sport is 26mm and standard is 23.5