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    2001-2004 X5 - opinions wanted

    Mine blew the drivers park light bulb and a low beam bulb, had a regulator to window clip fail, cost nothing to sort that. Coming up to a year and 20,000km ownership. Currently at 259km. Will be needing to do rear control arm bushes eventually. My work e53 is now at 430km and has had a battery replaced in the last year, has covered approx 80,000km last year
  2. dirtydoogle

    E36 tax starting

    Should do if it's a 318is Can't seem to decode your vin If in doubt measure your front sway bar, sport is 26mm and standard is 23.5
  3. dirtydoogle

    E36 tax starting

    Don't forget the Italian market e30 320iS... Typically all the coupes ran the sport suspension too. Have yet to see one without it. I think in some strange markets the coupe could be had with m40/43 and bouncy castle suspension. But anything we get here had the sport stuff
  4. dirtydoogle

    Wanted E36 M3 Dakar Yellow

    I do remember that one.
  5. dirtydoogle

    Wanted E36 M3 Dakar Yellow

    Would have to be plate and tagged if that was the case?
  6. dirtydoogle

    Anyone wanting a cheap 318ti Manual?

    Might keep an eye on that, have a spare m44 lying around.
  7. dirtydoogle

    e36 drums to discs

    There's no way to prove it originally had drums. Swap the rear arms over with the complete assemblies, bolts up, same brake lines etc Have done my 316 like this and the brake bias is still okay
  8. dirtydoogle

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    M42/44 swap is a laugh in an e30. Have engines available for sale Very cool project, I love povo pack cars
  9. dirtydoogle

    Life is choice bro thread.

    If that happened I'll barra swap one of our work X5's. Or the e39
  10. dirtydoogle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Cleaned the X5, 316, 318 #2 and hateful 520. Put the "new" head on 318 #2 after work yesterday. Forgot to get new valve cover gasket. Derp. Will give it a polish and sell it soon
  11. dirtydoogle

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    Try find a z3m OE radiator. Better than a Fenix. I run an OEM radiator, not a problem. BC gold are good entry level, my personal favorite is the XYZ in that price range. Cool build man, keep up the good work
  12. dirtydoogle

    E36 tax starting

    All 318 coupes are iS, that just means it has m42/44 not 40/43 the kit etc was optional
  13. dirtydoogle

    E39 535i 5HP-24 issues

    Yup. Having the battery off shouldn't clear the trans adaptions on the e39, might clear driver pattern adaptions but that'd be it.
  14. dirtydoogle

    E39 535i 5HP-24 issues

    I would suggest clearing the adaptions since you have changed the box before you damage it
  15. dirtydoogle

    Unicorn E46 330d low kms cheap!

    That is real tasty, love that colour on a FL 46.
  16. dirtydoogle

    SOLD! E61 535d M-Sport, NZ New, 2006. Need it gone!!!

    No doubt they'll try get him in to a newer less reliable model
  17. dirtydoogle

    SOLD! E61 535d M-Sport, NZ New, 2006. Need it gone!!!

    If you look at engine hours and fuel load 300,000km done on open roads is not a lot at all. My father has a Corolla that's somewhere around the 850,000km mark
  18. dirtydoogle

    E36 328I Track Car

    I'll stick to my r888r then
  19. dirtydoogle

    E36 328I Track Car

    Would like to hear your feedback on the Zestino tyres? Love the build.
  20. dirtydoogle

    Rev hang

    Common for people to refresh them However Air leaks, grooved throttle body, dirty/sticky injectors wetting the intake tract, buggered throttle cable etc have seen all before General rule of thumb in bmw Internet world is to flash/chip the ecu
  21. dirtydoogle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    E53 got engine, diffs, gearbox and transcase oils this morning Some new filters thrown around here and there Nothing to fix on it yet. Might break one day.
  22. dirtydoogle

    1995 318i sedan M43B18 disa

    Check the camshaft for wear
  23. dirtydoogle

    M44B19 misfire at idle - SOLVED

    Yeah its not particularly uncommon but most people are plebs and don't notice these things like you have
  24. dirtydoogle

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    I did mention things along that line. But nah, too cool for them
  25. I'm not sure what brand my two meters at work are, they were gifted to me can get a cheap fluke for under $200, however they are the benchmark not the be all and end all. Not my area of expertise though so won't make crazy recommendations I've had a whole heap of hvac failures, of varying degrees of current draw Even though 130ish mA is over spec it won't drain your battery very fast