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  1. Gunner

    E46 Wet Foam Under Carpet

    Hi All, Recently I noticed a lot of condensation build up in my car and found that the vapor barrier seals on my passenger side weren't sealed properly so water was getting under the carpet. I've had a dehumidifier going for about a week collecting as much water from the air as possible until its slowly stopped but after sticking my hand under the carpet in the rear I notice there is still a bit of water in the foam under the carpet. What would be the best way to dry this out without fully removing everything?
  2. Gunner

    E46 Battery Replacement Help

    Didn't manage to duck out to get a battery today, I will get in contact with Glenn next week when I'm around Botany next week for work. Cheers
  3. Gunner

    E46 Battery Replacement Help

    Hey everyone, My current battery is on its way out as its not holding its charge for very long. Looking to pop into supercheap or repco tomorrow to get a replacement but need to know what type to get. I know it needs a vent but unsure of the din size and CCA Rating I require. Car is a 330i if that makes any difference.
  4. Looking for the multifunction controls part of a steering wheel for an E46. PM Me. Cheers
  5. Hi guys, looking for a black parcel shelf for my mums 1 series. If anyone has one could they give me a price. Cheers
  6. Gunner

    09' 120i Key Stuck and No Dashboard Lights

    I've left it charging while I am at work. Hopefully it is just a flat battery. I don't have any interior lights working at the moment so it could be as simple as that. Would a flat battery prevent me from removing the key fob?
  7. Hi Guys, I am currently borrowing my mums 120i while my car is in getting some work on the cooling system and this morning something happened. I put the key fob in, all the dash lights came on. Pushed the brake pedal then the start button then all the dash lights went off and nothing. Cars in park and I can't remove the key fob and can't get it to start. The back light on the LCM switch is flickering but other than that I don't appear to have any power. I haven't had time to check everything out this morning but is there a simple reason why I don't have any power and can't remove the key? Cheers
  8. Gunner

    Oil for my 318i N42B20 Engine.

    Thanks for that Glenn. Appreciate your reply. Cheers
  9. Gunner

    Oil for my 318i N42B20 Engine.

    * Bump. Can anyone help me out? The sticker from my last oil service says its 10w30 but wasn't done at a BMW Specialist so just want to make sure I buy the correct grade. Cheers
  10. Oil light came on today. So will need to pick up some oil tomorrow morning. Am I correct that it should take 10w30? Cheers
  11. Gunner

    Mums looking at getting a 1 Series

    Thanks for the info guys. She is going to have a look at a few in the weekend to decide which she prefers.
  12. Hi everyone, My mother has decided that since she hasn't officially had her own car for roughly 10 years now its time to finally get one. She seems like the look of the 1 series so I thought I might ask what others think. I notice that a lot of the ones in her price range appear to be 118i or 120i's which have the leaky N46 engines. She has around 30k to spend. Are there any benefits at looking for a 120d over the 120i? Shes mainly going to be using it for the normal daily stuff such as shopping and just running around town as well as taking her baby grand daughter around every so often. Thanks in advance.
  13. Gunner

    E46 320 i

    I have a 2.0l 318i and the fuel economy on it is alright. Last couple of fill ups averaging roughly 9L/100km or around 11km/L. My old E36 320i was poor. Averaged roughly 5.5-7km / L. Both Autos
  14. Hi everyone I was doing a fog light retrofit and accidentally connected the fuse spade connector into the wrong slot. Is there any special way to remove them. Thanks
  15. Gunner

    E46 325i

    Does anyone know about this car? or seen it? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=554879290 Im considering upgrading from my 318i to this. Are there any issues to look out for? Cheers