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  1. DarkRepuls3

    Style 24 wheels.

    Geez thanks for that. It's impossible to find that sort of information. Much appreciated
  2. DarkRepuls3

    Style 24 wheels.

    As far as I was aware there is no difference between the two other than that the later model m3's came with stamped style 24 wheels. I think you'll find anything pre 1995 that was an m3 would have no stamp on them
  3. DarkRepuls3

    Style 24 wheels.

    Is that with tyres?
  4. DarkRepuls3

    Style 24 wheels.

    Does anyone know roughly what genuine style 24 m3 wheels are worth? 17" staggered. Cheers
  5. DarkRepuls3

    After an m54b30 block

    Wanting to buy an m54b30 block including Pistons and crank. Got cash waiting cheers
  6. Am keen on purchasing them, how much to ship to hamilton?
  7. DarkRepuls3

    Help with 5th gear issue

    I've got a 325i that has a gertrag 220 in it. Whenever I go to change into 5th the gearbox (i think) makes a mid to high pitched noise and then disappears once i accelerate after releasing the clutch. I've been told it is most likely a bearing or gear problem inside the transmission but any help would be much appreciated Cheers
  8. DarkRepuls3

    Help with e36 tweaks

    In hamilton
  9. DarkRepuls3

    Help with e36 tweaks

    Hey guys, I have a 320i e36 and I just wanted to ask around as to what I can do to improve the sound of my car and other small improvements I can make to add small amounts of horsepower to my car without buying a new car obviously, cheers
  10. DarkRepuls3

    e36 re-paint quote?

    Hey guys I recently purchased an e36 320i in hellrot red with a alot of clear coat fade. Is there any way to replace the clear coat or do I need a full respray? How much does a respray cost? Cheers
  11. DarkRepuls3

    Help with wheel wobble?

    Just brought a e36 320i 1994 off trademe. However, when I drive at high speeds and brake at high speeds there appears to be a wobble or like a jolt in the car? Does anyone know what could be causing this? Or what I need to get fixed? Thanks