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  1. true but this series is about the best of each generation.
  2. first episode of what looks like a great series edit - thanks admin for putting this in the right place !
  3. was the lsd another option on top of the performance pack ? i've driven c63 with and without lsd definitely better with !
  4. Classic old school big motor Benz win ! Is this the Performance version with LSD ?
  5. True except for car dials measuring something. The start point is the smallest number, usually zero; the end point being the biggest number. 😉
  6. clockwise = forwards anti-clockwise = backwards 😁
  7. Interestingly the latest episode of The Grand Tour features the new M850i. While the three slag off each others' cars no mention was made of the reverse tacho in the M850i. Thanks for the reminder Jacko, the 944 is not really backwards as the needle moves in a clockwise direction, just has a different start point. 😉
  8. 😂 😂 😂 It was stupid on Aston Martins Dumb on Peugeots, especially so with the tiny toy steering wheel. Now it's being embraced wholesale by a "sensible" German car maker. 😛
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