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  1. first episode of what looks like a great series edit - thanks admin for putting this in the right place !
  2. oldtimer

    2012 C63 AMG

    was the lsd another option on top of the performance pack ? i've driven c63 with and without lsd definitely better with !
  3. oldtimer

    2012 C63 AMG

    Classic old school big motor Benz win ! Is this the Performance version with LSD ?
  4. forever analogue for me ! 😉
  5. True except for car dials measuring something. The start point is the smallest number, usually zero; the end point being the biggest number. 😉
  6. ? 2019 M850i 2019 X5 2019 3-series
  7. clockwise = forwards anti-clockwise = backwards 😁
  8. Interestingly the latest episode of The Grand Tour features the new M850i. While the three slag off each others' cars no mention was made of the reverse tacho in the M850i. Thanks for the reminder Jacko, the 944 is not really backwards as the needle moves in a clockwise direction, just has a different start point. 😉
  9. 😂 😂 😂 It was stupid on Aston Martins Dumb on Peugeots, especially so with the tiny toy steering wheel. Now it's being embraced wholesale by a "sensible" German car maker. 😛
  10. oldtimer

    The only upgrade that made sense

    This doesn't have the usual M135i badge on the tailgate ?
  11. oldtimer

    Adrenalin - The BMW Touring Car Story

    amazon uk have it dvd £23.90 ! http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00P83CV0G bd £25.90 http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00P81YW6Y bugger that ! find a free download and wait until it goes on sale.
  12. oldtimer

    Breaking News: BMW M235i Uncovered!

    looks like a 1 that's been tucking into the pies again. :gay:
  13. oldtimer

    Silverstone II E92 M3

    not too wide, that gets into 'wideboy' territory ! subtle so far...
  14. oldtimer

    Piazza. have some Pizza.

    ^^ At last a good response ! Piazza had the looks but were evil handling POS. Nice Giugiaro bodywork stuck on top of the crappy Cevette/Gemini chassis.
  15. oldtimer

    Crashed my E30- Options

    oh dear, how did you manage that ? pissed ? lamp post jump out at you (very common) ?