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  1. Looking good! Need to get round to refurbing my set
  2. Did some skids in old yella at an autocross last weekend. Fun times!! Also went to the oamaru airport drags a month ago and managed to put down a 13.97 with the clutch slipping between gears. Not bad for an unprepped track on street tyres. Was faster than most turbo jappas which was good to know!
  3. So a e36 3.2 had a bigger turning circle than a 3.0. Interesting...
  4. K&G McCloud up Waverly is the place to go with euro stuff. Bmw send a lot of stuff up to them. They'll be able to diagnose the issue without throwing money at guesses to what it could be. Did it come with much of a service history?
  5. Spotted this the other week, looks great as is, but I guess sometimes function does need to over come form....but I'm yet to learn that for myself haha!
  6. Depending on condition and specs, can go anywhere from 1000-2500. They only came out on 5 or 7 series so usually a low offset of 20 or less. I do have a set of 17x8s et20 I'm currently refurbing if you're interested. Haven't gotten too far if you were wanting to have them finished to a certain style...
  7. Pretty sure antileet is selling his set
  8. Mine have m moulded into them so im guessing not
  9. In a house with too much bmw crap lying around haha! There's a complete m20b23 that's been sitting outside under cover for a few years now I should really make some effort to sell.
  10. Thought is seen them somewhere. I just used some trannys I had lying around from some old downlights and ran each side in series to dull them down a bit and hooked up to an extension lead because I'm too lazy to do my job properly haha!
  11. After a refurb they will be for sale...
  12. was told to clean the garage up the other week since its filling up with wheels and work related crap since becoming self employed. But got side tracked part way through and made a thing. Also was a dyno day yesterday so thought I'd run the m3 up. Showed up a few turbo japs also here's the wheel collect thus far- that arnt on cars
  13. Should probably be running 10/60. Did you run a flushing product through first? And did you replace the vanos filter? But could just be a belt idler going bad
  14. Oh believe me I would love to! But don't think the missus would let me. Have enough cars a don't drive already.
  15. God damn this thing is sweet! Must be so much fun.