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  1. Yea is annoying alright! Will hopefully get time this weekend to swap bits in and out and see what happens, then get it back for a diagnostic run and tune maybe. Last time it was on with just back box he did say it was running rich, so maybe there is an issue somewhere with it.
  2. Is exactly the same really, but with about 6” on pipe between filter and maf so filter is hard against the light pretty much
  3. It has always been there slightly, but is much more noticeable now. had a look at your exhaust again and only difference is where and size of the merg really. When it went back to have another dyno run after exhaust and Intake he didn’t bother since it had that miss which he put down to the intake making turbulent air and messing with the maf. Tried some pipe to get the filter away from the maf and just shifted at what point the miss was. So changed the filter to the current fram one with a different internal cone but is still there. after the first problem (when changed back to the factory exhaust) I thought it could be the O2 sensors since I haven’t done them, so replaced them and no real difference. Heres a couple of dyno runs it’s done. First full oe and was run in 4th, not 5th, Hense the higher output. Second was on same type of dyno, but with the rear box on and in 5th. Need to get a better version of it with more detail.
  4. I had read your build a couple times and saw it took a few goes to get it right. Was hoping what we had done would be enough but clearly not. At one point when I was driving it back from timaru, dropped it a gear to pull out and pass and all it did was back fire like it had anti-lag and wouldn’t go any where. Had to lift from the throttle and try again then away it went and felt sluggish the rest of the trip. That was with the first version as pictured before the rear box went on. Put the factory one back on later that week since it was so loud but still hasn’t been a hundred percent since. Will have another look through your design and make some changes. But will swap out the air box and see how that goes first.
  5. Oh, and also got a dereg 318i e30 coupe as a bit of a long term project. Had it a year now and done nothing with it apart from pop some tyres at our works do last year. Came with a manual conversion and a twin cam motor. But also got a loom,computer and motor from a 318ti to rebuild to go in it. and more recently got this manual 316i compact to abuse as a grasskana gravel sprint car as a basic hack and see how far I’ll go with it. Will be just stripping it out as much as I can to keep it legal. Just needed a new belt and rear strut mounts for a wof so not bad for a $1000 car!
  6. Slowly been doing bits and pieces over the last year. Had a new exhaust fabbed up by a mate (JDL Engineering Timaru) with supersprint rear added later as it was just too loud as it was. made a cold air box with insulated panel that seals to the bonnet, and a big fram filter with air ducted from the brake duct, but has given a flat spot around 2.5-3k, tried to space it out from the airflow meter but no real difference, so might be going back to the factory box. Does sound good though. been putting up with a squeaky belt idler for a few years now, even though it was replaced a while back, it has finally got the better of me so replaced it with a genuine one this week which sorted that out. Hopefully lasts longer than 15-20k the last one did. also replaced the TPS since it’s in the service book to be done at inspection 1 or 2 this week so that’s done. The drivers door has always needed some extra force to shut so sorted that out too. And lastly, got some Inpro smoked tail lights on, and reminded myself to get the genuine ltw Wing sorted and on I’ve had for a few years now. So has been a busy week!
  7. One in Dunedin as well. Don’t see it very often
  8. Any chance this is it? Was at the Puke’ last weekend
  9. Funny you should say that, was flicking through a service manual and this is on one of the inspections saying to be replaced. Should probably do mine too.
  10. That few nz new ones? I feel special to have one of them then!
  11. euroriffic

    4x100 BBS RS

    Yea were snapped up pretty quickly
  12. Took the m3 in to a mates work shop for a check up and dyno run and this was also in there
  13. So a little disappointed after the weekend at the drags. Best I could manage was a 14.007 sec pass. Was a warm sunny day, where as last time was overcast and cold. Will have to try some different start techniques and try again.
  14. I finally finished your old silver one and sold it a few months back. Is back in chch now too.
  15. Could be interested in the exhaust for the m3, but what were the size of the incoming pipes
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