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  1. euroriffic

    4x100 BBS RS

    Yea were snapped up pretty quickly
  2. euroriffic

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Took the m3 in to a mates work shop for a check up and dyno run and this was also in there
  3. euroriffic

    97 M3 EVO tidy up

    So a little disappointed after the weekend at the drags. Best I could manage was a 14.007 sec pass. Was a warm sunny day, where as last time was overcast and cold. Will have to try some different start techniques and try again.
  4. euroriffic

    Project: The Unfamily Wagon

    I finally finished your old silver one and sold it a few months back. Is back in chch now too.
  5. euroriffic

    E36 328-325i Supersprint muffler & M20 SM flywheel

    Could be interested in the exhaust for the m3, but what were the size of the incoming pipes
  6. euroriffic

    97 M3 EVO tidy up

    Wow, has been a really long time since this was updated! have pretty much just driven the thing for the last few years when I can. Have started my own electrical business and now have a one year old boy, so don't have much time for toys at the moment. Bit Have replaced the engine mounts, and a few oil changes and that's about it. have entered in a few autocross/grasskhanas, to the oamaru drags, and a few sealed hill sprints, and the clutch has been getting worse and worse. So finally ordered a new one and replaced that over the last week. This included the new flywheel, pressure and clutch plate, spigot bearing, pivot bush, new gearbox mounts, and new shifter bushes, and did the rear sway bar bushes I've been meaning to do for years. Have done a few auto swaps and a manual conversion before but to get the bell housing bolts out on this was a major pita compared to the others! But finally got it finished up today and man, what a difference. Was always hard to get a smooth shift, but now is sooo much better and tighter on the shifter too with the new bushes. So now I've replaced every bush, mount, or joint apart from the steering shaft coupler and the inner and outer balljoints. Was trying to get it done for today for a hill sprint but didn't quite get there, but is ready to go for the oamaru drags this coming weekend. My best time was a 13.9, on just road tires( non prepped track and no burn outs since it's a airstrip) and with the clutch slipping bad between gears. So hopefully this time with a new one and some semi slicks tp try should get it down a bit further. Oh,and my head liner has started sagging finally.
  7. euroriffic

    AC Schnitzer racing type 2 ronal wheels

    Looking good! Need to get round to refurbing my set
  8. euroriffic

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Did some skids in old yella at an autocross last weekend. Fun times!! Also went to the oamaru airport drags a month ago and managed to put down a 13.97 with the clutch slipping between gears. Not bad for an unprepped track on street tyres. Was faster than most turbo jappas which was good to know!
  9. euroriffic

    BMW AG M3 Spec sheet

    So a e36 3.2 had a bigger turning circle than a 3.0. Interesting...
  10. euroriffic

    Rough Running E60

    K&G McCloud up Waverly is the place to go with euro stuff. Bmw send a lot of stuff up to them. They'll be able to diagnose the issue without throwing money at guesses to what it could be. Did it come with much of a service history?
  11. euroriffic

    New to the group, in Dunedin

    Spotted this the other week, looks great as is, but I guess sometimes function does need to over come form....but I'm yet to learn that for myself haha!
  12. euroriffic

    Style 5 17 inch wheels WTB

    Depending on condition and specs, can go anywhere from 1000-2500. They only came out on 5 or 7 series so usually a low offset of 20 or less. I do have a set of 17x8s et20 I'm currently refurbing if you're interested. Haven't gotten too far if you were wanting to have them finished to a certain style...
  13. Pretty sure antileet is selling his set
  14. euroriffic

    WTB E36 M3 LR Trailing Arm

    Mine have m moulded into them so im guessing not
  15. euroriffic

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    In a house with too much bmw crap lying around haha! There's a complete m20b23 that's been sitting outside under cover for a few years now I should really make some effort to sell.