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  1. My guess would be Steve Murch. Was looking forward to his V10 build too!
  2. When I did my e36 328i touring I had the issue of the icv not catching in time and stalling when pulling up to intersections. Swapped the computer out for a manual one and was good as gold after that
  3. Ohhh nah. Will get them done Next lock down for sure
  4. Wooweee!!! That’s a lot! I should look at increasing my insurance on mine then. At $17,500 it won’t be replacing sweet f.a!
  5. If it’s still available after our shut-in I can take a look
  6. I had seen a lot of people having issues and no longer using them. Did you manage to get it sorted out? Says a month wait for the afm from ecs, but 7 days schmeidmann, which is usually right and never had issues with them is the past, so think that’ll be my choice
  7. Yea last one I got for the e46 was about that and seemed fine. Is 100euro for the m3’s one. Bastards. Tried fcp, but because they’re u.s based they don’t do them, and ecs and pelican were the same price as schmiedmann
  8. So! Picked it back up from the workshop today to figure this weird flat spot out. Was connected to three different scan tools, as well as being run on the dyno and apart from a dip in the air flow meter readings there was no other signs of an issue. What was found was there’s a code for a faulty oil level sensor, and the check engine lamp was removed and he couldn’t get it to work once replaced. So that’s a weird one. So sounds like the afm is on the way out, but not enough to cause any other issues. So after a call to Bmw and to Miland, I’m looking at $1200 for a new one. And another $430 for a sensor. Both genuine parts. orrr, can get a Bosch afm and a hella oil sensor for about $1000 off schmeidmann. But am I likely to get issues with the Bosch, and just go for the genuine one, or will the Bosch be fine?
  9. Replaced dodgey starter on the compact. What a mission that is! Also found a missing vacuum line bung, which explains the low idle when cold and high idle when warm. But now it’ll either stall, idle at 1500, or hunt between 1200-1700. Stupid thing. managed to score a set of the e46 15” alloys that are pretty light, with a brand new set of Bridgestone ecopias for $100 off Facebook for the compact too, so gave them a good clean and put them on. Are each 1.1kg lighter than the Steelies with 195 vs the 205 ecopias. Not that it’ll make a difference also dropped the m3 off to sort the weird miss/flat spot and give the tune a wee tickle up
  10. That’s a tough choice! I just wanna know if I’m in the running , but can stretch on my offer, before I start putting money into the compact that’s in dire need of a rear end rebush. Is not fun to drive on the open road I’ll tell you what! Where as an m3 would be a much better starting point
  11. Soooo... what was your mates decision on what to do with the car
  12. Funny you say that, as a lot of guys I’ve seen scraping the road use these since they can take a beating being mounted to the body
  13. So just before the holidays, I got my box of parts so was able to fit up the new radiator with new mounting clips and bits, new oil cooler, new grill insert and p.plates and surrounds and all new bumper trims. And because I’m not using it for grasskhanas anymore, fitted all the undertrays thst got replaced last time this happened. So she’s back on the streets! Also swapped out the CAI to see if that was causing the weird flat spot and miss, but no difference. So will need to try the exhaust now and see if that later the issue.
  14. I only just put them back on a week earlier too since im not using it for grasskhanas anymore. Have been eyeing up the proper oem ltw adjustable front splitter tho....
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