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  1. what was the verdict on these? will thry fit four stud weaves?
  2. looks like they dont do the front bumper cover anymore. bugga.
  3. bugger missed that then. will have a look at ECS. thanks. if you see one anywhere let me no please.
  4. i,m looking for a front bumper cover to complete the sedan set. Any ideas where to locate one?
  5. yes. at your cost.
  6. please let me no the outcome.
  7. if they fit 15inch basket weaves i will take them. where r u located?
  8. ok will try get some pics with wherls on car. will be without tyres snd will be next week.
  9. could do if someone shows some interest.
  10. bump....price reduction
  11. bump
  12. Have a set of alloy wheels to suit e30. all wheels run true and in reasonable condition. et20 offset. ok these need to go as have found something else. Price lowered to $350.00
  13. is your m3 evo a sedan or coupe?
  14. preface lift gor should have been for
  15. have u seen the red plf gor under $6k ?