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  1. have a 96 m3 evo sedan in byranz . would sell if the money is right
  2. would also be interested to learn more about clay bar.
  3. Looking for parts to retro fit heated seats in to e30
  4. can you please ring me re wheels 027 4548801.
  5. Dont suppose youd be interested in a deal with an e36 M3 EVO sedan
  6. Looking for some style 10 wheels to suit e30 if someone has some they are happy to part with.
  7. Would you accept 50 including courier to nspier?
  8. interested in wheels. whats the trea like on tyres and how bad is the kurbing?
  9. Does the heater controller work ok? if so would like.
  10. Time to sell,move on to so mething else. Completely standard 1996 EVO M3 sedan 3.2 litre 6 speed manual Byranz Metallic, the only known BMW in NZ in this colour. Standard wheels, interior etc 194000 km Been very well maintained by myself and previous owners. 20K or a deal with a 2002tii or something similar.
  11. how much you want for radio...complete if possible
  12. keen for both e30 and e36
  13. being an owner of one of the 14 these are great cars....real wolf in sheep clothing.
  14. can i buy the case for holding the sonny head unit in the dash? need the plug and wiring on the back.
  15. do you have the matching front shocks?