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  1. Rob HB1

    having a clean out

    Ok I take them. Message me bank details. Can you courier to Napier
  2. Rob HB1

    having a clean out

    Do the clear indicators have any cracks? If not ill take them please.
  3. Have genuine nz new bmw e30 radio.
  4. Rob HB1

    1999 BMW Z M Coupe

    No the car. It is genuine. Its in nice condition, not a show pony but extremly useable. Who ever purchases will.not regret.
  5. Rob HB1

    wtb -Mtech 1 boot lip

    Do u have m tech 2 parts?
  6. Rob HB1

    WTB E30 Cruise Control

    Looking to retro fit cruise control into 1990 e30 325. Will need complete lit.
  7. Rob HB1

    1989 E30 320iA parts car

    That i believe came from HB?
  8. Rob HB1

    E30 Rear Window

    if the demister part is working Ill take it, thanks
  9. Rob HB1

    Free E30 parts

    Picture of the poor please
  10. Rob HB1

    E28 1987 M535i e28 on behalf

    Go on Pete....then Wgtn will have a matchin pair...
  11. Rob HB1

    99 Z3 2.8L parts car just in @ BMWORLD

    how much would nz new one be and do they have a code to unlock them?
  12. Rob HB1

    E36 M3 sedan parts car @ BM WORLD

    will this gearbox work with m20 motor?
  13. Rob HB1

    99 Z3 2.8L parts car just in @ BMWORLD

    is the radio still avaliable?
  14. Rob HB1

    15" tyres for e30

    What are the American sites for buying tyres?