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  1. 15" tyres for e30

    What are the American sites for buying tyres?
  2. 15" centre caps for basketweaves

    Because they are idiots
  3. FS: BMW Waffle Caps

    If I purchase and they don't fit would you take them back?
  4. 1989 E30 320iA parts car

    How much are you wanting for it?
  5. 1989 E30 320iA parts car

    is the boot lid liner still avaliable?
  6. BMW e30 basket weaves

    Looking to replace a 14 inch centre cap .
  7. what site is this from? In the market for some 205/55/15
  8. FS: E34 15x7 Style 5s

    Did u get to test fit?
  9. FS: E34 15x7 Style 5s

    Do you know if these centre caps will fit 4 stud 15x7 on e30?
  10. 15" centre caps for basketweaves

    BMW wgtn round the 100 Mark when you buy 4 at a time. Really hope they don' come off.
  11. M20 rocker cover, freshly vapour blasted.

    How much for b25 intake and rocker cover?
  12. Has anyone got a source for centre caps? Have pricing from dealer and Euroitalian and its scary....
  13. E30 convertible tech 2 parts and coilovers

    Do you have a spare front bumper cover?
  14. HellBM's monster

    dream on pal...id keep my sedan over a convertible especially any day....coming from a toyota is a cheap shot.