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  1. In need of a set of half shafts for e30 race car
  2. Very nice but like Olaf out of my sights
  3. Looking good, are you on target to finish before saturday lunchtime? P.S. some nice looking tyres in the background.
  4. Be good to meet up some time when you are installed in the sunny HB
  5. Hows progress? Not many days until castlepoint now.
  6. Great to here what you have been up too. P.S. Targa was a blast....gotta do it sometime.
  7. I bought 4x from dealer for $110 each about six months ago
  8. Nice...makes the work all wirtwhile!😁
  9. Hi Andy Dont have a spare set but if you have speakers in the footwell already they can be wired up to work as a pair with the tweeter.
  10. For S-ale - A complete Premium NZ new radio and speaker set to suit an E30. Set includes: Tweeter speakers; to fit on the inside of wing mirror Rear speaker box NZ new radio; this is the radio that can be removed from the dash. Also can connect an Aux cable allowing music device or mobile phone to be plugged in and music playback. Have tested radio in my own car and worked okay. Unsure of tape player as I don't own any tapes to test. Speakers are untested. $450 ono
  11. Would be going into a sedan so all good How to get it to Hawkes Bay or Wellington without wrecking it?
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