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  1. Did u get to test fit?
  2. Do you know if these centre caps will fit 4 stud 15x7 on e30?
  3. BMW wgtn round the 100 Mark when you buy 4 at a time. Really hope they don' come off.
  4. How much for b25 intake and rocker cover?
  5. Has anyone got a source for centre caps? Have pricing from dealer and Euroitalian and its scary....
  6. Do you have a spare front bumper cover?
  7. dream on keep my sedan over a convertible especially any day....coming from a toyota is a cheap shot.
  8. have a set here complete with centre caps. Two tyres new two 5mm tread. very little curbing but will need a repaint to be mint.
  9. Are u wanting 14 or 15 inch wheels.
  10. Bump
  11. what was the verdict on these? will thry fit four stud weaves?
  12. looks like they dont do the front bumper cover anymore. bugga.
  13. bugger missed that then. will have a look at ECS. thanks. if you see one anywhere let me no please.
  14. i,m looking for a front bumper cover to complete the sedan set. Any ideas where to locate one?