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  1. welvink

    E30 seats

    I have a pair of brown e30 seats. Passenger side in good cond, drivers side shows age which is quite common. $40
  2. welvink

    Cheap E30 Parts - Need gone please

    bump. Need these parts gone
  3. Hey, the following parts NEED to go once it is out of the car so if not sold for the asking price, it will be scrapped. M40B18 Motor with all boltons and mounts- *160kms, serviced recentlly, runs mint, never overheated in my ownership. Motor is still in car so can be heard/seen running prior to removal. + Auto Gearbox with tranny x-member - *Auto driveshaft *Shifts through gears well, no clunks or any issues. - $130 Factory exhaust piping with stock muffler (if anyone is keen?) - $40 FENIX E30 radiator w/ hoses & Fan shroud - $130 Factory 318i Brown Front Seats w/ rails - $50 E30 318i Stock airbox w/ AFM - $20 02102527505 Thanks
  4. welvink

    E30 Parts - NEED GONE -

    For sale: - M40B18 with all bolt on parts and engine mounts 160kms - no smoking or any problems, ticks as it is a old motor but doesn't affect anything. $350 Auto gearbox with xmember and shifter - shifts through gears well with no problems at all. No funny noises. - $350 - Alloy Fenix E30 Radiator in mint condition $180 - E30 factory exhaust system -$100 -E30 stock boot spoiler - black $40 * E30 front seats from 318i - brown - drivers side has some rips but in average condition for age $50 more parts to come along with pics
  5. welvink

    BMW E30 IS LIP

    My lip has been through a fair share of hits/scrapes and a few times its come off. but it still is solid with minor cracks. Also, I've cable tied it on, so its better when u go and hitit, the cable tied give out before the actual tabs break. And its more easier to put it back on
  6. welvink

    Need help: E30 SR20 Wiring

    Yep ive resorted to following this as well, but I wish that we could view the pics in that thread so it would have made it significantly more easier!
  7. Yep they are from a 318i e30. Stock springs
  8. welvink

    Need E36 Engine mounts ASAP

    Hey guys As above, looking for a pair of e36 mounts, as cheap as possible. Wouldnt even mind second hand mounts that are in good nick. Thanks
  9. Unsure if your looking for aftermarket shocks and springs, but I have set of stock springs Id like to get rid off? $60 for the lot, Im in Auckland. 02102527505
  10. hey I'm looking to buy the following parts: e30 manual driveshaft e30 318i m40 manual tranny xmember e30 manual pedal box Would prefer to pickup in Auckland but can travel as far as Hamilton or up north. Thanks
  11. Hey Still early days but just trying to find someone who has done E30 SR20DET wiring or know how to do it. I was thinking of doing it myself but I think it would save a lot of time if someone who has done this before can do it for a price. Thanks
  12. welvink

    E30 Manual Parts

    bump, pics will be uploaded today
  13. welvink

    How to: Nissan S13 SR20DET into a BMW E30

    Hey guys, Im not able to view the pics on this thread, is there anyway to recover this ?