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  1. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    I'm pretty stoked, but there are still a few things to worry about. The differential makes a whiny sound when coasting. I think it wasn't put back together properly, and the input shaft bearing/crush sleeve isn't right. I'm very excited to get all the kinks worked out, and get it back on the road. I wouldn't mind going to the E30 Mega meet this year.
  2. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    So the engine is running a little rough after sitting for a while. High idle when cold, and it seemed to have a bit of a miss. I hooked up my laptop with INPA to figure out what was going on, and found several fault codes. The cam position sensor seems to have gone bad. And the VANOS appears to be jammed. Possible O2 sensor fault code, but didn't come back after running for a while. The cam sensor is not a biggie. I picked up a new one and installed it earlier today. Code was immediate gone, and so was the high idle. The car is still idling rough a seems like it's down a cylinder or 2 at times. My theory is that this could be caused by the vanos being stuck in the advanced position. When I reassembled the intake vanos timing chain sprocket, the timing did not want to move very easily. I wasn't sure if it was going to be an issue, so I left it. I probably should have sorted out the issue at the time, because now It's clearly an issue. Anyway, I've ordered some replacement parts, so hopefully I can get it sorted in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, I may have to do some work on the exhaust to gain more clearance to the lower steering joint. I'll also need to roll the wheel arches, and adjust the suspension to drop it down more.
  3. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    That brings us to this weekend. A few things left before I can put it back on the ground. The front control arm bushes were upgraded. Had some trouble getting one of the front bushings off the control arm. Lollipops cleaned up, painted, with Powerflex bushes pressed in. They were quickly bolted back into the car along with the exhaust. The brakes were bled and the wheels went on. Finally ready to drop back on the ground. Looking good! I am very happy with how well the 16x7 et20 style 5s fit. The front and rear will need to be lowered some more. The front is still on the 6kg spring that comes with the BC Gold kit. The rear sits a bit higher now as I got higher rate, 8kg spring to help support the extra weight of the touring rear. The fenders will all need rolling, but that's a job for another weekend. Stoked!
  4. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    Moved into position, ready to install into the car. A new day, time to install the rear-end. And just like that... Driveshaft, brakes lines, and handbrake cables were all reinstalled. Testing fitting a wheel. Exhaust heat shields in.
  5. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    Cleaning up the brakes. Applied a rubberized underbody coating to the trailing arms and subframe. The can said apply a thick coat, I possibly went too thick... New brake lines install in the front. Getting ready to reassemble. I didn't get many shots of reassembly.
  6. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    Well, I've been busy over the last couple of months. Big picture dump incoming. Got some powerflex poly bushings a while back. FInally got the 318ti trailing arms from a donor car. Started stripping both sets of arms down. Here you can see the hub offset difference. Time for cleaning. As it turned out, both wheel bearings were gone. New bearings went in. Ready to paint. Painted.
  7. Still looking. Does anyone have any sports seats?
  8. Hi all, I'm still looking for a wheel. An 17x9 Style 32 would be perfect for my E39.
  9. Headlights still available?
  10. Hmmm, it seems a 420G may be not worth the trouble. For now, I just need a transmission to get my 540i running. I've sourced another auto transmission, so I'll just swap that in. An adapter plate could be an option for a future project. I like the idea of a poor mans M5 build. Also need to source some E39 clear corners and motorsport bumpers if anyone has some. Thanks guys.
  11. Hmmm, I guess I was just hoping to get lucking and find someone with a 420G available. Not too keen on ripping apart an E30 for the gearbox. Perhaps an adapter plate and a 6 Cyl gearbox will be an option.
  12. Are there any conversion kits out there?
  13. I'm looking for a pair of E30 sport seats. Sedan or Coupe seats would be fine. Condition not hugely important. What's out there?
  14. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    So we picked up the parts compact. I'm only interested in the trailing arms, so I don't care what happens to the rest. Someone is interested in the car as the body is straight, it's still registered, and they have a damaged car with a good engine. Have worked out a deal to give the car to him in exchange for the trailing arms from his other car. Meanwhile, I made some progress by pulling out the rear sub-frame from the touring. Diff and axles removed. Trailing arms off. Embracing fire to remove the worst of the sub-frame bushings. Should be able to remove the remaining metal ring of the bushings with a hacksaw. Once that's done, I'll clean it up, give it a new coat of paint, and install some poly bushes. That's it for this update.
  15. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    Unfortunately, the engine in a friends car just blew. The good news is that this car happens to be an e36 318ti, and he just wants it gone. Looks like I've just found a parts car. Hopefully picking up tomorrow.
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