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  1. Kobra

    ATS DTC 17x7.5 Wheels

    Oops, forgot to add a price. Asking $300.
  2. Kobra

    ATS DTC 17x7.5 Wheels

    For sale: Set of 4, ATS DTC 17x7.5 Wheels 5x120 Stud pattern, ET30 Offset (Perfect for E36/E46) Come with decent 225/45 Bridgestone MY02 tyres with about 4mm tread left on each. German made, and very lightweight. Located in Christchurch. Asking $300 for bimmersport members
  3. Kobra

    1989 E30 320iA parts car

    Sunroof panel still available?
  4. The fluid certainly seems to stay clear now, no aeration. So not sure what that was all about. I'll try adding a restrictor to the return hose tomorrow. If that doesn't help, I'm thinking it's dirt stuck in the system. Thanks for your help, M3AN.
  5. Actually, It looks like the high pressure line I choose should be fine. I found a picture of an OEM one cut apart. Fairly small I.D. on the actual inner part. Also, I found a few popular E36 AN hose kits that use -6AN fittings for the high pressure.
  6. I'm not sure about the restrictor. Last weekend, I ran it for a few minutes going from lock to lock quickly. Even moving the steering wheel at slow speeds was difficult. But the fluid wasn't getting aerated at all. Perhaps the aeration I saw was from the initial bleeding of the system? The air bubbles in the reservoir could have pushed some fluid out of the vent. It feels like the system cannot flow enough fluid. I'm thinking the hose/fittings could be too small on the I.D. 3/8in. vs 1/2in. for the factory lines (not sure on this) I could still try the restrictor easily. Perhaps a hose clamp around the return hose, and tighten it a bit.
  7. The hose was made from -6AN "full flow" fittings\banjo bolts with 200 Series stainless hose from Aeroflow. I'm no AN host expert. I don't think it'll flow any less than the factory one, but I do think the hose could be a little small. The symptoms make me think there is a flow restriction somewhere in the system. The rack was filthy when I picked it up, It could be dirt in the suck in there somewhere. I took the belt off to check the P/S pump. It feels perfectly smooth, no noise. I'll probably swap the E36 rack in this weekend to see if that fixes it. Otherwise it's the hose.
  8. Bump. Has anyone else got any ideas?
  9. My return line looks exactly like this. No restrictor in sight.
  10. Sorry, updated the image link. I didn't create a new return line. It's still just a regular E36 one. The only new line is the high pressure line from the pump to the top hole on the rack. Also, from all the research I've done, I've never heard of using a restrictor in this power steering rack swap. The leakage from the vent was only after the initial drive. Certainly hasn't done it since. I thought it was just caused by some air bubbles rushing into the reservoir. Maybe this is something to consider.
  11. Kobra

    E23 M745i rhd m88 power

    Very cool car. Hopefully someone local buys it to keep in NZ. GLWS.
  12. First, a little context; I have an M52B28 swapped E30 touring project car. I originally had a regular E36 rack installed. It was hooked up to the P/S pump with a stock E36 high pressure line, which was [poorly] bent to fit (routed around the back of the subframe). The return line was stock E36. I had no issues with this setup at all. A few months ago, I got my hands on an E46 Purple tag rack. With the install, I figured I would replace the bent high pressure line with a custom one made with AN fittings. The new line routes between the subframe and sump, next to the low pressure cooling loop. Everything seemed to go smoothly with the install. I bled the system by going from lock to lock with the front wheels in the air, first a few turns without the engine running, then several more with. I dropped the car on the ground and did a few more turns. At that point in time, with the car not moving, I believe the P/S felt fine. I took the car for a quick drive around the block, and that when I started noticing the issue. It felt like the power steering assist was "lagging behind" my steering wheel input. And it seemed to be getting worse as I drove, so I quickly went home and turned it off. I assumed it was just a leak at one of the banjo bolts, but they all looked fine. I noticed some fluid had managed to get out of the reservoir via the vent hole. The fluid looked cloudy with lots of tiny bubbles. Perhaps it's just air trapped in the system? I attempted to bleed the system again, but nothing changed. I left the car to sit so the air bubbles would clear out of the fluid. After more testing, the steering is still very heavy when turned, but if turned and held at a position, the power assist seems to "catch up" and the steering wheel goes light again. Possibly the result of an "air spring" somewhere in the system? The power steering pump doesn't seem to make any noise, although it is hard to hear with only headers for an exhaust. I ran out of time to work on the car, and left it for a few months. Last weekend I started her up again, hoping the issue had magically resolved itself. It hadn't. So I'm thinking the issue exists with the purple tag rack, or my custom AN line. I threw away the old high pressure line, I can't easily swap that out. I still have the old E36 rack though, so I could swap that back in. But before I go through all that effort, I wanted to ask the community for input. Has anyone seen P/S behaviour like this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. No, sorry. Just looking to upgrade.
  14. Kobra

    WTB: 1x Style 32 17x8 or 17x9 wheel

    Fantastic, Thank you.