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  1. @curryinahurry I may be able to help you out. Although I fear the wheel offsets may be different if you've got some 7.5" width rims. My 17x8s have an ET20 offset (5/7 series), which is a decent bit lower than the E36/E46 Style 32 fitment.
  2. I've read that they work with a fairly open 15" rim. I know they can fit under TRM C1 15x8 ET20 wheels with a small amount of metal removed from the bump on the outside face of the caliper.
  3. Hey @Gabe79. Sorry to thread jack, but I contacted you a while back about a style 32 wheel. Just haven't gotten a PM reply from you. Do you still have this style 32 17x8 wheel available?
  4. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    Thanks guys. This is the kit I got. I chose dark red for both colour options. https://www.lseat.com/products/1984-1991-bmw-e30-sport-325-318-custom-real-leather-seat-covers-front.html For the foam repair, I got a piece of "firmish" density foam (similar to OEM), as well as a thin soft foam. Both from Para Rubber. I removed the worst of the crumbling original foam, and then cut a few pieces to fill in the missing parts/holes. Using some spray on contact adhesive, I glued the replacement pieces in. For the lower side bolster, I added some extra bits to help deal with some extra abuse. The upper side bolster was shaped with bastard file (aggressive enough to wear away at the foam), but I've seen cheese graters used as well. Once the main pieces are shaped nicely, I covered them with a layer of the thin foam to smooth out the top surface. With the leather pulled over the bolsters, I could not notice any evidence of foam repair. I should also mention that I used a clothing steamer to rejuvenate the original foam. The steam caused the foam to expand a surprising amount. I would highly recommend doing this.
  5. I'm almost ready to put my car through the cert process, and I'm not sure if I should wrap my manifolds. Keen to know how your recheck went.
  6. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    The O2 sensors were still original, and were very old and rusty. One of them finally died, so I picked up a couple of replacements. I also found out that the interior blower fan refused to function, and had seized in it's bearings Brand new units are fairly spendy, so located a used replacement locally. The replacement fan was installed, and the blower is now working again...but only on the top speed. Argh, that means the fan resistor is dead now too. Two steps forward, one step back. Such is life.
  7. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    The sport seats had arrived, and just needed to be recovered before I could put them in the car. As soon as the leather upholstery kit was delivered, I dived straight into the first seat. Many zipties were used... Some foam was repaired on the side bolster. The next seat was for the driver side. This one had taken a bit more abuse, and needed some more serious foam repair. The rest of the second seat was the same as the first. The seat rails were cleaned up and repainted. Both seats mostly back together. I still need to do some work on the back covers. I'm stoked with the result. I think they look great, although I may still need to tweak fitment in a few places. Quite happy with the quality of the leather kit, especially for the relatively low price.
  8. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    I wasn't happy with the front exhaust manifold to steering linkage clearance. I removed the exhaust system once again to do some more chopping and welding. This is the result. Much more clearance. I'm quite happy with how that turned out.
  9. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    The replacement parts for the vanos arrived from germany after a few weeks on backorder. They went in without much trouble. With everything back together, I started the engine, and tested the vanos by revving it past the switching threshold. This time INPA wasn't showing any error codes for vanos. I'm glad that was a relatively easy fix. Onto the next thing.
  10. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    I haven't updated in a while, but I've still been tinkering away making some progress. The car is unfortunately positioned under a tree that also seems to be a popular toilet for the local avian fauna. I picked up a gazebo in an attempt to help shield the car. Since I need to do some more work on things, the car went back up on axle stands. The first task on my list was to finish the cooling system. The radiator needs a fan. Ideally, an electric fan using the factory wiring. However, my non-air conditioned e30 didn't leave the factory with an electric fan at all. The fusebox just has a couple of empty spots where the fan relays and fuses should be. This means I have add the wiring myself. I got the biggest fan I could fit. Created a custom wiring loom using an E36 2 stage thermoswitch, and a big ass resistor for the low speed. The loom was run around the left side of the engine bay and into the fusebox. With a bit of fiddling, I was able to connect wiring to factory locations, and add the required fuses and relays. Radiator back in the car with new fan I refilled the cooling system, and tested everything. Both low speed and high speed are working nicely.
  11. I built one for an M52 a few months back. I fit it into an MS41 Housing. Surprisingly easy to put together. I assume these are still batch fire (semi-sequential)? Is the cam position sensor supported? Do you have a source for the ECU connectors?
  12. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    Managed to source a set of sedan sports seats which should arrive in a few days. They're a bit worse for wear, and will certainly require recovering. I've read a few good reviews about the E30 replacement covers sold by LSeat.com, and the price was far cheaper than paying for someone local to do a custom job. https://www.lseat.com/products/1984-1991-bmw-e30-sport-325-318-custom-real-leather-seat-covers-front.html I decided to go with a nice dark red leather with diamond stitching for the fronts. Sadly (but not unsurprisingly), they don't have any options for the split rear seats of the E30 Touring. So for now, I'll just do the fronts. If I'm happy with how the front seats turn out, I'll order some more leather in the same color, and take the rear seats to a local upholster to complete the look. I've got this coming week off, so I'm going to try get as many of the remaining jobs sorted as I can. Looking forward to making some more progress.
  13. Kobra

    Kobra's Project E30

    I'm pretty stoked, but there are still a few things to worry about. The differential makes a whiny sound when coasting. I think it wasn't put back together properly, and the input shaft bearing/crush sleeve isn't right. I'm very excited to get all the kinks worked out, and get it back on the road. I wouldn't mind going to the E30 Mega meet this year.
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