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  1. It is quite rare in that sense. It was also purchased from the creative director of Top Gear, which definitely adds 50% to the value
  2. This is true. I do still have the 193s and good rubber.
  3. Hi all, I'm just looking for collective thoughts on what my car might be worth in today's rather flooded 335i market as I am considering a trade up to an E90 M3: Personally imported from London in 2013. Black Sapphire Metallic 2007 model with 168,000km (Imported at 128,000 km and essentially 2/3 of the mileage since has been on road trips and motorway) Lemon Dakota interior with brushed aluminium trim M Sport with exterior shadow line trim Anthracite headlining Replica dark lines (originals available) Gloss black front grill (originals available) Six speed manual Bilstein B12 kit and associated bushes and mounts installed 5,000km ago TRW M3 front control arms installed 5,000km ago OE tie rods replaced (preventative measure) 3,000km ago Engine mounts replaced (preventative measure) 3,000km ago Ignition coils and spark plugs replaced 3,000 km ago Compression tested (all around 175-180psi), smoke tested, boost solenoids and wastegates tested (out of curiosity) and all in order Walnut blasted 10,000km ago MHD Stage 1 93 tune Turbos replaced at 100,000km Water pump and ABS pump replaced at 130,000km Four of six Injectors replaced (bank of three replaced in London at 100,000km and a single injector replaced here in Auckland at 130,000km) Near new APEX ARC-8 19x8.5" and 19x9.5" with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in 235/35R19 and 265/30R19 (less than 3,000km on these) Serviced every 5-8,000km at Bellars and Burgers Usual extras - Bluetooth, pro nav, heated seats, cruise, xenons etc. Some stone chips and road rash around front bumper and bonnet but otherwise good condition I'd be interested to hear thoughts - fully aware there are a lot of 335s around now! Cheers, Rob
  4. RobD

    Refreshed 335i

    The M3 arms give it a bit more of a dynamic feel I guess - I can't really think how to describe it properly sorry. Possibly more feel through the steering, little 'tighter' in general, and maybe a bit quicker to change direction due to solid bushes, but a lot of that could be due to the old arms / bushes having some miles on them too. Not a night and day difference as is often suggested in the US forums, but for the money not a bad upgrade! For me it was about wanting to make incremental improvements here and there - hence the arms, B12 kit and engine mounts. Next on the list, aside from the intercooler, is to replace the tie rods to cancel out any slop, M3 front and rear sway bars which I can source second hand, but admittedly it's a bit harder to justify the expense as the car ages and house improvements loom!!!
  5. RobD

    Refreshed 335i

    Been a while since I posted, but thought I'd do a little update on the E90. In the last 12 months I've had a Bilstein B12 kit fitted, TRW M3 front arms installed, uprated engine mounts, new AG M359 wheels (having sold an old set I had), and new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in 265/30R19 and 235/35R19, as well as loaded the MHD Stage 1 93 tune. I'll be looking at a VRSF 7" intercooler shortly, and will move to Stage 1+, and will cross my fingers that the clutch holds out! Yet to break the tyres in, but so far so good.
  6. RobD

    19" M359 Replicas

    Price drop - $1,200. Have weighed these with the tyres fitted - fronts are 21.1 kg and rears are 22.8kg. This compares pretty favourably with the stock 18" M193 wheels which, with tyres are 21.4kg for the front and 22kg for the rears. If anyone is interested and wants to come and check them out, text me on 0221767762. Cheers.
  7. RobD

    19" M359 Replicas

    There is no name stamp on the inside unfortunately, other than 'HS253' and the usual industry safety compliance markings. As mentioned, they are replicas - practically all of which are made in Asia.
  8. RobD

    19" M359 Replicas

    Hi all, I recently purchased a set of used M359 replicas, but have decided to just stick with my M193s and focus on new suspension instead. I'm putting this out as a feeler. The details of the wheels are as follows: Front Wheels: 19 x 9" - ET35 - 5x120 Rear Wheels: 19 x 10" - ET 38 - 5x120 One wheel has two spots of minor curbing - around 2cm each section. The other wheels need very minor touching up in a couple of places with a hyper silver paint pen around the very outer lip of the rim only - there is no curbing. There are no chips, cracks or bends on any of the wheels. All wheels come with BMW centre caps. Before I purchased these, the previous owner had a tyre shop put them on a balancing machine to make sure they were all A-OK. I still have the receipt for this. I am unsure as to what brand of replica they are, but they very closely resemble the Avant Garde M359 style for those interested. Fronts come with 225/40R19 Michelin Pilot Supersport - will need to be replaced soon as tread is down to around 3mm. The rears come with new 255/35R19 Winrun R330 ditchfinders. Would recommend either using only on dry surfaces or replacing if safety is an important factor in your life! These look outstanding on my car, but I am going to revert back to full sleeper mode for now. Not in any hurry to sell and am looking for $1,400.
  9. PM'd in respect of the Cobb.
  10. RobD

    Bridgestone s001

    Read back through your posts. You post as though you've fitted just about every tyre ever conceived to your car and have decades of technical experience. Opinions are fine, but there's nothing worse than someone who makes out that they have legitimate technical experience, when in actual fact they don't. No one likes a charlatan. Take that how you will, but my bet is that it's the reality. My constructive advice to the OP is to talk to a qualified professional.
  11. RobD

    Bridgestone s001

    Honestly, what qualifies you to make these statements?
  12. RobD

    Bridgestone s001

    What is your experience in tyres?
  13. I had a few varied quotes, but they were all around the $500 mark. It is both necessary and a bit of a money grabbing exercise. The compliance centre issued the car with its first WOF, yet, when I came to renew it, it failed because the centre rear seatbelt receiver was buried under the seat squab. No one had ever sat in the back seat since the car was complied. So how could they issue a WOF? A bit silly really.
  14. If you're on the North Shore, Burger's Motor Works is a great option. Certainly not a glitzy workshop but when you see the number of European awards the owner has won you will rest easy. I think he charges $90 per hour which is a reasonable amount less than JC BMW or Team Mac. There are others you can try but I only have experience with Burgers so can't comment on them.