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  1. Garage Clear out

  2. FS: Westlake SV308 205/45/16

  3. FS: E34 15x7 Style 5s

  4. FS: Westlake SV308 205/45/16

    $100 need to clear out the garage now the cars leaving.
  5. FS: E34 15x7 Style 5s

    Sorry i ran out of time. from looking at realoem, the caps look way different. ill see what i can arrange
  6. FS: E34 15x7 Style 5s

    Bump $150, need them gone. pick up in hamilton
  7. FS: Westlake SV308 205/45/16

  8. Garage Clear out

  9. Garage Clear out

    The m60/62 5 series mount is part of the engine mount. So this removes the issue of having to cut down the engine mount and is cleaner finish than cutting and shaving.
  10. Garage Clear out

    So guys now that my car is up and running i have a few bits and pieces to clear out: E34/E36 M50 140amp altenator $50 Almost complete is sideskirt clip set $50 E30 facelift 318i fuel pump $50 E53 X5 M62 oil filter adapter $75 E39 facelift RR window regulator & motor $75 E30 brake master cylinder reservoir $20 Garagistic RPM gauge coding chip for V8 $75 Facelift valance centre vent blanks $20ea E36/E46 286x22 vented rotors – unused $50 Can ship at buyers expense
  11. ECU heat soak

    So as my car is up and running and can drive it... im throwing ideas around trying to diagnose the problem. it runs flawlessly at night when it’s slightly cooler but during the day when it’s warmer it develops a misfire and drops what I think is one whole bank. Will sometimes come and go other times will change with throttle input... could the issue be the igniters in the ecu are getting too hot? there is quite a bit of heat from the engine bay…definitely won’t need the heater in winter haha
  12. F/L E30 318i coupe

    Finally got the car WOF'd and Reg'd....such a great feeling to be able to drive this car. The drive is unreal, the power delivery is smooth and you don't feel the need to drive it hard. Cruising in it with the exhaust note and the strange looks you get from people not expecting the v8 sound from such a small car. Couldn't be happier, spent 3 or 4 hours with a friend getting some good photos and video footage, here is a few from the massive selection that he took. enjoy.
  13. WTB: 2.93 LSD centre

    Yeah I have heard the lower ratios have a different centre to the higher ones. ill keep it in mind tho thanks
  14. WTB: 2.93 LSD centre

    Im on the hunt for a LSD centre for my 2.93 medium case diff, i have a spare diff so really only need the centre....time to upgrade so i dont keep smashing axles.
  15. FS: E34 15x7 Style 5s

    I am unsure, I am heading back to hamilton tonight and have a friends with some 15” weaves so will test them and let you know