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    Nice looking 150i

    add one more zero 2,980,000 yen ......just over 40k. i would have bought it if it was only 4k

    Nice looking 150i

    Stumbled across this while trawling through some japanese auctions. looks like a nice example....pity they didnt use the newer motor like HellBM http://www.moderno-zing.com/stock/bmw 130i-mスポーツ v8e39エンジン公認/
  3. I think he means speed bumps, at crossing and car parks....

    SC V8 E30 Touring sleeper

    Uggggh I'll add it to the list 🙈......im just happy its running faultlessly at the moment.

    Not for the purists!

    A couple of really cool conversions i stumbled across last night. They are too cool not to share. @_ethrty-Andy_ some ideas for the future of the transit? Really cool converted 635i

    E28 Comfort Seat Upholstery Cloth

    contact these guys they may be able to help you if they don't already have it in stock http://lemansautofabrics.co.nz/fabric-bmw.html
  7. most people use e36 tie rod ends

    Supercharged V8 Ute anyone?

    it may have "crappy chinese ebay parts" but its the suspension and handling that were the main concerns for HSV, hence the decoupling rear sway bar (which is unheard of in a ute) upgraded shocks and springs, wheels are no bigger just wider, from a 7.5" to a 10" wheel The camaro will come as spec'd out of america, being the 2SS will be very well spec'd unfortunately no manual at this stage currently
  9. I run the srs bushes and they still dont centre the hub with standard e36 arms, if you use m3 hubs it may work. Theres quite a few options out there for this now, theres a guy in oz that has built some that he reckons works with standard arms. try the e30 enthusiasts australia page he posts a bit on there
  10. WYZEUP

    Facelift e30 SI board

    Hey guys, Looking for a Motometer facelift SI board, have discovered that my current one has been damaged by screws, hence has caused my rpm gauge to stop working
  11. WYZEUP

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    WOF and a wash 😂 first time its been out in 4 months
  12. WYZEUP

    Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Does anyone have any wheel dollys in the wellington region i can borrow/rent for a weekend?
  13. WYZEUP

    Local parts Pricing & Availability

    Is taking your cams to kelford cams to spec to how you want not an option?
  14. WYZEUP

    Help me name these wheels plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

    getting expensive these days...... https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=423545
  15. WYZEUP

    VHT Niteshade Red/Black

    go to a model store they sell translucent colour paint in small spray cans