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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking at a 2005 e60 M sport wagon vs a 2006 high line wagon. What I would like to know what the M packet actually provides? Is it just cosmetic or is the suspension setup stiffer than a traditional non m packet? I've got a 04 e60 sedan but need the extra room so looking for a wagon now. Thanks guys! Cheers,
  2. djpaubes

    e60 hidden sports mode

    I'm keen for a group buy. The guy at capital auto electrics in wellington has done a few before. But I'd prefer to do it with a proper switch.
  3. djpaubes

    e60 hidden sports mode

    Haven't had time but might give this a crack this weekend and might have to DIY the switch and cable unless anyone has a suggestion?
  4. djpaubes

    e60 hidden sports mode

    I'm going to give it a go, just need to acquire some BMW cabling.
  5. djpaubes

    e60 hidden sports mode

    Hi guys, I'm reading about the hidden sports button on an e60, Its all over the bmw forums overseas but wanted to know if anyone has actually done it locally. A bit spectacle and I also realise its only slightly different that DS. Would be keen to hear some thoughts on this. I'm got a 530i its not a racer but I like mucking around. Cheers,