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  1. Congrats buddy, well deserved.
  2. jfnz

    Hi everyone, camilo from chile.

    www.bmworkshop.co.nz is a safe bet. They tend to be quite busy though (which is a testament to how good they are) so make sure you call first.
  3. jfnz

    Are confusing number plates legal?

    I don't see why. If you really needed to find it and at least knew the colour of the car you could say "the number was something like..." and they could match it. Even more quickly if you knew the make/model of the car. Same thing between 0 and O.
  4. jfnz

    New guy - 635

    Welcome Karl.. Love the 635, looks amazing. What an awesome present from the Mrs.. She's a keeper!
  5. jfnz

    New Member - Auckland

    Welcome!.. Sweet car -- Do you think the red will be hard to take care of?
  6. Nice car, welcome to the forums.
  7. Just wanted to share a positive experience at Discount Tyres in Grey Lynn. They fitted 2x replacement rear tyres for my '10 335i and did a great job. They even had a go at cleaning up my rusty hubs and applying some grease while the wheels were off. They also did a wheel alignment for me and had some recommendations around how to reduce inner-side tyre wear. I said ok, but didn't like how the car drove afterwards (too much toe-in on the rear made the car feel a bit unstable at high speed). They fixed it up to BMW specification for free, told me to come back again if it wasn't right and even called me after the weekend to check how things were now. As BM Workshop Grey Lynn is just over the road, I think they get quite a few BMWs through. My only complaint is they really need some BMW friendly jack pad adapters or to jack on the rear cross-member/front jack point otherwise they'd have 10/10 from me. I'd be willing to bet not many, if any tyre shops would have these however. - Josh
  8. jfnz

    Rare Turtles

    That's quite a panel gap..
  9. jfnz

    Mobile phone advice

    Imma let you finish, but iMessage has benefits above and beyond that of avoiding increasing billed SMS count. Messaging to OSX as well as iOS. Delivered/Read receipts. No character limits. Extended emoji keyboards. Encryption. Free international messaging. Messaging non-data devices (e.g. iPod Touch).
  10. jfnz

    Mobile phone advice

    Nexus 5 or iPhone5s. Don't get the iPhone5c unless you want to basically buying a plastic iPhone5. I'm hesitant to change away from Apple as my Mrs and I iMessage relatively often and enjoy the benefits of non-SMS messaging. If you want an older one, 1day.co.nz often has sales on old refurb Apple stuff.
  11. jfnz

    Planning to buy E90 320i

    Hmm, I'll speak from experience and say that I had a difficult experience buying a Japanese import when I purchased my Audi A4 1.8T a little over 3 years ago. I am of the opinion that they don't look after their cars very well. It came in to the country desperately needing a service, leaking coolant and oil.. I'm not sure why I bought it in retrospect, I think I was infatuated with the concept of owning it as admittedly it is a very nice car. I luckily bought a warranty along with it and claimed more than my money spent on it in repairs as well as quite a significant amount of my own dosh that wasn't covered by the warranty. I had a fuel pump fail which left me stranded as well as the initial costs of having to get it registered and replace all four tyres, etc. That said, it's been pretty reliable over the last little while once I ironed out everything that I feel may not have happened had the car been looked after a little better. I've recently (on Friday) just bought myself a 2010 BMW 335i which has come in from the UK. It has 63k on the clock and I can already tell it's been looked after a lot better than the Audi had coming in from Japan (even accounting for the difference in age). This one flew through a pre-purchase inpsection at the BMW dealership and was praised as one of the cleanest they'd seen. Considering it was love at first drive, it had all the options I was looking for around at the right price I jumped on it, but even so I was very careful to make sure I picked up a warranty along with it. I'm hoping I don't need it, but 4 years with AutoSure for around $1800 is what I'd call that a good deal, even if not used for anything other than the peace of mine based on my previous experiences. At the end of the day Le Roy, do what makes you happy. A car is never going to NOT be an expensive item to own, especially if you have a taste for Euro cars (the only people who argue that are the ones who haven't driven a decent Euro car).. Just do your homework, have a pre-purchase inspection done and make sure you're happy with it. Expect to have to do a few things yourself and expect to have it in the garage a few times along the way. I've put about 500km on my BMW since Friday over around 12 hours driving time, I consider the inevitable costs of running and repair (and the mods!) a small price to pay for the happiness and freedom it has/will bring me. Also, I agree with elmarco in saying that you should stretch for a 6 cylinder engine if you can. BMW are famous for them and mine is a joy to drive (even more-so with two turbos attached!).
  12. jfnz

    Hi all

    There's 63k on the car at the moment, so I think it's probably due for an intake clean. I might get the guys over at BMWorkshop to take a look for me and get that OCC on ASAP. I think you're right about the DP fix too -- I remember reading that somewhere now. Agreed that meth is probably too much of an issue for a DD, but from what I'm reading the benefits are supposed to be huge. Where do you get your E85 from? Looking around I can see only Gull Pukekohe sells it (according to the Gull website). Are the mods listed in your signature current or planned? If current you must have a monster of a car, I'd love to see it in person some time.
  13. jfnz

    New Fun for those central North Island

    Did anyone go along this weekend? Looks like it could have been cool. Might make a trip down in March methinks.
  14. jfnz

    Hi all

    Yeah, this was partly the reason I jumped on this car when I could. Everything sorta fell in to place, I love the Dakota leather interior, it had the sunroof, was the last of the N54's while being the newest shape, had low KM's, flew through a BMW pre-purchase inspection and was praised as being one of the tidiest they'd seen. It is also a 6MT which I had trouble finding through my 2-3 months of looking around. I even got it for a good price compared to the other models I saw around. Once I have a bit of spare cash laying around I'm really keen to get just the JB4 in. Even the extra 100HP at the crank on an otherwise stock car is going to make a huge difference. For shits and giggles I've priced up a few mods and for not a huge amount of money you can really do a LOT to the car. Prices in USD: JB4 PNP (N54 Stage 3) plus USB Cable and Dual Cone Intake Combo - $599 N54 135/1M/335 - BMW Oil Catch Can by BMS - $179 cp-e 135/335 Intercooler - $839 Optional Add-On Oil Cooler for use with CPE intercooler - $129 cp-e™ BMW 135i, 335i & 335xi 3" Catless Downpipes - $579 BMS Downpipe Fix -- N54 Twin Turbo Motor - $100 BMS Replacement Downpipe Gaskets/Hardware - $19 cp-e BMW 135i / 335i Blowoff Valve Kit (TiAL) - $550 BMS Stainless Steel Brake Line Upgrade Kit - $119 BMS Meth Kit with 2.3 gal. Integrated Tank, solenoid, including FSB - $529 Shipping to NZ - $200 Total = $3569.00USD or $4256NZD I guess with all that though I can kiss my 4 year mechanical warranty goodbye as it's a LOT of mods to strip off if I need to take it in!