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  1. Wrecking E39 Msport

    Picture of the steering wheel?
  2. Quick rant thread.

    @gjm I think you shop is more aimed at the places that won’t ship here, rather than for saving us money
  3. Quick Questions

    Thanks, I better get my rc caps fixed if I don’t want exposed nuts
  4. Quick Questions

    Can anyone tell me if an e46 rear hub/bearing is supposed to have a dust cover? I seem to have gotten it in my head that it should, but can’t find a PN on real OEM and the dust cover I have (front I assume) won’t fit.
  5. BBS RC Refurb questions

    Probably the most relevant youtube ad I've ever seen...
  6. BBS RC Refurb questions

    So just the appropriate socket and then tap the bolt out? The paint does seem good, so I’ll see how clean I can get it. Some of the curbing on the 304s.
  7. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Had Winger replace the airbag. Started replacing the accessory belts, water pump and thermostat. Realised I didn't have the right tools, so settled for a new thermostat gasket to check if that solved my leak (will replace it when I do the water pump). Finished installing the shadow line trim I had, washed it and managed to turn a semi-decent camera into a potato (should've checked the settings before shooting).
  8. BBS RC Refurb questions

    I’ve got two sets of BBS RC wheels, 090 (style 5s) and 304. The 090’s have minimal curbing and the plan is to polish the lips, clean the centres (paint if needed), tidy the hardware (probably plate them) and eventually BBS RS style centre caps. However I’m not sure what tool(s) I’ll need to remove the bolts. I’m also assuming they can be reused. The 304’s on the other hand have been rattle can’d black by the PO to hide a fair amount of curbing. Finish wise I was thinking paint strip and repaint in another colour and get some new BBS centre caps (rather than mangled BMW badges like they currently have). The curbing will need to be addressed, what’s the best procedure for this? Pay someone (e.g. wheel magician), bog them, special wheel repair stuff(?) or get a mate to weld them and then file it down. I’ll post some pictures tonight.
  9. 1985 525e

    Bump. Installed more new parts as per my project thread
  10. 85 525e First car

    Replaced PS belt, alternator belt, alternator adjuster bracket, PS adjuster nut, 2 of the 3 temp sensors in the thermostat. Seems to run better now, but requires more testing.
  11. AC Sanchez wheelz bruh

    I know where that is, so I either know the seller or someone who knows them lol
  12. ///M CLUB New Zealand

    How do Z8, M535i, M635csi, 850csi fit in then? As they’re not //M(insert letter here), yet some obviously are M cars, others are the subject of debate
  13. 330ti

    Pretty sure a member down here in Wellington purchased it
  14. E61 535d M-Sport, NZ New, 2006. Price reduced

    If I didn’t already have three cars and wanted something sensible, this would be appealing. Nice car, GLWS
  15. Any broken Getrag 260's?

    I’ve got one that won’t go into 5th