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  1. eliongater

    1985 525e

    Land Rovers and BMWs will do that to you
  2. eliongater

    1985 525e

    How keen are you? Happy to work something out for a worthy cause. PM me?
  3. eliongater

    1985 525e

    You and me both . I’m open to offers if people think I’m mad...
  4. eliongater

    1985 525e

    Bump, new photos and lower price on Trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1658483629.htm
  5. eliongater

    E34 M5

    About half that price and it’d make a great track and/or targa car.
  6. eliongater

    E3/E12 gearbox compatibility

    As they’re both m30s the gearbox should bolt up to the engine fine. However you might need to check for a speedo drive on the gearbox (should be fine since it’s an e12 box). Unfortunately that’s as far as my knowledge goes on e3s.
  7. eliongater

    Quick Questions

    It's not currently in a car and hasn't been for a long time. The guy who had it had e12s and e3s.
  8. eliongater

    Quick Questions

    Thanks Brent. 4148346 is stamped on the block where the 7 digit engine number should be, which is confusing. @Jono51 thinks it’s a replacement engine, so perhaps they stamped the vin of the car there instead of the engine number?
  9. eliongater

    Quick Questions

    Can anyone identify this engine? It's either an m30 or m90. 4148346 35 6e a 356ea
  10. eliongater

    Damaged 2007 Motorsport 550i Touring

    “Excellent race car” alright then...
  11. eliongater

    Help needed...

    @_ethrty-Andy_ USB itself doesn’t suck, it’s normally the sub par USB to serial adaptor. I almost got something working on my windows 10 laptop over USB, I only stopped because I didn’t know how to use the software so couldn’t test properly.
  12. eliongater

    Looking to buy a welder

    That I could fit an e36 boot lid into the boot of my e28. For anyone wondering, e28s have massive boots.
  13. eliongater

    Looking to buy a welder

    Thanks @musccoo and @_ethrty-Andy_. I can’t really justify a brand new Lincoln welder. Currently on the hunt for a 2nd hand BOC, Lincoln or Miller. I think I’ll take you up on that Andy.
  14. eliongater

    Looking to buy a welder

    @aja540i I had a go with my mates Lincoln 200C, and 50 amps seemed to work fine on thin stuff (admittedly that welder was smarter than us). @Olaf Any recommendations other than BOC? I know Lincoln and Miller are big names. Are you confusing this with mail order brides or do you have an exceptionally bizarre wielding shop? Regardless, I feel other members of the forum might need specifications......
  15. eliongater

    Looking to buy a welder

    Thanks for your input guys. I think I’ll probably spring for a boc unit (was already looking that way), though my dad still thinks I should get a cheap one with a 3 year warranty... I was always planning on running gas (was thinking Argo shield, but if straight CO2 will do the job cheaper I might look into that). I’ve seen flux core welds, not the prettiest. What amperage would you recommend for welding the body work on the e28, it’s pretty thin, so I’d imagine it’d be quite low. Would 50 A cut it or is that too high? There’s a used boc multi process 175 that’s caught my eye, however the mig minimum is 50A. @gjm no need for arc yet, but most multi process welders have it. Not a selling point either way for me though. @agent75 what’s the process behind convertering a fire extinguisher? That sounds like a cost effective way to go. @Olaf I would love to do the welding course, but both hours in the day and timelines make that difficult. @aja540i @Mr Vapour Thanks, that was roughly my thinking. Duty cycle doesn’t need to be too high, but I understand how it works. Already checked with an electrician and I just need the 15amp plug.