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  1. Could quite feasibly create an ISO/Zip of sone portable virtualisation software With a preconfigured VM on. E.g. burn this ISO to a disk or extract this zip to a USB stick, then run XYZ. Though sharing a VM with windows installed in it could be questionable legality wise (even if it’s unlicensed). The advantage of a VM rather some instructions and installers for you host OS is you could have a 32bit OS (assuming that’s better for what we’re trying to achieve given that was the standard in 2000...) with all the multitude of tweaks completed to get the software working. Though again, pass through could be interesting. As @M3AN pointed out a VM will take significantly more hard drive space than just installing it normally. @wrs a cloud based VM sounds like absolute hell in terms of getting USB to talk to it and would potentially require more configuration than it’s worth at the client end.
  2. Suspect finding a way to make it run on Windows 10 might be simpler for the general audience? As the pass through settings will likely be different depending on what your virtualisation software is. Didn’t someone recently post a link to an installer on here? Which guest OS were you thinking anyway? XP, 7 or 10?
  3. Where’d you purchase it from?
  4. Good call. It’s pretty nice gear, and I would use more of it if I didn’t have an excess of cisco gear to get through
  5. I use ubiquity (W)APs at home, and have found them pretty good. Though a word of caution, be careful buying older models... I purchased a 2nd hand AC pro off trademe and assumed it would be fine. I had to downgrade my controller to get it to play ball, and then it wouldn’t see my router (USG). I’ve since upgraded my router to a Cisco Meraki unit and put the USG away, solving the controller issue. NB: the dashboard is kinda cool but I never used it
  6. Steel framing was the desired route, wood framing isn't really suitable in this scenario. Hadn't thought of prefab slabs though, will see if anyone does them down this way
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions team, have contracted total span and will check out Skyline. Will also see if I know any good builders. And yes 300m2 is a little excessive, but no point doing it otherwise. $200-$250 per square meter is in line with what I thought. @Olaf my uncle has gone down the second hand shed route before. The shed cost him $1000 but by the time he was done getting it back up to code and earthquake regs it had cost him more than buying new for an inferior product.
  8. Looking at building at shed in the Wellington region, approximately 300m2. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to use or avoid? Doesn’t need to be fancy, something kitset will be fine (though ideally they’ll have to o build it)
  9. Cost aside for the moment, there's also the availability aspect, in that they're not nearly as common as say an e30, so whilst they may not be that expensive, you still have to find one.
  10. As per the title, looking on behalf. Wellington, Manawatu or Picton preferred but will consider other options. Thanks. EDIT: and if it's cheap/free enough would consider complete engines.
  11. As per my PM, didn't get round to solving it yet, but have since learnt to weld. So in due course will take some measurements, and weld something in. But also just as likely to swap in an M30 😅 (or buy another E28)
  12. Yeah agreed regarding the seats. When I test drove one my seat was touching the rear seat
  13. Good call on the LEDs, I have them in my garage and they're so much nicer than the fluro's in the shed. Seriously wish my compressor was in a sound proof box though
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