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  1. eliongater

    85 525e First car

    @gjm oh no I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about the two times it’s left stranded... expansion tank and fuel pump.
  2. eliongater

    85 525e First car

    Replaced most of the vacuum lines and the valve cover gasket. Oil + filter change. Continues to “just work” (as in it hasn’t broken down on me, unlike the e46...)
  3. eliongater

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    FWIW, AMI payed me the agreed value (agreed when I setup the policy) minus my excess. I'm not sure who you're with though, so yours might be different
  4. eliongater

    E23 M745i rhd m88 power

    @Cannabis9478 the speedo is different (both mileage and mph vs kmh)
  5. eliongater

    E28 1987 M535i e28 on behalf

    Paging @TermiPeteNZ
  6. eliongater

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Have you got a build thread or something?
  7. eliongater

    1985 525e

    Bump $4.5k
  8. eliongater

    E30+E34 parts

    @Ace Of Spades and @_ethrty-Andy_ reckon we could work something out? Cash also works better for me. Stick them in the same box, saves on shipping?
  9. eliongater

    E30+E34 parts

    Cheers. So where is where the cool kids live?
  10. eliongater

    E30+E34 parts

    What exactly are the 260 bits?
  11. eliongater

    Quick rant thread.

    They didn't have time to program it to display both
  12. eliongater

    Help me name these wheels plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So if knowing lots about wheels is where Kyu excels, what's the trade off? Or is that also knowing a lot about wheels? (See the definition of Savant)
  13. eliongater

    Looking to buy a welder

    Thanks @agent75 I’ll try find someone who can do it in Wellington. How big is your tank? And in in terms of a welder I’m currently borrowing my neighbours Weldwell steady mig 130
  14. eliongater

    1985 525e

    Land Rovers and BMWs will do that to you
  15. eliongater

    1985 525e

    How keen are you? Happy to work something out for a worthy cause. PM me?