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  1. Unless I'm completely out of touch with e60's, you could buy an m5 or two petrol ones for that price. But then again it is a 535d
  2. The 850csi on a technicality... kinda. It was more directed at the first paragraph.
  3. I'm sure the s85 and s70/3 would like a word with you...
  4. Typing @, then the users name and selecting it from the drop down should work
  5. Also would it be worth noting which are members cars? The e34 (non Saudi) is @gtstarped's
  6. Price lowered
  7. @allan includes everything in the photo (except rears). We can figure out a price via pm
  8. 130 170 130 140 130 130 100 100 110 105 160 160 Unless I'm really bad a compression testing... I guess the real test is fitting a new expansion tank and seeing how it runs.
  9. Picked up two new tires for the e46, overheard another customer looking for tires for their Pulsar or Primera... $270 each for Ecopias . Made me feel good about my $200 RE003s.
  10. @Olaf you'd want to keep it LHD because RHD headers a PITA and it's a special edition M5...
  11. I wish I didn't already have 3 BMWs
  12. They could, I just had to pay $110, which is more than my "regular" towy would have charged. And it's looking like the expansion tank has made like a banana
  13. Does anyone have a compression tester suitable for an m54 in Wellington I can borrow?
  14. It does... there's just an extra charge if you need to be towed out of zone or some bs, which is based on where the towy is and not where you are. I'm not sure, but I'm seriously questioning the value of AA. In the meantime though I've still got to find where the coolant went...
  15. When the coolant in the e46 decides to exit stage left (Yes I pulled over straight away) And then AA roadside can't send someone because "they don't carry fluids" and then want to charge me $110 for a tow... So instead I got my Dad to tow me home with a tow rope. Not impressed. And I'm supposed to be taking the car in tomorrow morning for some new rubber