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  1. I would try and use E28 stuff where possible. E34 suspension fits but is slightly higher. E28's with M30s have Hydroboost brakes, so I'm not sure how much if any of it is compatible with your vacuum setup (which the E34 also uses). I'll find you wiring diagrams tomorrow. I'm assuming you're using a Motronic 1.0 525e and a Motronic M30B35?
  2. Still a lot of car for $10k though.
  3. The 525e measures about 265cm centre to centre (wheels) on the length and 170cm wide (E30 is 166cm wide). In theory, the E30 has a 5cm shorter wheelbase.
  4. @Matth5, no, that just makes you a ricer
  5. Welcome to the forum and the E46 family! We'll actually be passing through Taranaki this weekend.
  6. I'm pretty sure this sold for $13k not too long ago... I was quite tempted myself at the time.
  7. You mean bruised since it can't decide if it's blue, purple or black. PSA I've also got an Orientblau car and think it looks great
  8. @Kuutio start a new thread, probably in project questions, and mention myself and M M (type @ and the start of our username). Then list all of your questions and what you're trying to achieve. Purely so we don't clutter this thread.
  9. Hi Team, Does anyone have a car trailer suitable for an E28 I can borrow? For free or otherwise. Braked would be preferable. Ideally from Friday 29th evening to Saturday 30th Evening. Cheers
  10. Sell your house instead. Problem solved.
  11. I also use imgur. Just be sure to make the album first, and upload directly to it if you want unlisted images (otherwise they appear on the front page)
  12. Pretty sure they all do that... I've got a 4 speed one (5th is there somewhere) that I'm not currently using. I assume you need one with the two holes in the bell housing for the speed and position sensors?
  13. off topic

    Thanks guys, I'll try get some wider rims. Interestingly my cousin (who has lots of land rovers) says that he runs 7.50s on 4.5" to 8" rims... I assume my assumption that this is not OK is correct? @3pedals I'll look into those in an appropriate size. So they'll be fine with some mud and gravel (farm runs not hardcore off-roading)?
  14. Nice, cars looking great! I'm amazed by all the goodies you find.
  15. off topic

    I know this is a bit left field, but since you guys are fairly clued up and have a different perspective compared to others (just get some 2nd hand 20 YO tyres, you'll be sweet...) I thought I'd ask here. I'm looking for a full set of tyres for my Series 2a 88" Landy, with 16x5" rims (5" wide that is). It's been suggested that I run everything from 6.50, 7.00 to 7.50. Ideally, though I'd be looking for some new radials (in a modern size) that are suitable for minor off-road use (farms, gravels, mild mud) and still good for some road driving. I am planning on driving it from Hamilton to Christchurch though, so that should probably be taken into account. Key points: Offroad and on-road Prefer under $250 per tyre New would be nice 16 x 5" Rim 7.00 or 7.50 size, but in XXX/YYR16 format. Unless you can find a unicorn tyre