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  1. @HardBall66 I’ve actually got one I’ve been meaning to install
  2. 3x examples, there’s more there as well https://www.trademe.co.nz/1469671144 https://www.trademe.co.nz/1469831446 https://www.trademe.co.nz/1468379752
  3. There are also ZF (don’t know the model off the top of my head, but it’s the most commonly available one) gearboxes that’ll bolt up to an m5x. Getrag 260 (m20) and 240 (m20) kinda bolt up (I think 1 or 2 bolts don’t line up), but are tilted 10*, so I’d avoid them. An M30 getrag 260 or an M10 getrag 240 wont bolt up at all. There is also a getrag 250 that will work. (From early m50 e34s I believe) An m20 flywheel can be made to work on an m5x, just check the clearance of the engine facing side (might need a machine) and the starter gear. Are you after a single mass or dual mass flywheel? TLDR: you want a getrag 220, 240 (m40) or a 250 (and technically a 420g as well) or a ZF from an e36.
  4. Just over 200,000KM now
  5. @NZ BMW yes, pop the lower back seat up, 4x 10mm nuts and it’s right there.
  6. Replaced the fuel pump. All sorted. Thanks to @_ethrty-Andy_ for coming along with a pump.
  7. The whirring was when it was running. The starters engaging fine and the engines turning over fine. I’ll head in today with some proper tools and check the voltages and under bonnet fuses/relays
  8. Thanks for the kind offer @kiwi535 but I’m already on the train. (I should have checked sooner). I’ll come back armed with tools, multimeter and a scanner this weekend.
  9. Not with what I have on me. I’m catching the train home as I haven’t had dinner yet. I’ll get some proper tools and parts and tackle it over the weekend
  10. Checked all the fuses in the glovebox relating to fuel pump, DME, immobiliser etc
  11. Fuel pump doesn’t seem to be priming (holding the top of the plug/pump and there’s nothing)
  12. So do I It's also 6 floors up in a car park building with fairly tight turns and ramps... I'll go have another go, check the fuel pump and fuses and report back
  13. Drove my e46 to work today.... It's still at work.... Turns over beautifully, but won't start. Disconnected battery for 1 minute Tried in P, N, foot on brake, foot on gas (and both/none) RPM gauge above 0 (though below 500) Temp gauge slightly above coldest despite sitting all day It did make a strange whirring noise that increased with RPM in the last few minutes of my drive (sounded like a turbine. Fan clutch is new) I may have ever so gently kissed the car park ramp with the under carriage (low cars...) Radio works Never had any issues starting in the past Can't get to the CPS to check it I should probably pull a plug to check for spark and fuel Key is fairly new
  14. Don’t use it in your e34, do it properly, m5x gearboxes are easier to find than m20 boxes. As to the value, I’d say around $400-500 but then again it’s only worth what someone wants to pay.
  15. M30 filters still available