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  1. I'd hope it was shiny I'd only washed it less than 12 hours before I took this photo. Admittedly I did wash it mostly in the dark lol
  2. Excuse the quick and dirty potato cam pics. I also couldn't upload so resorted to a hidden imgur album. I didn't take too many as there were other's with actual cameras doing a better job than me lol
  3. It was quite good at said action
  4. That's cool, and a proper sleeper with the low spec compact body.
  5. Your old coils will fit my M54 (whilst your old M54 ones won't), so I'd be interested in using them for diagnosing my intermittent misfire code.
  6. Shouldn't you take it to the vet if your cat is faulty? You can read the codes yourself, I do it with a Bluetooth obd2 adapter and torque lite on android
  7. More importantly, how did he fit e60 wheels on an e39? I thought e39 had a large hub centre than every other BMW?
  8. Not to be disrespectful or anything, but your lack of formatting makes it very hard to follow. Also Brent @ BM World knows his stuff. I recommend either giving him a call and/or writing a clear list of what you actually have and a separate list of what you want. Lots of e36s have been manual converted, so you can't rely on everything you find being factory (unless of course you have proof). Parts are also plentiful, so you shouldn't have to make a spacer or use any custom parts.
  9. Come on Auckland E30 guys, get the ball rolling
  10. Maybe... the m535i already has lowering springs of some description
  11. You might want to update your car list Apologies for the low light iPhone shot (probably time for a new phone...)
  12. He has a trade me link so I'd say it's ok... but you could argue either way if you wanted
  13. I think I'm good...
  14. You missed without cat http://www.bmwmregistry.com/model_faq.php?id=6 DC82