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  1. I’m guessing these are new? I’ll check the part numbers tonight, mines a bit squeaky.
  2. Welcome! Have you got some more pictures?
  3. Bump. Just installed a new thermostat housing. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1510660079.htm
  4. If that’s what I think it is, it’s a special edition one as a tribute to the 318is touring car (from memory???). They also come in avus blue (a mate had one but wrote it off) amd Fiji green.
  5. May I ask why you’re looking at parting it out? It seems like a pretty good car, so unless I’m missing something I see no reason to part it out,
  6. No, only M3s etc are WBS, I think even the e12 M535i is WBA. I too don’t see the economics of exporting it to the states. It’d be cheaper to buy one over there plus the steering wheel would be on the right place.
  7. @Jono51 at Auto38? Mike Page? https://www.mikepageeuropean.co.nz/
  8. Not yet...
  9. It’s closer to a manual than an auto. Infact the SMG gearbox is basically the same as the manual, it just has a computer that shifts it for you. As opposed to having a torque converter and the constant smoothness/vagueness.
  10. Sadly it looks like I'd have to run 215 tyres (no...), roll my fenders (fine) and have more camber than I'd like (alright...).
  11. Nice number plate surround @Jono51 Oh and nice E30
  12. Anyone know what e46 fitment is like (obviously not e28 lol)? Tyres included?
  13. Hmmmm... anybody want to buy my rc304s so I can buy these?
  14. Very well spec’d for the price. If I was in the market I’d definitely be having a look. (If anyone sees a 740d let me know...)
  15. That looks mint. I wish I knew what he wanted for it (other than more than I can afford)