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  1. eliongater

    Tyre Size for E36 M3 M double-spoke Style 22

    @Olaf I'd forgotten about the profile, I only got as far as the width being off, yeah 245/45 is way too tall, even for an 8.5" rim, it should be 245/40 if anything. I second that this tyre guy might not quite understand the nuances of tyres in this situation.
  2. eliongater

    Tyre Size for E36 M3 M double-spoke Style 22

    17x7.5 et41? 245 seems too big and might look a bit balloon like, and is fitted to e46/36 17x8.5 wheels. According to this site what you have already (235/40R17) is the OEM size. Changing from that will alter your speedometer reading slightly. Personally I’d stick with the OEM size https://bimmertips.com/oem-bmw-e36-m3-wheel-opitions-specs/
  3. eliongater

    E28 car or parts needed

    I should be able to help out for some of those
  4. eliongater

    E30 M42 Swap

    That sounds like EWS? Post a picture/the number on the ECU?
  5. eliongater

    DISA - Repair kit or unit

    I believe the problem with a complete unit is that it'll eventually just have the same problem. I'm considering ordering this kit. https://www.germanautosolutions.com/bmw_solutions/disa_products/m54_m52tu/m54_disa_repair_kit/product_m54_disa_repair_kit.php
  6. eliongater

    Bridgestone Tyres - Buy 1 get 1 half price

    @m325i 4 S being the larger sizes (19" +) or are there other differences? @BozzaFC in this instance I've used 4s to indicate multiple PS4 tyres. Michelin's website has it written as Pilot Sport 4 S (probably for the very reason of avoiding confusion)
  7. eliongater

    Bridgestone Tyres - Buy 1 get 1 half price

    @Olaffor arguments sake... that's not really comparing apples to apples. Let's assume the 225s cost $150 each and the 245s cost $250 each, that gives you your average price of $200 per corner, but in reality the rears aren't much cheaper than the PS4s in this scenario. Correct me if I'm way off piste. 225/45R17 $220 per side and 245/40R17 $270 per side.
  8. eliongater

    E46 330/5 flywheel/clutch Replacement Suggestions

    Ordered an e34 m5 pressure plate from Rock Auto to test them out, if I don't use it on the e46 another project will end up with it. $157NZ landed. Will see how that goes. Will probably go for the heaviest (and cheapest) speed factor flywheel and clutch kit. I hate flywheel chatter so don't want to go too crazy. Worst case I can take it out and sell it and buy a DMF.
  9. eliongater

    E46 330/5 flywheel/clutch Replacement Suggestions

    Rock auto https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/bmw,2001,330ci,3.0l+l6,1370922,transmission-manual,clutch+kit,1993 : Luk DMF Flywheel ~$588.26 Sachs clutch kit ~$227.45 Flywheel and Clutch ~$850.75 (Vs ~$785.71 when shipped separately) Though upon further research these appear to be 330xi PNs. Will investigate further (anyone know if Xi clutches work in RWD?) Also the Speedfactor 9KG kit is a 240mm clutch.
  10. eliongater

    is this a real Schnitzer?

    ACS kit, but still not a real ACS
  11. eliongater

    Anyone know where to import E46 M3?

    Strange that they went to the effort of putting arguably the wrong offset Apex wheels on that blue one, they could easily have gotten ones that were a better fit.
  12. eliongater

    E46 330/5 flywheel/clutch Replacement Suggestions

    Pulled it apart yesterday. The flywheel and clutch are toast. Could almost freely rotate both parts of the DMF, suspect it was close to grenading itself.
  13. eliongater

    E46 330/5 flywheel/clutch Replacement Suggestions

    @Olaf, got a price from Winger... $788.65 for the clutch and $1594.94 for the flywheel with a discount and ex Germany eta 2 weeks...
  14. eliongater

    1973 Square Tail lights 2002 Parts Wanted

    Try this guy? https://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=290009
  15. eliongater

    E46 330/5 flywheel/clutch Replacement Suggestions

    Added a poll and found some more options to buy. The cheapest (NB: all prices are to my door in NZD) is "clutchmax" at $680, but I've never heard of them and it's a stage 2 kit. There's an OEM dual mass kit for $1050 which is appealing (it is a convertible, not a race car, so smoothness and how much it rattles is important ). Next would be the 9KG kit from speed factor for $30 less. Does someone in Wellington have a lightweight flywheel or a standard manual e46 I can listen to/try?