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  1. Do you know what it’s for?
  2. It’s like a reverse sleeper, it can (kinda) talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. Needs a lot more poke than a 328i to back up the out there looks
  3. After an e46 convertible boot, ideally in Cosmos Schwartz black and semi-dressed (Don't need lights, but would like the interior)
  4. FYI, @balancerider the link could be handy
  5. Oops, I forgot you had L jet rather than early motronic
  6. Checked your ICV? If you adjusted the idle with the throttle body stop that’s not really recommend and will explain the higher idle once it’s warmed up. The idle is supposed to be constant and controlled by the ICV, assuming it’s working properly it acts as a secondary throttle allowing more air in. However it can’t decrease the amount of air lower than what the throttle body lets in. Which is why the idle speed will increase once warmed up if the throttle stop is open too far. (That or something silly like what happened to me where my alternator belt snapped and the idle raised to 1500 RPM, but you’d notice that)
  7. And I thought my M535i was bad!
  8. Went with the speed factor stage 1.5 kit in the end. Was a bit disappointing initially, but much better now that it’s bedded in.
  9. Ah, that towing frame would make a world of difference. I’ll stop detailing your thread now. Thanks
  10. If it’s from an e34 it’s highly likely it does not have the right mounts. Early e32, maybe and late e24 will have the mounts. Easiest way is to look at the engine arm mounts on the block and upload a photo. Did you also say you had another block kicking around? (I also wouldn’t recommend an e28 as a tow vehicle, there’s nothing solid in the rear end to mount a tow bar to, the factory one is only rated for 900Kg braked from memory)
  11. I have no idea where mine are, so can’t compare them. Also not planning on selling them @Contrails
  12. Sorry for the slight hijack (I do have some bulb holders, no idea where in the shed though). @FIAT 131R I’d be keen on the fog lights.
  13. Send me a PM if you want to have a drive of my ETA, the suspension is pretty sad (currently deciding how deep down that rabbit hole I go), but it still accelerates fine. Always happy to talk to another E28 enthusiast also.
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