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  1. eliongater

    New record for E30 325is pricing?

    Oh my... Reminds me how much I like a clean alpine white
  2. eliongater

    M50b25nv +Rhd engineering fly +m20 g260

    Should do being from an e34
  3. eliongater

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    @gjm is that an 8 series shooting brake?
  4. eliongater

    Diff Seals, BMW vs OEM vs Generic

    I'm giving my 210mm LSD a tidy up (removing 30 years of gunk off the outside) before installing it into my e28. In doing so I'm replacing the seals. What're people's thoughts on genuine BMW vs, OEM, name brand (e.g. Victor Reinz) or popping down to my local bearing/seal shop? My understanding is, is that they're just a relatively normal seal and I just need to match the ID and OD and mostly match the thickness (currently running a 10mm instead of 9mm input seal). Output shaft, 76X50X10, 33107510289 Input shaft, 50x80x9, 33121213949 And of course a new locking ring 33121205138. Anything else I'm missing?
  5. eliongater

    Quick Questions

    Whilst I'm comfortable doing smaller pieces, I'm not sure I'll be able to achieve a finish comparable to a proper spray gun on an area as large and prominent as the bonnet. I have sprayed bits of doors and was mostly successful (as well as can be expected with new paint vs 30 years of fade). I feel that from a result vs time/effort view it's easier to pay someone to do it properly.
  6. eliongater

    Quick Questions

    Passed on the 120d, suspect 50/50 on missing a bargain and dodging a bullet. Rough idea on how how much it’ll cost to get an e28 bonnet painted? (In none other than bronzit...)
  7. They must really dislike speeding tickets?
  8. eliongater

    E39 M5 for 20k

    As in I think I know which Aaron from Porirua haha
  9. eliongater

    E39 M5 for 20k

    I think I know who it is too
  10. eliongater

    Cheap e30

    Wow... It's like my e28, but that's manual and was an order of magnitude cheaper.
  11. eliongater

    Quick rant thread.

    @M3AN m parallels to vanilla e60 wheels with the wrong tyres on them...
  12. eliongater

    Quick rant thread.

    People doing things that devalue their car (e.g. changing wheels) but not updating the Trademe price... I’m sorry but I’m not going to pay the same price for less stuff
  13. eliongater

    Quick Questions

    @KwS Valve cover gasket would make sense. It could just be that or it could be excess crank case pressure (which in turn ruins the gasket) due to large carbon build ups from short trips?
  14. eliongater

    Quick Questions

    Was test driving a 120d yesterday and it'll go down as my most eventful test drive to date... Hot oil smell whilst driving Low oil light flashed on for a second (flat ground) but quickly turned off After a some twisty uphill driving I pulled over and into a cloud of smoke coming from under the bonnet (burning oil smoke) "Lots of short trips to the shops" Thoughts on what it could be? I know the sensible option is to run a mile, but what are people's thoughts on the cause of the smoke? It was coming from the exhaust side of the engine. Turbo? Carbon build up causing excessive crank case pressure and forcing oil out Gasket failure(s)
  15. eliongater

    WTB: M20 FPR (Fuel Pressure Reg)

    If you know what it looks like I may have one stashed away. (Have various used ones)